Friday, June 24, 2011

June 20, 2011

Hey mother, ya it was pretty sweet talking to dad yesterday. Ya I know I sounded awesome - it's cause I am awesome. I think my health issued is resolved.

It's about time Brooklyn decided to grow her hair out. I am a fan of the long hair rather than the short to be honest.

I am so jealous that you went to a MMA fight that is so awesome. I loved watching UFC fights way legit. I never thought you would ever go ha ha but to be honest ya I went to a couple of MMA fights this week or should I say I saw some beat downs in the street. It was pretty awesome. It was a sober guy that didn't know how to fight vs. some drunk guy and it was a funny fight but they got some good punches in and the other fight. There was a guy robbing houses and well the police don't exist here so all the people decided to just go gang up on him. It was like 40 against him. It was crazy. That happened last night.

So this week it has been raining a ton. The roads flooded worse than ever. There were places where the water reached our hips. The majority of places just reached halfway up our calves. It's been pretty crazy with all the storms we have been having. It's been raining a ton. In one of our lessons the bolt of lightning hit the house and the whole roof lit up blue and the wires that were all hanging from the ceiling lit up and it was crazy. It was also super super loud and I was deaf for like 2 minutes and couldn't here anything but it was way super awesome.

So we had our first Sunday in this ward we are in now. It was horrible, we got a lot of work to do. The attendance was so low only 72 and well I don't even want to talk about how many recent converts came. It was horrible. So this week we are gonna try and throw fire and get everything up. It will be hard cause the ward thought since there weren't any missionaries no one was going to work so the ward just fell apart so ya awesome for us. But it ain't nothing we can't handle.

So other than that all is good. Just going a long day by day about to complete 11 months here in 8 days. And still recieving a ton of revelacion about what we are going to do after the mission with this project.

Well this program you are about to start doing sounds awesome and it will be awesome for you stick with it. It will be hard but will be worth it. I love you a ton and you are an amazing person. I miss ya ton but 13 months aint no thing. Ill be back before you know it. Thank you for everything.

Well got to go. I'll send pictures next week. I love u to the max u da bomb u da bees knees the dogs bone u be legit like the salad on a plate. Love you keep it real and relax and listen to the MIGHTY BOB (bob marley)

I would like to finish with two things the mighty BOB is a living man. U can fool some people sometime but you can't fool all the people sometime. Mother listen to Bob Marley so chill so relaxing.

And second Aubrey Johnson is awesome. I want to write her but it's so hard to send out letters here. She has written me several times even tho I fail to respond. She is awesome and deserves a throw out. Love ya!

Also just wanna throw a shout out to all my way sweet neighbors I have. They are the best in world and all the old men that think they are still kids. AKA Mike and Scott. Super awesome they are. Also wanna throw a shout out to Stucco Stan ha ha or AKA Sten Stark ha ha he is awesome and a way funny kid that needs to stop being sick and start being awesome. If I was him and in the hospital I would stop being in the hospital and start awesoming. I hope you get better kid. I miss ya keep strong. Love ya man. We always called Sten Stucco Stan because he lived in the stucco house. And we called Victoria, Victoria's Secret.

I miss ya all and hope all is well. Only 13 more fast Sundays and I am home. Aint no thang.

Love, ELder Moore

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

June 13, 2011

Alright I am going to put this in here before I forget. In the package you send will you send me a harmonica. A harmonica that has the little numbers on it. And ctr rings and maybe a bottle of IBuprofen.

So today I played basketball for the first time in 10 months. It was alright not much competetion cause I can still ball. Not as good but I can still ball. Ha ha.

This week we had stake conference here and a member from the Seventy came and spoke to us. Also the mission president. Presidente Arredondo and his wife. It was awesome. The people we baptized are so pilas. They went to the fireside we had on Saturday night and went on Sunday. They are super pilas. Yesterday we watched The Other Side of Heaven with them. That movie is super awesome.

