Friday, August 31, 2012

Post Script by Mom

That night we unloaded the souveniers and what few pieces of clothing he had brought back. He worked hard and most of his clothing was left behind because it was so well worn. These shoes made it home as proof of a lot of walking!

He also wore home his threadbare pants!

The next morning Elder Moore was released as a missionary for the
Church of Jesus Christ. He served honorably and well. President Blake left him with some words of counsel for his future. It was a spirit filled meeting.

The following Sunday he gave his release report to the members of the Stake Presidency and the High Council of the Draper Eastridge Stake. He was able to share this experience with a couple of his also return missionary buddies, Paul Willis and Nate Dukatz.

Elder Moore gave his first homecoming talk in the La Verkin 4th Ward, where I now live and attend church. Afterwards, Grandmas prepared a wonderful Mexican fiesta complete with a pinata. It was wonderful to have so many friends and family come to La Verkin for this homecoming.

Then we were off to Sandy for the Eastridge 2nd Ward Homecoming. We stayed at the Farr's and had the homecoming meal at the Morgans. It was wonderful to be back with so many that have loved, supported and strengthened us over the last several years.

The celebrations were fun, but the best part of the homecoming is seeing how much the missionary has grown. Elder Moore's testimony increased, he had a quiet confidence, he had changed. His love for the people of Nicaragua was evident in the way he spoke of them and the stories and memories he shared.

I am so grateful for the mission Justin served. He worked three jobs in the months prior to serving his mission so that he could earn the $10,000 required. This was a blessing to him and to me as his mother. I am so proud of him.

Elder Moore, the last two years were invaluable to you, to me, and to the people you were able to teach. May your testimony always burn bright. And may your time in Nicaragua serving the Savior stand as a foundation and a testament that will guide you throughout your life. I love you son!

Thursday, August 2, 2012

Awesome August...The Arrival (by Mom)

We arrived at the airport. I wanted to be in a good spot to see him coming. There was airport construction going on so he would descend the escalator far back and walk down a corridor before coming out into the open area. The arrival times were posted in the same area. I think I checked them about every 2 or 3 minutes. He was arriving from DFW on flight 1925 at 8:45 pm.

We tried to keep positioning ourselves closer and closer to where he would come out. There were two other families there welcoming home their missionaries as well. One of the families was that of Elder Boyce Weber from Justin's mission. The other was a missionary that had served in Europe. Their sign said "Welcome home Elder Hairball." I am pretty sure that was a joke and not his real name! I could feel the excitement and the energy from all around. There were signs and balloons. There were excited parents and siblings. There were eyes darting here and there saying, "Is that him? Is that him?" I felt the same way!

The plane landed and the wait began. There were numerous people in suits coming...but none of them was my son. I was standing but not still. Moving back and forth, back and forth. Looking desperately. I couldn't wait to get my hands on that boy of mine.

And then I saw him. And he saw this. People, his people, behind a sign. And he stopped. He didn't know what to do. And I began jumping. Up and down, up and down. Jumping and squealing.

I couldn't keep my feet on the floor. Here he was. Back safe and sound. Back to me.

He had done it. We had done it. He was home.

The cheering and the hugs began. Elder Moore was home!

It was wonderful to have him in my arms again. I loved seeing the brothers together....after almost 4 years. He was surprised at how his little sister was now all grown up.

Justin's other brothers were there too...Adam Lee and Daniel Lym. Now if I could only see them all play basketball together again my life would be complete!

I got just what I wanted...all my kids together...and Elder Moore got what he wanted...well, except for the masseuse!

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

July 31, 2012 Last Letter from the Mission Field

Alright. Well now I finally have time to write back. Sorry I did not have anytime whatsoever yesterday. I was visiting all day yesterday in Chinandega and all day Sunday in Managua. But now I am here safely back in Matagalpa for my last day. So yes I have been able to meet some people's parents. I was with Weber and his parents for like two days. It was so legit. They picked me up and we went and visited some people that we knew. It was awesome cause we also got to stay at a way nice place called Selva Negra and I took the best hot shower that I have taken in two years. It was awesome. We also saw congo monkeys and we also ate dinner and breakfast together. It was awesome. I also had the opotunity to meet Webster's mom and brother. So it has been awesome. In 2 days I will tell you all about a lot of stuff. How my visiting went and all that so just hold out and be patient and I will tell you all.

I want you to know that I love you a ton and am excited to see you. I have a lot of mixed feelings right now. I don't know how to feel. I feel sad cause I have to leave this beautiful country but happy cause I will see the fam. Sad cause I feel like my whole life is here, that all my friends are here, I feel like this is my life. I dunno, I don't want to leave. It is going to be hard but knowing that I have to leave just makes me so anxious to be there. I dunno how to explain it. I just wish I was like Hannah Montana. Iwant the both worlds. But I just can't have them.

I just want to finish by writing my testimony.

That I know with out doubt that this is the Church of Jesus Christ. I know that He is our Saviour and Redeemer. I know that we as members of the church are building and edifying the kingdom of God on earth. I know that Thomas S. Monson is called of God and that he is a perfect guide that will lead us back to our Father in Heaven. I know that through Joseph Smith the Church was restored. I have a strong testimony of prayer. I know that God listens and that if we listen God will respond. We are never alone in this life. I know that I will forever be able to represent my Saviour Jesus Christ even though I don't have a name tag. I know with every fiber of my being that Christ lives and that we belong to his Kingdom. We are his saints. We are the light and truth of the world. I know these things.

Well I will see you shortly. I am really nervious, I don't know what I am going to do. I was nervious meetings Weber's parents and Webster's parents, I don't even know what I am going to do meeting my own family. Freek sketchy super scary, but I'll do it. I have a ton of stuff. A ton of stuff that I am taking up so hopefully they don't charge me too much for the second suitcase. Do you know how much it is?

Love you to the max mother you are the best. See you shortly.

Love, Elder Moore

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

July 23, 2012

I just barely got here. Just getting back from Managua. I had my last interview today. It was such a crazy great day, spent the day hitchiking with Webster, so legit ja ja.

Well today me and Webster hitchhiked with a police officer from Matagalpa to Managua. Hitch hiking is so awesome. It's so easy, so fun, so fast, and so free ha ha. We got to Managua and returned safely and on the way we contacted probably 15 people. It was a great experience. I feel like we helped many people to understand more about our beliefs and help them feel the spirit. It was great working and traveling with Webster today. Don't worry, I took pics and video so in like 8 days you can see it. Time is flying by so fast it is insane. Next week I will be with you.

I am happy to hear that you received the gifts that I sent you. I was wondering the whole week if you had gotten the gifts. That makes me happy. I hope you had an amazing birthday. You mean the world to me and I wanted to try and do something special for you even though I am thousands of miles away.

