Monday, July 9, 2012

July 9, 2012

So mommy, it's so hard to write with such little time left. There is a ton to tell you but I just want to tell you face to face. But I kid you not there is a lot to tell you. So after buggin pres and callin him up a lot during these couple of weeks trying to figure out what we were going to do with H, we finally came to a conclusion. This week Elder Lopez from the Quorum of the Seventy came to the Matagalpa district. We had a district conference. And so pres called me up and told me that he was going to interview H and talk to him after the conference. And well H showed up to the the conference with his white shirt and tie and had the interview and then after the interview pres talked to me and well all good. We now have permission to baptize him and get him married so all good to go. To me this is a miracle and now I understand why I have been here for so long. I fought for him, I have fought for him a lot. We still need to put a date for their marriage and baptism but now we got the green light so we can git r done. I feel like I could have told you this story in a much cooler way but I am kinda gettin lazy to write.

Other thing about the conference, the district wanted us to take 60 people to the conference. Well we upped that. We took 62, but it was way super hard cause it was pouring rain the whole morning but what ev we still left and worked the whole morning and with the sacrifice we saw the blessings. It was amazing. Not only that but we took 12 of 15 converts to the conference.

Other thing, in the conference there was some random drunk guy that walked in and just fell asleep on a chair and half way through the conference he fell of the chair and smacked his head on another chair and got a huge goose bump. So he was laying there and everyone was staring at him wondering if he was dead. The good thing is that we were way in the back on the chairs so we stuck him on a chair and hauled him out and a lot of people followed us. So after that we went and hid him in a room where we just kicked it with him, me with the zl. We didn't know exactly what to do with him. But ya on his fall his dentures fell out and everything it was bad ja ja. We took pictures with him for the memory not the best thing to do but ya it was interesting. So when he finally woke up like 3 hours after the fall, he bounced and left his dentures there in the church. He is probably angry now cause I am sure dentures aren't the the cheapest things.

So after the conference I went to Jinotega with the branch and the elders cause Presidente Guzman invited me to his daughter's baptism. So I went and directed the baptismal service and participated in the confirmation. And then after ate ice cream with them. Then after that we hitch hiked from Jinotega to Matagalpa and then from Matagalpa to San Ramon. It was a day full of awesomeness and traveling.

So this week I believe that we are actually going to get a real branch president. We have been preparing someone and this week he got the Melquisedec Priesthood and this week they are going to head up to San Ramon to make it official. We also prepared 2 others to recieve the Melquesidece Priesthood. Both were converts of mine. So we are definitely making progress there in San Ramon. I just hope everything goes good this week and that all goes according to plan.

So ya only 23 days left. Freak it's crazy time is flying by. Well I will end this letter here so that we can chat back and forth cause I like that better.

Love you mommy,

Elder Moore

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