Alright well now I'll get on to what happened this week with the changes. Tuesday they told us that we didn't have changes and it was super awesome we were both way stoked to stay in our area. Well Wednesday night came and they told us that we did have changes. But not really. They sent two sister missionaries to take over our area and we had to go reopen an area that they closed here in this zone. Not too long ago they closed it and now they want us to go reopen it. We still haven't gone to work there yet we will start tomorrow because we had to teach the Hermanas our whole area so they weren't completely lost like we were when we came. And how we are going to be tomorrow when we actually start working in our area. It will be crazy but what ev. I'll make sure to let you know all about my area next week when I know more. We are still going to stay in the same place. I hope our area is not to far I still dont even know where my area is yet. I have always had to do some sort of opening in everyone of my areas. Its rough but aint no thang. I'm a man about it

So I don't have much to share with you cause we haven't done a whole lot this past week. We have been with the Hermanas. But I have been in some mad pain. Pain I have never felt before and it's really bothersome. It goes off and on I ain't going to go into detail about it but if it continues till next Monday I will let you know.

I love you an thank you for everything. The pictures were super awesome. I am glad everyone liked there random gifts.

O a little complaint. This area is so hot. The water never works in the whole city. It is always gone and the power always goes out. It has rained a ton and all the dirt rock streets we have turn into rivers and I have to walk with water halfway up my calves. Super super super awesome ha ha not really complainin. But with us hardly having water and power it kinda bugs sometimes. But i am a man about it. ha ha Love you all so much.

I am going to tell you this today. We took a kid to the church to play soccer with us and he was like 10 and had never seen a flushing toilet or a urinal before. He was like in awe and touching the inside of the urinal ha ha it was kinda funny. We had to explain to him how it all worked. He was also playing marbles with little rocks.

Love Elder Moore$Farr$Orth= Super Tuanis or in your english language. Super Awesome.
I cant find the plus sign so I put money signs money signs which look better and cooler.

Thursday, June 9, 2011

June 6, 2011

Ok ok ok where do i even start. I will start with a little number. This Saturday we converted 5 people. We helped 5 people put their life on the path that will lead them to their father in heaven. Or in other words 5 of my friends here in El Viejo were baptized. It was awesome(Xiomarra 37 Janeat 33 Nestor 13 Hector 10 y Darian 8). Let me tell you how we found them. 4 weeks ago we were contacting. and when we were contacting I saw a man sitting outside on our chair in front of his house(an old man). At first we passed him but something told me that we needed to go back. So we went back and contacted him and he accepted our message and we set an appointment to return. Well when we returned they kinda shot us down but we went back another day the same thing.

So we decided to go back one last time. And we went and only the wife was there and she said that she didn't want to talk to us with out her husband. So as we started to leave like 6 people showed up. I guess the 6 people that showed up all lived there in the house with them. They were daughters and grandchildren. So we ended up talking to them and then planning a party ha ha the party we planned consisted of us assigning everyone something to bring. Some kind of food or drink. And us sharing a message. So our first visit we partied with them and shared a message about prayer. It was way super awesome and we gained their trust way super fast. So we continued to visit them day after day. Almost everyday. After like our 4th visit we figured out Enrique (the old man) and his Wife were members but were baptized 14 years ago and forgot everything. Even the fact they were members. So with them it was a reactivating and with the rest it was converting. Well since we gained their trust way fast. They all wanted to go to church with us. They went back to back Sundays and loved it. The investigadores and the Old couple.

Well it came down to their baptism this past Saturday. All were way stoked for a new start and to get baptized but 1 Janeat. Who is the mother of 2 kids one the age of 13 the other 10. But she was was scared to get baptized. We had to battle with satan for a little but when your born to win like me you always win ha ha. Anyways We went Saturday in the morning to talk with all of our possibilities. All were excited but Janeat She was scared out of her mind to get baptized and didn't wanna talk. She couldn't talk. She was just filled with fright and just crying. So we sat her down and talked to her for a while. And eventually she found comfort. We talked to her with a lot of love and shared a lot of uplifting things to help the fright go away. The baptism was scheduled for 5 oclock.

So on Saturday 5 people were baptized 5 of my awesome friends. And Sunday they were confirmed. But as we all know Sunday was fast Sunday. and Hector. the 10 year old that was baptized told me he wanted to share his testimony. So I told him to do it. The mom was a little scared for him but let him go. So he went up and shared his testimony and it was freakin awesome ha ha. He has such a strong testimony for only being 10. So within the first 30 minutes of being a member he shared his testimony. He is the reason they were all baptized. Everyday he prayed that the family would get baptized. He loves church and loves learning. We asked him what he learned after church and he told us the whole story of the Good Samaritan. Awesome. Also Nestor received the Aaronic priesthood and is way excited to pass the sacrament this week. All was super amazing this week. We have another baptism planned this week. The husband of Xiomarra. He has gone to church 2 times now back to back and wants to get baptized. Just this Saturday he got stuck at work and the family just wanted to get baptized so bad. But we are hoping to complete the family this week.