So one thing I can tell you is that one of my converts from San Ramon is now the first couseler in the Branch Presidency.

Another thing is that this week we went and hiked to a mine with a family that we are teaching and we went and ate lunch up there and it was awesome. The whole view. And hearing monkeys scream, or howl or whatever monkeys do. I hear monkeys all the time screaming. They ain't the little chimpanzees either. They are congos. They yell like gorillas ha ha. You can hear them from way far away.

Umm well to be exact on what is left, according to my countdown electronic thing that the office of the mission sent me, it says I have 9 days and 4 hours left.

But ya Wendy writes me a lot. She really is a great person. Are we going to be staying with her or at Brandon's when I come home?

Ryan's testimony was so funny on that letter he wrote. Ryan is awesome. I miss that kid a lot. I know he has grown a lot on his mission and I know he will continue to grow and be a strong leader in the church and help many.

Umm I am not sure exactly what I want to do with the traveling. I will see what rolls out, but I am sure I won't have a problem with going down to La Verkin during the week or with you on Sunday if I need to. I will just hith hike from Sandy to La Verkin. I am sure it is easy ha ha.

The people here are really nice and loving especially with us cause they all love God, just by words, not so much by accions. But they are always nice to the missionaries, well almost always.

Alright mommy, well next week I don't know what time I am going to be writing at because I will be going to visit my converts in Chinandega. But I'll see when I can write you.

So mother just want you to know that I love you and miss you a ton and will shortly be in your presence.

Another thing, I have a bunch of stuff to give to our bishop and stake president but it is for the bishop and stake president from La Verkin not Sandy. I also have a thing for you and I also have my certificate that I served honorable just so you know so you can be happy ha ha. And I also have a machete that I bought and a big knife and I am happy. Love you.

Elder Moore

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

July 16, 2012

To me it was a miracle. I truly do understand why I was in this area for so long. It has been rough but it has definitely been worth it. After months and months of fighting for Henry we finally got it done. It was an amazing experience. I can definitely see the change in him. He will be a great member that will do a lot of good for San Ramon.

Henry y Carmen got married on Saturday in the morning and shortly after baptized, then the next day confirmed members of the church. It truly was a miracle. I know that this is God's work, not mine, and I know that God is a God of miracles and always will be. He will never cease to have a part in this great work.

This week we also had a branch conference and it is because we changed the branch president. We were preparing a man to be our branch president for a couple of months but he had to get the melquisedec priesthood. So our new branch president is Axakal Leclair. We eat in his house every day. He is 26 and way awesome and has a lot of potencial. His wife was the first member baptized in San Ramon about 7 years ago and Axakal has been a member for like a year and half.

Something else that happened this week, on Tuesday we went to go visit Henry and Carmen to talk to them about putting a baptismal date. So we went to their house and that is when hell broke out. Like 5 minutes after being there Carmen's grandson threw a rock through their neighbor's window cause he was all drugged out. Now this kid is 15 and then this other kid started chasing down Carmen's grandson and before we knew it they were throwing rocks at the house we were at. So we had to go hide in this room of the house and freak it got crazy. Carmen's grandson was chasing the other kid down with a knife. He had a knife out wanting to attack and the whole neighborhood was watching what was going down. But we got out safe and alive. But it is crazy how many kids walk around here with a knife. And with weapons. It's insane.

My comp is Elder Chub. He is chapin. That means he is from Guatemala. I think he will stay here when I leave.

Well mommy I don't want to share everything because I will shortly be with you and want to tell you things in person not just over email. So I think that is about all I will write.

So it is almost your birthday, what have you got planned?

Well mommy, love you a ton only. 17 days left or something like that. I love you and miss you a ton. You be the bees knees. Love you so much.

Love, Elder Moore

Monday, July 9, 2012

July 9, 2012

So mommy, it's so hard to write with such little time left. There is a ton to tell you but I just want to tell you face to face. But I kid you not there is a lot to tell you. So after buggin pres and callin him up a lot during these couple of weeks trying to figure out what we were going to do with H, we finally came to a conclusion. This week Elder Lopez from the Quorum of the Seventy came to the Matagalpa district. We had a district conference. And so pres called me up and told me that he was going to interview H and talk to him after the conference. And well H showed up to the the conference with his white shirt and tie and had the interview and then after the interview pres talked to me and well all good. We now have permission to baptize him and get him married so all good to go. To me this is a miracle and now I understand why I have been here for so long. I fought for him, I have fought for him a lot. We still need to put a date for their marriage and baptism but now we got the green light so we can git r done. I feel like I could have told you this story in a much cooler way but I am kinda gettin lazy to write.

Other thing about the conference, the district wanted us to take 60 people to the conference. Well we upped that. We took 62, but it was way super hard cause it was pouring rain the whole morning but what ev we still left and worked the whole morning and with the sacrifice we saw the blessings. It was amazing. Not only that but we took 12 of 15 converts to the conference.

Other thing, in the conference there was some random drunk guy that walked in and just fell asleep on a chair and half way through the conference he fell of the chair and smacked his head on another chair and got a huge goose bump. So he was laying there and everyone was staring at him wondering if he was dead. The good thing is that we were way in the back on the chairs so we stuck him on a chair and hauled him out and a lot of people followed us. So after that we went and hid him in a room where we just kicked it with him, me with the zl. We didn't know exactly what to do with him. But ya on his fall his dentures fell out and everything it was bad ja ja. We took pictures with him for the memory not the best thing to do but ya it was interesting. So when he finally woke up like 3 hours after the fall, he bounced and left his dentures there in the church. He is probably angry now cause I am sure dentures aren't the the cheapest things.

So after the conference I went to Jinotega with the branch and the elders cause Presidente Guzman invited me to his daughter's baptism. So I went and directed the baptismal service and participated in the confirmation. And then after ate ice cream with them. Then after that we hitch hiked from Jinotega to Matagalpa and then from Matagalpa to San Ramon. It was a day full of awesomeness and traveling.

So this week I believe that we are actually going to get a real branch president. We have been preparing someone and this week he got the Melquisedec Priesthood and this week they are going to head up to San Ramon to make it official. We also prepared 2 others to recieve the Melquesidece Priesthood. Both were converts of mine. So we are definitely making progress there in San Ramon. I just hope everything goes good this week and that all goes according to plan.

So ya only 23 days left. Freak it's crazy time is flying by. Well I will end this letter here so that we can chat back and forth cause I like that better.

