Monday, October 31, 2011

October 31, 2011

So how is it going? Wow what a trunky letter you sent me ha ha. I can't wait till Christmas comes around next year it will be amazing. 4 years is a long time to not see a brother. But it will be just that much better when I see him again. It will be the best Christmas. I just want to pass Christmas drinking hot chocolate and watching home videos. Time flies. Some times I just wish it would fly a little bit faster than it does.

So I have officially completed 15 months on the mission. The day I completed 15 months my comp completed 2 years so we went out and celebrated. We went out to a nice rich restaurant. Called Santa Fe. I'll send you pictures of our great adventure that we had.

Anyways Thanksgiving is coming around the corner. Last year for Thanksgiving I had a plate of beans and an egg. I guess we will have to wait and see what I get this year. I am pretty sure it will be something better than that but who knows ha ha. Just a short 9 months until I am back celebrating like I should be celebratin ha ha.

Like today is Halloween. But there ain't nothin here. No little kids dressed up asking for candy. No haunted houses nothing. I love Halloween but I'll have to wait another year to go trick or treating again ha ha.

I know that my relationship with Brooklyn will be different it will be a better awesomer relationship and with Brandon too. That girl is awesome.

So this week my comp and I are planning a way sweet barbeque with the ward. We are going to have a message some field games, food, and then a movie. It will be awesome. I am pretty excited for that It should be pretty great. Hopefully it doesn't rain though. Right now it is pourin rain here. There has been a ton of damage done to Nicaragua with these hurricanes. It's crazy.

But anyways we found a golden family this week. My companion and I and 2 other elders ate dinner at their house this week. They are so awesome. They are a family of 4. The parents and 2 sons. One is 10 and the other 1. They are really positive and way awesome. I don't want to say more cause I feel like I will jinx it. That always happens. I hate jinxing things but I will let you know more about them in the future.

Before I forget, I want to throw a shout out to Whitney Sutton. She is awesome. She always writes me but I never write her back cause it is so hard to send things out here. In Chinandega it was easy but everywhere else it's hard. But even tho I haven't written her she still writes me. This week I got a letter from her. So let her know that I think that she is awesome and I'll be home in no time. And thanks for everything. And let her know that I say I'M AWESOME ja ja.

That is so crazy about DANO. He is already home pretty much. Wow how time flies. I was thinking about that today. He will be home in like 3 weeks that is insane. And Ryan is about to start his mission he will love it. But it'll be rough cause I am sure that in Austrailia there are a ton of pretty girls ha ha. Just kiddin' it wont be rough. He will love it.

Tomorrow is November. Wow time is crazy. I can remember startin the mission. it seems like yesterday but at the same time it feels like forever ago. But in a blink of the eye I'll be back kickin it with all my loved ones.

Well mother love you tons and miss ya. The mission is great.

Love, Elder Moore

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

October 24, 2011

Well hello there loving mother. I love how the church is so organized. We also had the primary program this week. It was not nearly as great as the second wards. With all the great little children. Ha ha I remember Riley Sohm when he has a child he was such a clown to watch ha ha he still is. I love the program. }

So sounds like you had a pretty exciting week. But please tell me that you didn't go to the movies by your self. Please tell me you went with someone ha ha if not I'll be there shortly to go on dates with you. Cause well unfortunately I dont have anyone waiting for me so that means a lot of my time will de devoted to my beautiful mother. I miss ya.

So we had a way awesome activity this week as a ward. When we got here this ward was like a depressed ward so we decided to plan a ton of parties (oops I mean activities) to make them happy and excite them. So we had an awesome activity this past week. We had a spiritual message then we played games. We had a no hand chocolate covered doughnut eating contest it was so awesome everyone loved it. Then we played some other little games and really made everyone happy. So I know that it is helping cause this ward has had an attendance of like 85 for a long time. Well this last Sunday 129 people went to church ha ha it was awesome. But we got to keep working.

I am very happy of our ward. We have 8 ward missionaries that do a lot of work for us. The whole ward works so good together the only problem we have is getting the bishop more involved. We have planned a family home evening in his house tonight.

So I am lovin it here. My comp is awesome even tho he is dying right now.
So our plan was to animate the ward so that they were happy so that when we brought investigatores to church they could feel the love and unity. So we got the base ready now we just got to bring the investigatores.

Managua is so ghetto still there is nothing like walmart here. Ha ha the only store they have really is pricemart and its dope but we can't go because it's in the south mission. And well they only have one tall building here. Managua is still super ghetto still metal roofs everywhere. But there are some rich houses but still not that advanced.

Well mother love you a ton and miss ya. But I'll be home in no time. January 1st I'll be able to tell you "I come home this year." But I have to wait a little over 2 months to be able to say that ha ha. Miss ya love ya.

