Tuesday, July 17, 2012

July 16, 2012

To me it was a miracle. I truly do understand why I was in this area for so long. It has been rough but it has definitely been worth it. After months and months of fighting for Henry we finally got it done. It was an amazing experience. I can definitely see the change in him. He will be a great member that will do a lot of good for San Ramon.

Henry y Carmen got married on Saturday in the morning and shortly after baptized, then the next day confirmed members of the church. It truly was a miracle. I know that this is God's work, not mine, and I know that God is a God of miracles and always will be. He will never cease to have a part in this great work.

This week we also had a branch conference and it is because we changed the branch president. We were preparing a man to be our branch president for a couple of months but he had to get the melquisedec priesthood. So our new branch president is Axakal Leclair. We eat in his house every day. He is 26 and way awesome and has a lot of potencial. His wife was the first member baptized in San Ramon about 7 years ago and Axakal has been a member for like a year and half.

Something else that happened this week, on Tuesday we went to go visit Henry and Carmen to talk to them about putting a baptismal date. So we went to their house and that is when hell broke out. Like 5 minutes after being there Carmen's grandson threw a rock through their neighbor's window cause he was all drugged out. Now this kid is 15 and then this other kid started chasing down Carmen's grandson and before we knew it they were throwing rocks at the house we were at. So we had to go hide in this room of the house and freak it got crazy. Carmen's grandson was chasing the other kid down with a knife. He had a knife out wanting to attack and the whole neighborhood was watching what was going down. But we got out safe and alive. But it is crazy how many kids walk around here with a knife. And with weapons. It's insane.

My comp is Elder Chub. He is chapin. That means he is from Guatemala. I think he will stay here when I leave.

Well mommy I don't want to share everything because I will shortly be with you and want to tell you things in person not just over email. So I think that is about all I will write.

So it is almost your birthday, what have you got planned?

Well mommy, love you a ton only. 17 days left or something like that. I love you and miss you a ton. You be the bees knees. Love you so much.

Love, Elder Moore

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