Love you mommy,

Elder Moore

Monday, July 2, 2012

July 2, 2012

Ha ha freak that was a long letter alright! To start off with all the beginning stuff, yes I will be home in one month from today ha ha. 31 days and no I am not ready at all. I don't want to leave. I wish I could kick it with ya all and see ya all but I dont know if I am ready to go home and leave all the great people I have met here. There are many frustrating things that happen in the mission. There are many things that I am not going to miss but the mission, I am going to miss a ton. The mission is my life. The elders are my best friends and it will be very hard not being with them when I bounce.

So talking about my luggage, yes I am going to leave a bunch of stuff behind. I already have that planned out, but I always want to buy a lot of souveniours and stuff a lot so we will see what we do with that. I am guessing I will just take like one shirt home and a pair of pants.

But thanks for hittin me up with my itinerary. I was wondering when I was going to get home. Yeah try to get me set apart the day I get home. I feel like that will be better. But instead of hittin up IHOP we can hit up Denny´s with the whole crew. Try to convince the stake presidency that we should do it the day I get home. That is what I want even though I want to be a missionary for life. I feel like it will be better that way.

So what are my lay overs like? Are they just like the ones I had when I came? I will do what I can do to call you up but we do have to remember that the day I fly home, I will be with you the same day so we don't need to talk too much on the phone. Just pacience even tho I know it will be really hard. I can already feel it. It's crazy.

I don't even know how I am going to get around places. I don't have a car so ya that is something I will have to figure out when I get back. And I always want to find a job kinda fast when I get back too. Any ideas about those two things? I aint saying I want to work right as I get home. Like a month off will be fine, but I do want to work. Working was a pain before but now I kinda like it. And I love lending service now. It is something that I have grown to love. Something that I learned here on the mission. Ya if you could talk to Skip it would be awesome to see if I could get a job, but I want to go to school and study business managemant and put my own business. I'll explain more about it when I get home. But to start off I want a job so I can keep putting money in my account. I don't want to see my money going down, I want to see it going up.

So make sure you hit me up with pics from the parade that Brooklyn is in especially in the ROCKCRAWLER. That will be legit ha ha. And I totally remembered that it was Brandon's 1 year anniversary. I watched his video on his anniversary. I still got it but it's kinda scratched up. I have seen it a ton. I can't wait to be back with all of you. I hope to see you all at the airport and if you want to invite Adam and Dano and them to the airport it's cool too. They be part of the family too right ha ha.

So let me tell you something that happened today before I forget. Today we saw a sign that said "free haircuts" and well I needed a haircut anyways so we went in and there was a girl practicing and had never cut hair before. I was her first client so well she cut my hair and it sucks so bad ha ha. There were 3 of us that went in and so the other 2 elders well I pretty much pulled them down with me and they got their haircuts too. And well the haircut is horrible, but it's so funny. Totally something I am going to write down in my journal. I have like a shaved head with long hair in the front ha ha it gave us a good laugh.

So today me and Cordova planned another activity. We planned a scavenger hunt. We had a list of 20 things and had an hour and half to find all the things on the list. So it was tight. I'll send you some of the pics that we took.

So now the visiting teachers are officially organized in our branch. We have progressed a ton. Um what else can I tell you? O well, I had the most sacrificial fast I have had in my life. I probably walked like 14 kilometro in this fast, climbing mountains and walking a ton. I thought I was going to give up and drink water but I kept pushing through and well we did take 2 familias to church this week. The most out of the zone but it was rough but a sacrifice is a sacrifice. Jesus fasted for 40 days and he was walking a whole lot so well me being a respresentative of him and carrying his name every where I go, why couldnt I do it too.

I am getting so many mixed feelings I dunno what to feel. It's rough coming down to the end of the mission. Only 3 more times in cyber after this week. I really don't know what to write. So many things running through my head. I am sure that this email is confusing.

Thanks mom for being so awesome. I always tell other missionaries that you are like my best friend and that we are way tight and we kick it. They all know that you are tight. We are like best friends. Ha ha i love kickin it with you mommy. Love you so much.

Love, Elder Moore

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

June 25, 2012

Well only 5 weeks more. It is crazy how time flies by so fast. It is insane. Like you said only 38 days left. Yes, I am in my last change in the mission and yes I am still in San Ramon. I did not get taken out. It is very hard to be in an area for 6 changes. I was here in the year 2011 and now we are halfway over 2012 and I am still in San Ramon. It's hard. I feel like I won't have much success on finding new people cause I feel like I have contacted everyone. It is just a tiny little town in the mountains. So more than anything we are focusing on organizing the branch really good. We now have the pieces to do it.

When I started here, I couldn't do it cause you can't organize a branch if there are only like 7 people or 12 people. But to let you know we had an attendance of 49 this week. Which is my record in San Ramon. I have got more from San Ramon to go to church but that is when we went to Matagalpa for the conference. But now we are working together as leaders.

This week we organized what is called Batallon Mormon. We had 4 companionships leave and invite people to church. I went with a member, my comp went with a member, and two groups of girls went out as well. And I could really see the blessings from the sacrifice we all made to wake up early and go contact. We also organized what is known as visiting teachers here in San Ramon. That was hard. We passed a lot of time organizing it on Sunday o sea yesterday. But now it is all good. We have 5 companionships that are going to be visiting 5 houses each. We still need to work on home teaching though. We are also giving callings as well. We now have an institute teacher.

So I am trying to organize the branch really good before I bounce out so that it keeps getting stronger and so that it keeps growing as well. But I really hope that I can baptize a family before I leave. It is hard but I literally feel like I have contacted everyone. But I know I haven't. I know I will be able to do it. And I am glad I was never in the big city either. I was always on the outskirts and I reopened my whole mission.

I have also been talking to president a lot about H, the guy that killed people. We have the whole story now and I literally feel like he is worthy to get baptized. I can just feel it. He is always in church and he doesn't know what to do because he feels like he can't progress in the church but he knows he can't go to another church cause they don't have the truth. So we have been fighting for him and helping him. So I talked to pres yesterday and he said before that we were going to wait the 6 months to send the letter to the first presidency but not anymore. Supposibly he did it yesterday. He told me he was going to. So hopefully we can get a response. I really do hope so. I want to baptize him and his wife before I leave. That would be a great blessing and it would be a miracle. But I really do know he has repented of his sins. In dyc 20:37 it talks about what a person needs to do to be baptized and I know he is completing with all of those requirements. He has confessed his sins and abandoned them as well like it talks about in DYC 58.

So talking about Lacey's wedding yea hook me up with a ticket. I want to go. It will be legit. I have been waiting to party at a wedding for so long. Tell Lacey to put some David Guetta on her cd mix for her reception ha ha. Just buy it from there from St George or Las Vegas from where ever you are flyin out from but wait hold up. When are you going to buy the tickets? Maybe you should wait. Maybe I will drive up with Ginger if she drives so hit me up with the deets on that if Ginger is going to drive or fly and who is going to go. When that is known that is when I will decide what to do. Maybe I can go with her.