Also the Old couple that we helped reactivate. The Guillermina (the grandma) shared her testimony and said she doesn't know why she ever fell away from the church and how much she loves going to church now. And she is just so acceptive to everything now. She is down to pay tithing. She only makes like 500 cords a week which is 25 dollars but she wants to pay tithing. So it has been an awesome week. A week filled of feeling the spirit and of reactivation and conversion. Plus I am Hector's God Father ha ha just throwin that in there. The mom told me she wanted me to be his god father ha ha. So ya awesomeness.

Well I think that is all I will write for now love ya so much and miss ya a ton.

O I will write this too today. We had a battle with huge spiders in our house. It went several rounds cause we would attack, they would attack, and then they would hide like little sissies but it was crazy insane. It took awhile but we came out victorious. I'll send pictures of the spiders that we battled with. They are huge they ain't like the spiders there. They don't look too big in the pictures but they are.

Also I guess I'll write this too. I have learned a lot this change. My comp is freakin awesome, I was frustrated in the beggining but I learned a lot. In the beginning of this change I just wanted to work hard like non stop and teach and find and what not. But I learned how to work differently. I learned to work with love. Which is a lot different and well better. And we have helped many find the path that leads to eternal life. My comp is super awesome and I hope I stay with him another change. Changes are this week so we will see what happens.

i just sent that stuff in the box. I dunno whats supposed to go where. I just bought it and sent it but ya Laynie can have the dress that is who it was intended for. The rest is for whoever. I have more stuff that I forgot to put in the box cause I am dumb. Like your navitity set and some cookies. But ya I am glad to know that all arrived safely. Those arent camo key chains - you got to look at them closely they both say JMO and they are made out of turtle shells.

I didn't even know Jana was pregnant but awesome. And where is the kitchen at now in their house? Freakin craziness everything is changing. What is the official wedding date for Brandon,the 30? And how long has Mike been working in Canada for? A ton of stuff is happening.

I just got an update on my recent converts in Sebaco and it was awesome. Marlon is blessing the sacrament now and Hermano Machado ordained someone to the Aaronic priesthood it was so awesome to hear thought i would let you know as well.

Love, Elder Moore

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

May 31, 2011

Tuanis mami entonces well feliz dia de las madres. It's mother's day here in Nicaragua so I congradulate you and felicitate you on this wonderful day of motherhood.

So that is awesome to hear that the wedding went through and that I officially have a new uncle. Sweet. But it is sad to here how it went down with all the weather. It is so crazy that everyone is getting married. It makes me happy but at the same time I am missin it all ha ha. But what ev.

It makes me sad to think about grandma crying and having a hard time. Sorry I can't be there to help. I like grandma she falls good with me.

So I love when you send awesome pictures of me and all the awesome stuff that is happening back in the states. You should try to make a habit of sending a couple pictures each time you write me. Man I was so skinny before. Now I am just fat, but I don't care I aint trying to impress anyone so its ok. But I will hit the gym when I get back cause I still got over a year left on my golds gym membership.

Anyways mother I am going to be famous and rich. Me and my comp keep receiving revelacion on what we should do with our lives. And we have set goals that we are going to reach. I am not going to go into detail but I am going to be a legendary traveler. Ja ja so awesome huh a legendary traveler. I want to explain in detail but I'll wait. But I am going to know the world.

This is the jungle we go through to go to our dinner appontments.

So now on to some other good news. This week we had 10 investigadors in church. 2 families. It was amazing and so awesome. All of them love going to church. They all live close together all on the same street. So yesterday we all got together and made brownies and watched the Joseph Smith story. The prophet of the restoration. It was awesome. They have a goal to get baptized this week. But the ward I am in is so awesome. So helpful and work so hard. It's awesome and all the investagadores feel so welcome and wanted.

I am totally enjoying the mission. It is great. Ya it's hard and have times of struggle and disappointment but overall I love it. I miss ya all and am sad so much is happening while I am in Nicaragua but whatev this is where I want to be and need to be. Joseph Smith is the man. Love him and know that he was a true prophet of God. That the True church was restored through him. And that hoy en dia we are members of Kingdom of God here on the earth. And it's amazing. You are part of the kingdom of God...feel special. Love ya and miss ya.

Love Elder Moore
or the new nickname I gave my self that people like to call me TUTUKA ja ja