Elder Moore

p.s. that hand sign represents peace my friend ha ha just trying to spread the love around the world

Friday, October 21, 2011

October 17, 2011

So well I had changes this week. And to be honest I feel like I am in a completely different mission ha ha. For real. I am now in Managua. I am killing the old AP the last AP is now my comp and he dies this change. It's so dope. I am way stoked. But let me start off why I feel like I am in a different mission. First off there are paved streets instead of dirt streets and rock streets. Second the people are like normal people like for real they aren't way sketchy. Managua is still sketchy but not super sketchy.

I live with a nice elderly couple that has served 3 missions. So I feel like I am living with my grandparents cause every morning I wake up to breakfast. They are so nice and so awesome. To be honest when I first went to the house I was like man this is gonna suck other people in the house and I just get this little room, but i love it.

Also I shower normally. Not normally cause it's still cold water. But the bathroom looks normal and the shower is no longer a little tube 4 feet off the ground that sticks 2 inches out the wall. It is now a tube that is like 7 feet tall and sticks out about 6 inches. It's awesome. It's still cold water but not to. cold and I can litterally take my time showering.

The members are so different here as well. To be honest I feel like I am in a completely different place. I have always been on the out skirts of Nicaragua and now I am in Managua. My area is called Las Americas and my comps name is Elder Quintanilla. He is from El Slavador.

So anyways before I forget Can you send me vitamins and also another pair of pants? Black, size 32X30. My pants are starting to rip. You know how they wash pants here on rocks ha ha. So they are starting to rip. Love you mommy.

So this change me and my comp have planned a ton of activities to animate the ward. It is going to be awesome. I feel like I have gotten awesomer here on the mission. I got like an extra charge boost up of awesomeness and now I can for surely make everyone happy and animated. Just need to throw some partys, I mean uh activities ha ha. My comp is going to die happy. He is so stoked that I am his comp. Freak changes were crazy.

I am sorry to hear about the movie and what happened that is horrible. This world is a crappy world and that is why we are not part of the world. We live in the world but we are not part of the world. We must never be part of it.

So here in this area we have found many postive families that we are starting to teach. This area has a ton of potencial. I am stoked to work here. And be part of the miracle that we are going to see here. This ward is already starting to change. We just got to get everyone animated and it's working. This ward has had an average of like 80 people for a long time. Well we have organized ward missionaries and threw a little party to help them get animated to work. Well this week 95 people showed up to church. We set a goal with the ward missionaries to have 105 next week so we got work to do but I know we can do it. I love it here for real.

Well mommy I love you so much thank you so much for everything. You are an amazing person and guess what I'll be seeing you in a short 9 months. Psh 9 months aint no thang. I'll be chillin in your crib before you know it. ha ha

So how is Ginger and her family and how is the pregnancy going? O I named a girl here ha ha kinda. There is a lady that has had a daughter for over a month and the baby still didn't have a name. So I gave her a list of names all the girls that lived in our house in Sandy and well she picked Laynie. So the baby is now called Laynie. Also one of my recent converts that is oging to have a baby picked the name Sheri ha ha. It highly possible that my recent convert is going to name her child Sheri ha ha. That will be awesom ha ha i have named 2 children this week.

This little girl reminds me of Laynie. I love her.

I am so glad Skip is in my life. I am still hanging up my shooting target since I lost the bet with him over a year ago.

Well love you and miss you a ton. I don't only hope we will be together for the eternity I know we will be. We are all in this together. ja ja that reminds me of the High School Musical song. Listen to it right now.

Love, Elder MOore

Monday, October 17, 2011

October 10, 2011

What up mother. How it be? So I'll start this letter off on a positive note. We baptized another family this week. As you can see by the pics that I sent ya. A family of 4. Me and Elder Denton found this family like 3 or 4 weeks ago. The mother of the family actually contacted us cause she wanted us to tie a tie for her cause her son was going to be in a parade. So we tied the tie then contacted her and well we have started teaching them and had a ton of spiritual experiences with them. It was awesome. And this Saturday they got married and baptized. And that is why I had to take money out of my account cause I am broke last week. We married a family and this week too ha ha But ya the familiy is awesome. I have now baptized 3 weeks in a row. I am feelin good. (Names of the family Juan Carlos Isabel Carlos y Stephanie)

Another thing the family that we baptized in August. Henry and Teresa. Well Henry got a calling yesterday. He is now the 1st counseler in the Young Mens. When I first got here the retencion for the recent converts sucked it was like 7 percent. But here we are in the second week of October and we already have a retencion of 61 so all the numbers are going up and I feel way good about it. We have had a good change.

This is a picture of the outside of our house. This is how we decorate it.

So I am kinda jealous that it is cooling down there. It is heating up here. It's so bloody hot ha ha. Summer is now starting. The only difference between winter and summer here is that during winter it rains a ton but it is still way hot. The rain makes it so much hotter too.

By the way I totally understand what you mean with that revelacion for certain people at certain times. I have many similar experiences. Sometimes I'll go back to read a scripture I loved the day before or the week before but when I read it it's not nearly the same as it was the week before even though it is the same scripture.