So those pics made me trunky. My friends kickin it with my mommy. I know they are your friends as well but shortly I will be there with all you partying it up.

And don't worry your little heart mommy, I have had your bag slash purse for almost a year now but I'll see what else I can get you. But I got a question, can you gift me some money? I want to do some legit things before I bounce out of Nicaragua with some of my friends here. Also can you hit me up with how much money I got in my accoun cause I have been buying a lot of stuff lately trying to enjoy my last couple of weeks here. But the day before I go home I am pretty sure I am going to blow a lot of money buying stuff a bunch of souvenirs and everything. I have bought things but not a lot.

Well mommy only 38 days left a little over a month ha ha. I love you mommy to the max and miss you a ton. You bee the bees knees ya that's right, the dogs bone. I miss you a ton. And ha ha I am going to die in San Ramon. It's crazy but whatev.

Love, Elder Moore

Saturday, June 23, 2012

June 18, 2012

What up mommy? So this week was legit. Yes I did go to Jinotega for a couple days to visit and work with Sarceno it was legit. I'll send you some pics. But it was a nice enjoyable break though it was not much of a break cause we worked. But I needed to get away from my little village ja ja San Ramon. Sarceno es la ley super tuanis. So I was there Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday. Then after we went down to Managua where we had a conference with Elder Maynes from the Presidencia of the 70. It was a great conference. So I was not in my area for almost a whole week. We got back Saturday in the afternoon. Then Sunday was my last Sunday in my branch I think, but who knows. This week we have changes on the 20th, this Wednesday, but I need out. I love San Ramon and that is why I want out. It is cause at this moment I feel like I am ready to hand it over and that there is some else that can help the branch a little bit more than me. But I felt like I had success there. Also we have been preparing people to be leaders in San Ramon. Next month we will be receiving a new Branch President and that will help a ton. We have had a lot of problems with a branch president. I really felt like I was working with a lot of people that did not have a clue what they were doing. Even though you explained to them what you wanted them to do and everything and how to do it they just wouldn't do it. Even though they understood. I just hate the irresponsibility of the people. The church would grow here so much faster if the people were responsible. The country would be a better country if they were responsible. But I feel like it is just their culture to be irresponsible some times.

So I got some news my last comp Elder Martinez got sent home this week. He had 18 months in the mission but he didn't want to be here any ways but ya he got sent home.

So ya that's right, only 6 more weeks left and I will be in your presence. That is so awesome that Brandon graduated. Tell him congrats for me. Freak I don't know what to write. That is great that you had a good time in Sandy up north. I know that Sandy might not be home for you but I feel like it is for me, but who knows. I guess we will see when I get back how I feel being back in the presence of the 801. I will be kickin it with my friends from up there anyways and my friends from down south that I now have.

Well I am sure the pics will be more interesting than my words. I will send you some pics but I have started to use my camera again after a long time. All the pics I had before, I just got them passed to my memory but the last time I used my camera was like 8 months ago. I started using it a ton now so I will have a lot of pics to show you when I get home. New pics. I'll send the pics that the people send me but the videos and the the pics I will take from now on from my camera you will have to wait and see when I get back.

This week it was so insane with the rain or should I say yesterday we got wrecked in the rain. It was legit. I got videos of it to show you. I hope you like. Mommy I love you a ton and just to let you know this week I challenged my own reflexion to a staring contest and on the 4th day I won. And Ialso did something extraordinario this week. I made orange juice out of apples. One more thing I can speak Spanish in Russian. I love you mommy to the max and miss you a ton but shortly I will be there with you. I hope all goes well for you. Love you mommy. I'll be back shortly and yes it has been proven that I am the best wing man known to man. so I got your back.

Love ya all the way to Mcdonalds and back a million times.

Love, Elder Moore

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

June 11, 2012

Well what up mommy? Ya that is the countdown that the office sent me. The thing is that I am such an amazing missionary that they extended my time here. But 5 days please aint no thang. So that is awesome that you will be staying with Wendy this week. Sounds like you guys are going to have a legit tight awesome weekend kick it with all the throw back friends. And then having an all star go down next week to stay at your place, Ian, Court and Adam. That is awesome. I am jealous of all the greatness that you are participating of.

That is so crazy that Brandon is going to graduate so fast. I hope that I don't have to study for years to sack out a career. I ain't a big fan of studying. I feel like I have a lot of potencial to be famous but if it takes a lot of studying ja ja that ain't for me.

So give a shout out and a congrats to Uncle Clark and Aunt Jill. That is awesome that they have been together for so long putting a good ejemplo for everyone else to follow. So that is awesome and I am proud of them.

Also it is very true that a lot of people's birthdays are coming up. I see it on my calender every day pretty much. Brooklyn's birthday and Uncle Jon's. Tell them Feliz cumpleaños y q ya queremos pastel ya queremos pastel aunque sea un pedacito ya queremos pastel. Lori as well freak a lot of parties are going to be planned. You are all party animals. I hope that you all cumplirlo feliz.

Well in my area after week 4 my comp all the sudden turned super bipolar. We can't even study now cause it just makes him mad and I can't handle it. I feel like now that I am almost leaving I am getting more stressed and more angry with things like this. But the good thing is that this week I am going to be in Jinotega with Elder Sarceno. We are going to go teach 2 families that want me to baptize them. We are going to see if we can do it this week. They are families that I knew when I first started in Jinotega a long time ago. So this week I am not even going to be in my area which I am happy for that. It is so hard to be there for such a long time. I would love to be there as a normal citizen but as a missionary for 7 months it is hard. I am trying to get a lot organized before I bounce. The branch has not grown in number but it has got so much stronger. Everyone now stays for the 3 hours instead of just one hour.

I talked to Ismael this week, my convert that worked with me. He is so pilas. iIlove him. I feel like he is the most pilas missionary in Chinandega. It's awesome cause he is visiting all my converts in Chinandega. Xiomarra, Janneath, Hector, Darian y Nestor completed one year of being members this week on June 5th. They are now planning on going to the temple. They are still way pilas in the church way super active with callings. They make me so happy. I am so glad to know that pretty much all my converts are progressing. Ismael is preparing to go to the temple and is going to send his mission papers in. I am so excited for you to meet my converts mommy. I am going to miss so many people here its not easy to leave. Some members told me that the first familia I baptized got their patriarchial. blessing.

