Friday, October 21, 2011

October 17, 2011

So well I had changes this week. And to be honest I feel like I am in a completely different mission ha ha. For real. I am now in Managua. I am killing the old AP the last AP is now my comp and he dies this change. It's so dope. I am way stoked. But let me start off why I feel like I am in a different mission. First off there are paved streets instead of dirt streets and rock streets. Second the people are like normal people like for real they aren't way sketchy. Managua is still sketchy but not super sketchy.

I live with a nice elderly couple that has served 3 missions. So I feel like I am living with my grandparents cause every morning I wake up to breakfast. They are so nice and so awesome. To be honest when I first went to the house I was like man this is gonna suck other people in the house and I just get this little room, but i love it.

Also I shower normally. Not normally cause it's still cold water. But the bathroom looks normal and the shower is no longer a little tube 4 feet off the ground that sticks 2 inches out the wall. It is now a tube that is like 7 feet tall and sticks out about 6 inches. It's awesome. It's still cold water but not to. cold and I can litterally take my time showering.

The members are so different here as well. To be honest I feel like I am in a completely different place. I have always been on the out skirts of Nicaragua and now I am in Managua. My area is called Las Americas and my comps name is Elder Quintanilla. He is from El Slavador.

So anyways before I forget Can you send me vitamins and also another pair of pants? Black, size 32X30. My pants are starting to rip. You know how they wash pants here on rocks ha ha. So they are starting to rip. Love you mommy.

So this change me and my comp have planned a ton of activities to animate the ward. It is going to be awesome. I feel like I have gotten awesomer here on the mission. I got like an extra charge boost up of awesomeness and now I can for surely make everyone happy and animated. Just need to throw some partys, I mean uh activities ha ha. My comp is going to die happy. He is so stoked that I am his comp. Freak changes were crazy.

I am sorry to hear about the movie and what happened that is horrible. This world is a crappy world and that is why we are not part of the world. We live in the world but we are not part of the world. We must never be part of it.

So here in this area we have found many postive families that we are starting to teach. This area has a ton of potencial. I am stoked to work here. And be part of the miracle that we are going to see here. This ward is already starting to change. We just got to get everyone animated and it's working. This ward has had an average of like 80 people for a long time. Well we have organized ward missionaries and threw a little party to help them get animated to work. Well this week 95 people showed up to church. We set a goal with the ward missionaries to have 105 next week so we got work to do but I know we can do it. I love it here for real.

Well mommy I love you so much thank you so much for everything. You are an amazing person and guess what I'll be seeing you in a short 9 months. Psh 9 months aint no thang. I'll be chillin in your crib before you know it. ha ha

So how is Ginger and her family and how is the pregnancy going? O I named a girl here ha ha kinda. There is a lady that has had a daughter for over a month and the baby still didn't have a name. So I gave her a list of names all the girls that lived in our house in Sandy and well she picked Laynie. So the baby is now called Laynie. Also one of my recent converts that is oging to have a baby picked the name Sheri ha ha. It highly possible that my recent convert is going to name her child Sheri ha ha. That will be awesom ha ha i have named 2 children this week.

This little girl reminds me of Laynie. I love her.

I am so glad Skip is in my life. I am still hanging up my shooting target since I lost the bet with him over a year ago.

Well love you and miss you a ton. I don't only hope we will be together for the eternity I know we will be. We are all in this together. ja ja that reminds me of the High School Musical song. Listen to it right now.

Love, Elder MOore

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