By the way bathtubs dont exist here. Only buckets of cold water. I can't wait to take a hot both or a hot shower again. It will be so amazing. I can't wait. I think about hot showers and baths daily. Ha ha every day I bathe with cold water. I am accustomed to it now. But still I would prefer hot water over cold water.

I forgot to tell you what I ate for lunch today. I ate iguana ha ha it tastes like chicken mixed with fish to be honest ha ha it was good. So make sure that Matt Lym knows that when I get back we are gonna cook up his iguana and eat it.

Well I love you a ton mommy. You are so awesome and I look up to you.

Love your son,
Elder Moore

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

October 3, 2011

Alrighty then, let's get this started in O. Anyways I couldn't see all the conferences which saddens me but I have a good reason for why I couldn't. This past Saturday we baptized a family. So I missed the morning session and an hour of the Second Session. So I couldn't see the legendary HELLO from the Prophet. But I heard all about it ha ha. But what I saw I loved it. The priesthood session was amazing. I got macheted then edified. It was so awesome. And I think Jeffry R Holland's talk is my new favorite talk. He has been my favoritest speaker for a while but that talk from the priesthood session was amazing.

So about the 2 things that you can work out. Prayer is an amazing tool in this life. Through prayer we can better our relationship with our Father in Heaven. We can feel his presence and understand his will. And with the second thing just make sure that when you recieve person revelation that you are acting on it. And not just letting the revelation pass you by. Make sure you do something about it. We recieve personal revelation for a reason. Sometimes we just ignore it. But we should not do that. We need to act on it.

I loved conference. It was amazing and I took a ton of notes on it. Several pages. I don't know why I was such an idiot before the mission. I don't know why I didn't want to pay attention before. I didn't even have ganas to pay attention but now it's just like I love conference. I feel like it's a championship game like the lakers playing the celtics in game 7 and you are just stoked to watch it and just can't wait till it starts. That is now how I feel with conference. But now I am all sad and depressed cause I have to wait 6 months to watch conference again and listen to the voice of God's chosen servants. But the good news about that is that I have now seen 3 conferences on my mission only 1 more to go. And 2 conferences from now I will be chillin with you.

The temple fund thing is way needed. So many people here want to go to the temple but they can't cause they don't have the money to pay for it. It's only like 25 dollars to go too. To us it seems little but to them it's a ton. So I am so happy to hear about that. That is awesome. It will help a lot of people out.

So I will go on to our baptism. It was awesome. They first had to get married and then get baptized verdad. So we planned a wedding and put balloons and cake and cups and decorations and decorated the church in our own simple way. The couple got married and then the husband got baptized. It was a family to complete. His name was Mauricio. His daughter is 7 years old and is so excited to get baptized as well in December. We are now going to work on preparing him so that when his daughter has 8 years that he will be able to baptize her. I will send you some pictures so you can see the awesomeness of these things.

So that is super crazy that Dano will be comin home soon. That is insane. Time is flyin. Psh before you know it I will be chillin with you to my honey bunches of oats ha ha ill be there in no time. I will probably be stoppin by the Lee´s house Lym´s house and Farr´s house my whole life. It's like a tradicion. It's something I have done my whole life. O and props mom for makin me trunky and making me think of my old childhood memories with those clowns. Some days I just wanna go back to when I had 6 years or 7, 8, or 9 years just a little child with out a care in the world kickin it with my homies on the most legendary street known to man. Or even go back to playin night games.

So about the package and the shoes. The big black ones are not the shoes I want those are my basketball shoes. The Nikes I want are blue and white and they have rainbow starred shoe laces on it. Those are the nikes I want. But you don't have to send me new shoes just save that money for when I get home so we can go on a shopping spree. Ha ha I am tired of wearing the same clothes every day ha ha ha. It's awesome waking up in the morning and thinking about what I am going to wear. I look through all my shirts and eventually pick out a white one. I look through all my pants and eventually pull out a black pair of pants. I look through all my shoes but then realize I only have one pair of shoes ha ha. That is really what happens day in and day out. When I get back ha ha ha shopping spree baby ha ha. But during these next couple of weeks I will pray to recieve revelation aobut what I want you to send me. So I will be thinking about some things.

This is a very unorganized letter but what ev i aint much of a writer i am sure you know by now. But we are teaching a family and one boy from that family is 19 years old and well he wants to serve a mission. I know he will too. He told us he wants to get baptized and that he recieved an answer. He has a goal to get baptized the 25 of October. I am pretty sure I want be here. Changes are the 12th of October so I am pretty sure I'll be out of here. But I will feel good when he gets baptized even though I wasn't there to see it. But I know I had a part in it and that he will change many lives. He went to conference on Saturday and the priesthood session. He felt as if he got macheted too even though he isn't a missionary. But I know that he already has a testimony of this church. We have had some way powerful strong spirit felt lessons.

I am trying to send you other pictures. I look way skinny now adays. I dunno what's going on. It's like a roller coaster of weight always going up and down. Well I feel like I have written a bunch of nonsense, so I will stop it here. I love you a ton and miss you a ton keep it real.

Love, Elder MOore