(Here is a letter Elder Moore received this week from one of his converts and best friends Marlon. In essence, Marlon is going to name his son "Justin" after the great missionary who brought the gospel to him.)

Amigo quiero contarte que ya he terminado de hacer mi casa en el barrio xihualtcoalt espero que todavia te acuerdes de ese barrio,entonces el 01/07/2012.estare en mi nueva casa y para mi familia es una gran alegria porque nunca habiamos tenido una casa propia entonces ya no vamos a vivir en frente del presidente,quiero confesarte qque para mi es un gran testimonio porque se en el fondo de mi corazon seque es obra de mi padre celestial porque el nos da las bendiciones que nesecitamos dia a dia para salir adelante y por eso le doy gracias a mi padre celestial por haberme mostrado el verdadero evangelio y a ti por haberme tenido pasrencia para bautizarme gracias mi gran amigo te doy mi palabra de que nunca te olvidare y tampoco mi familia Marlito te quiere mucho. Elder moore mi gran deseo es que tu conosieras mi humilde casa es sencilla pero en ella encontraras mucho AMOR le hacen falta muchas cosas tu sabes que ru best friend es pobre pero se que con el tiempo la ire mejorando pensando en que tu volveras un dia y yo te estare esperando.te dire algo y no te rias no es una broma al proximo hijo que tenga mi esposa le llamaremos JUSTIN como su primer nombre en honor a un buen amigo que eres tu te amo amigo cuidate mucho.

Thank you mommy for being so awesome. I am going to hit you up with some pictures from the baptisms that we had not to long ago that I promised to send you. I finally got a lot of pictures passed over to me.

So I love you mommy and wow the weeks pass by so fast. We were talking via skype over a month ago. That is so insane, I feel like it was just last week but it was over a month ago. But time is flying, just under 2 months mommy.

Love you so much and miss you a ton.
Love, Elder Moore
Sos La Ley

Thursday, June 7, 2012

June 4, 2012

So just under two months it is crazy how time flies by. Today was a super awesome day. The zone was having a hard time being happy and willing to work so as I was sitting in my bed this week I thought a lot about what I could do to help the zone be animated so that they would work like bros, so we could have success together. So I spent a lot of time reflexioning, pondering, and thinking in the greatness of my ability to think and plan parties of great. As I listened to inspired songs I began to receive revelation after revelation. Until we planned one of the greatest activities known to the mision. I got together with another elder, Elder Cordova and shared my ideas and together we put the ideas together and painted a masterpiece.

We planned a couple of activities, the relay race with the spoon and the egg, we had a doughnut eating contest the doughnuts were hanging on a string and we had to eat them with out using our hands. We also had a baby bottle relay the sisters prepared the bottles and the elders had to drink from them ha ha. We split up into 4 awesome groups. We also had a piñata in the form of a horse ha ha. NO SEA CABALLO ja ja.

Also it was another missioneries birthday so here as tradicion they smash eggs on the person who is completing years, so we had some way sweet distraction. Well I am just the king of everything right? So what we planned is that when the person who was completing years was blind folded everyone grabbed an egg, and by everyone I mean like 20 people ha ha, and then we smashed it on his head and threw flour on him. Totally destroyed him and then right after that the mariachis came in it was a way tight activity.

I know this might not make since I am just so stoked. I hope the pics make a little bit more sense. I am still waiting for a couple other fotos I am hoping to get them tonight but if not tomorrow and I will send them to you so you can see them.

Then after we baked brownies and had a toast as a zone it was la ley. It was a great day and everyone enjoyed them self but it was not the cheapest activity but it was so worth it. I will show you all the videos when i get home. I will be there shortly so you can see them, just have to wait like 9 weeks only 58 days. I am almost there.

So to continue a little, this week was great in church. I can totally see the branch changing. We have given new callings and I have seen a big change this change. Before like everyone left after the sacrament meeting but not now. We started church with 39 this week and ended with like 35 before it was like when we ended church there was only like 10 of us but now everyone is staying it's great. Testimony meeting was great. I love sharing my testimony and I always love watching my converts share their testimony and use their priesthood. Many people shared their testimony yesterday it was great. Not only that but we had 6 investigadores in church. 2 families. It was awesome. That was the goal of the zone, 2 families in each area and we totally cumplired it.

The mission is tight. I am going to miss it a ton the mission es la ley ja ja.

Listen, I love Brooklyn and yeah just got to let her know that she don't have competition with me and that we are going to kick it all the time. And keep it real. I will be spending a lot of time down in St Geezy.

Freak it is so crazy how fast time flies it is insane. I am almost there. I miss ya a ton and I am excited to see ya but at the same time it's going to be hard to bounce out of this beautiful country. But shortly I will come back with you. And you will experience for yourself how awesome this country is and how great the people are. But you need to study a little bit of Spanish mommy ha ha. I love you to the max mommy Te AMo te Kiero.

Elder Moore LT

unas fotos super salvajadas del pday mas legendario ja ja La Mision es la ley mae Super Bacanal de Animo - Bacanal Planeado por El Rey De La Rumba LT Pura vida Q VIVA La Tuanisidad

Saturday, June 2, 2012

May 28, 2012

What up mommy? As time rolls down to be honest I lose the ganas to write. I feel like shortly I will be in your presence and writing takes a lot of time ha ha. But I do make the sacrifice each week so that I can write the best mother in the world and let her know how I am doing. Many people still write me, not always do I respond to all of them but I try. This week alone I received 21. In total on my mission I have received 1800. That's a ton if you ask me.

Anyways I'll let you know what went down this week. So we wanted to plan a way sweet activity for mothers day as a zone but have the whole district involved. So we planned it and got it all ready for the activity. We wanted to focus on investigadores and recent converts. Here in Nicaragua the 30 is mothers day but we had the activity on Saturday. We took 5 familias inv and in total 17 recent converts and we threw fire. But to top it off before the activity we had a baptism. Now let me tell you what went down. It was a super stressful day trying to get everything organized, get the family to the church on time so that they could get married and baptized, get a bus so that all the members could go get all the members to be on time so that the bus didn't leave them. It was very stress full but everything finished with good. So with our baptism and marriage, me and my comp had to do divisions. He went off with the zl and I went off with the dl. I didn't make it in time for the marriage, but I did for the baptism. It was crazy cause they wanted to start the activity at 5 but the audio didnt work so they sent every one into the baptism as kinda we need some sort of distraction or delay to get the audio fixed. So in our baptism we had like 130 people ha ha it was crazy. It was freakin Jarron Azul and medio. I will explain what jarron azul is when I get back. And we didn't really have time to do an agenda either, so the zl directed, I prayed, like 5 elderes including me we sang and then after I had to give the message and the testimony. It just got so crazy with the activity that we planned but it all went good. So I did baptize a family with my kid and it was a good experience for him. He is going to need a lot of practice with his baptizing skills tho cause he totally slammed the sister that got baptized. It was funny but all good. I hope you understand this email. I know that my English sucks now and I have no idea how to explain things but what you need to know is that we baptized a family this week and there was like 130 people there.

Yesterday in church we had a pretty good attendance. We had 41 people and yes the sister missionary did come back. She actually came back engaged ha ha but she is way tight and way pilas. She is going to help us out a ton in the branch. The branch is getting stronger. Usually everyone leaves after sacrament meeting but this week pretty much everyone stayed for the 3 hours. But ya so now I have 5 months straight of baptizing a family. That is what the pres wants is that we can baptiz a family every month and so far I am completing with that. Just 2 more months to go. Finishing strong.

How is Mitt Romney doing? I have had that question for a while. Is he going to win? I hope that Romney wins. Ya isn't it a revelation that the constitution will hang by a thread and then the priesthood will save it? I hope that he wins. I feel like he is going to win. I know that he will turn the states around if he wins, he will depend on the Lord's help, revelation and he will constantly talk to the prophet. It would be tight.

Don't worry your little soul mommy, I am the best wing man known to man. I will totally hook you up when I get back. With what ever guy you want ha ha. I got your back ha ha. And don't worry, I got Brooklyns back too. I'll be there in no time to help out both of you. I promise I'll be there for Brooklyn to take care of her and make her feel special. Cause I ain't gonna get married too fast so I won't have to worry about mantenering a chick ha ha. So now we are down to 10 weeks time flies.

Love you mommy thanks for everything SOS LA LEY ha ha pura vida mae.
Love, Elder Moore

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

May 21, 2012

What up mommy? So time is slowing, winding down.

So ya just to let you know I didn't go to school for the last week. I totally agree with you why do kids have to go to school when there are no desks and no chairs ha ha. I agreed with you years ago and that is exactly why I didn't go ha ha. I am glad we are on the same page. I remember one time in 9th grade I didn't go to school and you were working and I went to the house in Sandy with a bunch of friends and one of my friends left a box of chocolate in the house and you found it and that is how you knew I didn't go to school ha ha.

So it definitely sounds like you 2 had a way busy week but not only that, it sounds like Brooklyn is going to have a way packed schedule. She is so awesome. I wish her luck in all her leadership positions. I know that she will be able to handle it all.

So how was the solar eclipse? Is it what everyone hoped it to be? And yes I do remember Colleen Down kinda. I definitely remember the family but the faces, no I can't remember exactly what they look like. But the names yes.

So today was a very boring pday. We haven't done anything. It was lame. But well last night there was a huge rain storm and well where we were last night the house flooded so we had to fill up buckets and buckets of water and take it out and throw it in the street. We got soaked and dirty. It was way tight. We kinda had a water fight during it. The bad news is that I am in Matagalpa and didn't bring extra church clothes so I am screwed for tomorrow ha ha. I will be putting on the dirty wet clothes i have, but it was fun and enjoyable lending service. Tomorrow here in Matagalpa we have the zone meeting so I'll be back in my area to change around 1 o clock.

So now in my area I have way too long of being there and I feel like I have contacted every house cause it is just a small little village in the mountains. So we have started to contact way up in the mountains. We have walked a ton this week and we have gone to the middle of no man's lands to find houses. When you come I'll show you where the houses are. But we have found some families to teach. It is just really hard to be in one area for 5 changes not only that, a tiny area, and to top it off I am training so that makes it a little harder on me too. But my child is so tight. He is awesome.

So now in my area we have leveled out at having an attendance of 35 which is a big improvement. If we look at what it was before. But I am sure that number will go up in these weeks cause the very first missionary to ever leave from San Ramon is coming back this week. It is a sister that is in Peru. So she will help us throw fire. I hope she comes back pilas so that she can help us a ton. I am sure she will, so I am excited for that. It's funny cause there are some members that tell me that I should marry her ha ha. I guess we will see if she is worthy this week when she comes back ha ha. I haven't even met her yet and various members have asked me "Would you marry her?" Nice questions right for someone I haven't met before, but next week I'll hit you up with the deets. And no, I would not consider living out side of the states. Maybe having another house in another country like a vacation house but living outside of the states ya right ha ha.

Well I miss you a ton. Ya Spanish is awesome. I want to jump in to Spanish classes after the mission to keep learning Spanish.

So when you come to the airport, will you bring me a pretzel from Pretzeltime and a Dr. Pepper? A good gift for me for when I get back would be someone to give me a real legit massage ha ha. You should think about that. I just wanted to make sure that Ginger's family was going to be at the airport and you guys. It will be awesome seeing Wendy at the airport too, I know she will be there stalking me ha ha. The important people are the people I care about. I just want those people to show up .

Solo quisiera compartir mi testimonio con vos. Yo se q esta es la iglesia verdadera. se q Dios es un Dios de milagros y siempre lo sera. Gracias a la mision ahora tengo un testimonio. La mision es la experiencia mas bonita mas maravillosa para un santo de los ultimos dias. Se q nosotros pertenecemos al reino de Dios sobre la faz de la tierra. Es nuestro deber siempre representar la verdad y tambien a nuestro Salvador Jesucristo. El nos dio su nombre cuando nos bautizamos. Nosotros literalmente tomamos sobre nosotros el nombre de Jesucristo. Siempre en todo momento todo lugar en todas las cosas nosotros debemos representarle. Amo este evangelio. Yo tengo un testimonio inquebrantable ahora. Gracias mama Te Amo y Te extraño.

La Mision es la LEY ja ja

(Translation: Just wanted to share my testimony with you. I know this is the true church, God is a God of miracles and always will be. Thanks to the mission now I have a testimony. The mission is the most beautiful experience more wonderful for a saint of the last few days. We belong to the kingdom of God on the face of the earth. It is our duty to always represent the truth and also to our Savior Jesus Christ. He gave us his name when we are baptized. We literally take upon ourselves the name of Jesus Christ. Always at any time any place in all things, we must represent him. I love this gospel. I have an unwavering testimony now. Thank you mama. I Love You and I miss you. The Mission is the law ja ja .)

Love, Elder Moore

Saturday, May 19, 2012

May 14, 2012

Well the good news is that my release date is August 2nd so don't worry. The thing is that there are a ton a missionaries going home early to get ready for school and they are going home on August 9th, but not me so don't worry your little soul mother. Aug 2 I will be there.

So forgot tell you that this week an old friend from Jinotega that was less active and was living there while I was there came and found me in San Ramon. It was awesome. He was looking all around for me but it was crazy cause he found a member and asked where we would be and they knew where we ate. So he showed up at our food appointment and found us there and it was such a great surprise to see him. I passed 18 months without seeing him and always asked myself how he was and what he was doing. And well now I have his number and he wrote me an email so now you can get to meet him when you come.

So I am going to hook you up with some tight pictures. I hope you like them. Love you a ton mommy miss you and can't wait to see your cute little face.

Love, Elder Moore

Saturday, May 12, 2012

May 7, 2012

Buen dia mama. So I just got back from the sickest adventurous pday. It was awesome. That is why I am writing a little late. I will have to send you pictures. We went to a waterfall and it was so beautiful. It was like a 200 foot waterfall. The hike up was so beautiful. We took a lot of pictures, I will try to send them to you. I am waiting for them to get passed to me cause I didn't take my camera. It was like that waterfall of Dragonfly with Kevin Costner.

So today we woke up a little early not to early. We woke up at 6 and traveled to La Dalia which is almost 2 hours away in bus then rented a truck to take us to the path that would take us to the waterfall. It was like a 40 minute ride so we spent a lot of time traveling today in total like 5 and half hours. In the jungle I climbed up vines. I climbed really high. The tour guide he had told me that I put the new record. It was just a vine hanging down from a tree and I just climbed up it with my super human strength. But it was so beautiful all of it. You will love the pics. I will take you there when you come down. It's quite the hike but you can totally do it. On the way back we were in the bed of a truck and it started pouring rain so hard so we covered ourselves with a tarp. It was a way legit pday. I enjoyed it a ton.

So my buddy from Chinandega, my convert that was with me, came and he is here with me. He went with us today. He is so tight and works so hard he is an amazing convert. He is ward mission leader in 3 wards and works a ton. He has learned a lot. He already has his mission papers in and supposibly he is going to the temple in May. Even though he is not going to complete 1 year until 5 months. He is not going to leave for the mission till probably December cause that is when he put his availability date but ya he works a ton and I am so proud of him.

So next week we will be talkin so I won't write too much cause I want to save up a bunch of stuff to tell you about. So this email will be kinda short. But yes shortly we will talk in less than a week. I am so excited to talk to all of you but who knows where I'll be when the time comes, if I will still be here or in some other crazy place. I am so so so excited. Just have under 3 months left time is flying. I will be home before you know it. And tell Brooklyn not to worry our relationship will be a lot different, a lot better and I will happily escort her with out doubt. I will drop what ever is in the way to escort her. Do you know mas o menos when it will be? Right as I get back I will hit up the gym to be pumped. Like i am pumped but it's not really noticable now ha ha after being here for 2 years almost. So I am going to get formed in the gym so all of Brooklyn's friends fall in love with me ha ha. So right now there is this girl just staring at me and smiling and laughing it makes me feel weird. She totally wants me ha ha.

I can't wait for you to come here and meet all of the awesome people that I have met. But you need to practice your Nicaraguan Spanish. You just need to practice no sea caballo......... saka saka...... y buen dia ja ja. Just practice those phrases in Spanish and you'll get a long just fine down here. Ha ha caballo means horse ha ha.

Well I am excited for changes this week. Only 12 more weeks ha ha 12 weeks ain't nothing. I have already been here for 92 whats 12 more? I will be there so fast. I miss you all a ton. Hope you are living life to the max like I am. I am loving it here although my comp at this moment in time blows. I love it here. It will be hard to leave but you will love it mommy when you come. Well that is all I got for ya.

I know the church is true. I don't have a doubt about that. And I know that Christ lives and that he died for our sins and that we are now part of his restored church. We are the truth and we must let the world know that. I love you mommy, thank you for everything, see you on Sunday. Love you mommy to the max.

Love, Elder Moore

Sunday, May 6, 2012

April 30, 2012

Well on what happened to me this week. We only worked in our area for one day - Saturday. Last week we went to Matagalpa and we were there Sunday afternoon, Monday and Tuesday then Wednesday we came back to our area just to get advised at the last moment that we had interviews with Pres the very next day in Esteli. So we had to go back to Matagalpa, spend the night there, then wake up early and travel to Esteli and have interviews. That was like my 5th interview with Pres but the best I have ever had. I felt like I was talkin with a friend. I really enjoyed it. I left from the office feeling good. This time was a little different we talked about some legit stuff.

So than after that we had to go to Managua. My comp needed his cedula. Then we got back Friday night and just worked Saturday. And well a miracle happened on Sunday. We had an attendance of 44 people, 4 investigadores and a family. The branch pres showed up for the first time in 5 weeks and his family showed up too for the first time in like 3 months. The pres returned with ganas to work for the first time since I have been here so it was awesome on Sunday. Then after that I took a bunch of people from our branch that have potencial to be leaders to a leadership counsil in Matagalpa. Yesterday was such a tiring day it was a 4 hour meeting then after that I had to take a kid that we are preaparing for the mission to get interviewed by the district president. It was a long tiring day but all went well.

So ya I am way stoked to talk to you in just like 2 weeks or something like that. I'll let you know when I know I'll probably be calling you up before Sunday and gettin an hour set up. Time is flying by so fast. I only have 13 weeks left then I will be kickin it with you in your crib. 13 weeks, 3 months, 90 days something like that. I already have more than 21 months. I completed them on Saturday ha ha and I also completed 2 years of having my mision call. Time is flying before you know it I will be there with you.

The mission should change us and make us have the desire to always follow Christ. A true conversion is to lose the desire to sin. That is a true conversion. And ya to be honest I am going to miss this area a ton. I literally love this area. I loved my other areas for the people but there is something different about this area and i know know what it is. It is because I have worked so hard here. But I am worried that it is just going to fall apart. That is what has me worried.

I love you a ton mommy and thank you for everything. Miss you.

Love, Elder Moore

Sunday, April 29, 2012

April 23, 2012

Wow so much has happened this week a lot of good and a ton of bad ha ha. I will start off with what has me most excited at this moment in time. I got my trunky paper, or in others, they are buying my plane ticket home ha ha ha. I have to fill out all of the information so that they know where I am going, who is my bishop and stake president, and all that good news. So ya in the letter with the trunky papers it says I now have the right to be trunky.

Something else great that happened this week. On Tuesday the family did get married and did get baptized. It was such an amazing experience. It was awesome and I love it. We did it right before zone meeting so all the missionaries from the zone were there. Celio is probably the biggest guy I have baptized. He was probably almost 300 pounds but I baptized him my first try cause you know I am pro and all.

So let me explain a little about what happened this week. My comp is ridiculous. So on Wednesday we went and ate lunch at 12:30, at about 1:30 I told him alright bro lets bounce lets go work and he didnt pay any attention to me. I told him like 10 times and after like 40 minutes of waiting I told him, ite if you don't want to work I'm leavin and I left. I went and worked by my self for like 3 hours and went and did like 5 appointments. The thing is if I don't work, I get frustrated and stressed. I love to work. He was too busy playin on the computer some little mario game. And didn't want to do anything. So that same night, Wednesday night, he lost his camara. I look at it as total punishment from God cause he doesn't want to do anything.

So Thursday comes around and well he is super depressed cause he lost his camara. And well this time he left me and went to our food appointment, laid on the couch, and pretty much started crying and wouldn't talk to anyone and didn't want to do anything. So Thursday in the morning we had an appointment in Matagalpa - obviously we didn't cause so the ZLs come up after and tried talkin to him and nothing. Also the APs and nothing. He sat in the corner like Dawson when he was a child ha ha with his nose in the corner and plugging his ears. The kid is a total girl he is like a child of 4 years. It's ridiculous so after like 4 hours I kid you not of sitting in a house with this baby we left and went out to work. Kinda every house we went to he didn't want to enter, he just sat out on the curb. I felt so bad for our investigatores cause they would invite him in and he would just ignore them. So as usual I taught them alone.

The very next day Friday we got a call at 7 in the morning President wanted to talk to my comp. So we hurry and got ready and took the bus to Managua where my comp had an interview with pres. I think they should just send him home anyways cause he doesn't want to be here. He is all depressed cause his girlfriend broke up with him. He told me that his relationship with his girlfriend is more important than the Lord's work. Alright let me go on. So Sunday comes along and our family goes to church and well I announced that they were going to get confirmed cause well my Branch pres bounced and said he doesn't want anything to do with the church, so I am in charge now. So I announced it the family passed in front and my comp bounced went and hid in the bathroom. So ridiculous. I had to go look for him. I found him and asked him if he was going to help me with the confirmation he told me no and so I went and confirmed the both of them by my self. AFter the confirmation my comp went and locked himself in the office where he was till church ended. So ridiculous, he is a little child. I dont know what to do with him.

So a lot happened this week. Today we went and played volleyball as a zone and went out to eat in a way good Italian restaurant. We bought pizza for the whole zone cause it is Elder Hancock's birthday. But I am fried my face. It hurts so bad it is so fried.

My comp right now is just sittin around. He doesn't have money so he ain't writing anybody. And he is in church clothes still cause he didn't bring pday clothes. Yesterday we came down from San Ramon and I told him to bring clothes cause we weren't going to go back to our area. He didn't believe me and now he is suffering in his church clothes on a pday ha ha.

If I could tell you everything that has happened freak this letter would be so much longer. But I'll just keep it to the brief of it.

So mother I dont know what to do here. I dont know if I want to work real hard or not cause I know if I get taken out and he stays all my work is going to go down the drain. And well I can't do much right now anyways cause of my comp. I can see all my success slowly go down. And I know if I get taken out it is just gonna go all the way down.

Other good note my convert that was baptized in Febuary, Jose Felix, recieved the Aaronic priesthood this week. I love seeing my converts progress in the gospel.

Well mother I love you a ton and miss ya a ton. Thank you for everything. I hope you enjoy this email. Keep it real and keep it fresh ha ha love you.

Love, Elder Moore

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

April 16, 2012

So a little about what is going on here. I had a horrible dream this week. I dremt that it was August 3rd and I was back in Sandy walking around and I was only thinking about how I wasn't a missionary any more, how I didn't have our Saviours name on my chest being his representative. In my dream I also saw Ryan, Matt and Nate and I was so jealous of all of them cause they were all still missionaries. I really do love the mission and it is going to be way hard to leave. I am not looking forward to it. But in the other hand I am. I know my mission doesn't stop when I leave this beautiful country. But I will have to understand that my calling will be a little different but it will always be to represent the Lord and find his lost sheep.

So I have been having a rough time here. My comp is yet to teach in a lesson and I have been with him for 3 weeks. It's rough. I try to tell him but he would rather color in his notebook or look at pictures and videos on his camara. Or even mess around with other peoples cell phones during the lesson and if he is not doing that he is asleep. I have lost count of how many times he has fallen asleep in the lessons. It's really hard. I really do feel like I am by my self here working. It sucks cause in a way I am seeing all the progress and success we have had slowly go down.

But other than that, we are going to baptize a family tomorrow at 9 in the morning. They are also going to get married. The husband is Celio and the wife Alicia. They are such an awesome family. I believe I told you a little bit about the familiy. They truly were prepared before we met them. I told them that we were going to come back in October they are very excited to meet you. I know you will love them. Alicia always tells me that she wishes she had a son like me. I have seen her cry many times. She is a very sweet lady. I actually met her son this week and it was sad he is a drunk. He doesn't live with his parents. He is 35 but he walked into the house when we were there yelling so drunk and wanted to fight with me and my comp. Hating on us, it was sad. After 30 minutes of craziness like I ain't even kidding straight up craziness he got out of hand. There were a bunch of people outside the house. Alicia sat down and was crying she was so embarrassed but we helped her and comforted her. We watched Legacy with them and watched a movie about temples.

Something else that is a little crazy, we were in Matagalpa on Tuesday and we had to get back to San Ramon. It was like 9 at night so we started hitch hiking and someone picked us up at 20 minutes and dropped us off in the middle of no where 5 kilometers from Matagalpa and 10 from San Ramon and this time it was like 9:30 and there was no one and we were in the middle of the dark on the side of the road. There was just a bar there with crazy drunk people dancing. To be honest I didn't think that we were going to make it home. But we had a miracle and someone picked us up and took us back to our beautiful town. San Ramon.

I am so excited for you to come out and meet all the people I have met here, all the friends that I have here.

So, ya it's rough. I have had skin fall off my hands like 3 or 4 times in the mission it has never got to my arms tho. And ya when ever I eat american food or should I say Mcdonalds, I get way sick. But if I eat some crap off the street that I know should be contaminated ha ha nothing happens to me. I am accustomed to the food here. The American food is going to kill me I think.

I love the mission. To be honest the mission is nothing like I thought it was no lie. But I love it and I will miss it a ton. I have learned a lot here and know I will come back being a better person. With a strong unbreakable testimony. Cause I know with out doubt that this is The Kingdom of God and that we are God's Children. I know that with out doubt. I love you.

I think I am going to bounce. Know that I love you and miss ya. Thank you for all your support. And don't worry about me, I am good like for real. All is good here all this ain't gonna bother me at all. I know why I am here and what I am doing. And what is going on there ain't going to change it.

Love, Elder MOore