Saturday, May 28, 2011

May 23, 2011

Ha ha what it be mama. Ya all is better. I feel sick tho. I got kinda sick this week and lost a lot of energy to do things but I am recovering but all is good. I ain't back to a hundred percent but I am better.

This week we took 9 investigators to church it was awesome. We woke up super early not super early but ya we woke up and went to their house and helped them make these little cake things, little cookies, for them to sale in the afternoon. So we got there at 6 in the morning and helped them till about 8 what usually takes them 6 hours we got done in like an hour and a half and it was amazing. We did it way fast and the investigatores got ready and we all went to church together. But it was awesome and it made for a good fun time. And U learned how to make something new. I think we will be doing it again this week so I'll take pictures and send them to you. But ya it got a lot better this week.

So this week we took 9 investigatores to church. We brought an elderly couple, we brought a lady and her 2 kids, and another lady and her daughter and 2 nieces. And they stayed for all three hours. And all the kids went to where they were supposed to like young mens, yound womens, primary what ever it was they went and it was awesome.

We also had two sweet activities this week. A cultural activity where people danced from each country in central america. And well I was the person with the microphone talking the whole time with Elder Sandoval. He is from Guatamala. We hosted it and it was awesome. We also had a mothers day activity this week. It was awesome as well. This week was full of excitement and awesomness. The mothers day activity to be honest I felt like I was in a concert. There was kids and they were just dancing and singing rap songs and it was so awesome. Here mothers day is the 30th. And we celebrated it this week cause everyone is going to the temple for a week. So we had to do it during the week when everyone was here.

Something that really helped this week was well another group of missionaries wanted to baptize a family that had never gone to church but didn't have permission from the bishop. And a lot of stuff went down I'll just keep that short. But the bishop sat all of us down the 4 of us. And talked to us about the importance of baptism. And that we aren't just here to throw people in the water. And that we need to look ahead. And not just in the moment. Because retention here is a big problem. People get baptized then just fall away from the church. It's a huge problem in all of Nicaragua. So he talked to us for a while about that. And it helped a ton cause I think I was down cause I feel like everyone has been baptizing a lot of people and me no. But I got to thinking all converts I have had go to church every week and they all know that this is the true church. And the importance of enduring to the end. While so many other recent converts deny being members or don't want to be part the church. I ain't here just to throw people in the water. I am here to convert the people to the Gospel of Jesus Christ. SO that helped a lot.

But anyways this week we moved to another house. It's a lot smaller but it's better and we have a couch. It's a piece but it's awesome we have a couch. And we have a shower ha ha I'll send pictures of our way awesome shower we have ha ha.

Sweet that is so awesome that Brooklyn got a truck. I bet that truck has some power. That is awesome now she just needs to throw a lift on it and some bigger rims ha ha. Well I think I received revelation this week. I dreamt that I should sell my jeep now and put all the money on a disc. What do you think?

Well I think that's all for now. And if you could send proactive in the next box that would be awesome. Whenever you send it. Doesn't need to be rushed. but ya.
Well love ya and miss ya to the max.

Love, Elder Moore

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

May 16, 2011

The yellow building is the catholic church in Chinandega. It is like the nicest one I have seen here. All the catholic churches are huge and old fashioned looking, but not this one.

Those are some pretty sweet poems I wrote. I am such a study - I know I am whether you believe me or not. I do what i can.

This is our bathroom. There is no hot water. We put water in the barrel and use a cup to shower.

Anyways mother this was a way frustrating week. To be honest I want to just be chillin in the house with the fam with a dr pepper in one hand just chillin listening to music. With out a care in the world. The mission is so frustrating. I am sick of being around so many latins that like to lie and just be lazy. I am sick of having comps that don't work like they should. I just aint enjoyin it to much right now. Even tho I want to be in the house there with all you there is no other place I would rather be than where I am at right now. It's hard its really freakin frustrating. But I am learning a ton. But I just don't feel like I am having much success here. At this moment I want to have 23 months and 3 weeks about to live and go to the airport. That is really what I want right now. I am just so frustrated right now to be honest. Not so much the missionaries anymore. Just the people. But I know it will pass.

On the other hand, I am writing you and there is this girl who is non stop staring at me and has been for a long time now. I feel really uncomfortable. I dunno what to do. O well. Anyways today I bought some souveniers and I am going to send them home this week or something. I dunno how much it will cost but I will probably take money out of my account to do so.

Thanks you so much for writing that it was awesome. I do read my patriarchial blessing almost ever day. Maybe I just need to change my perspective of things. They are children of god. I can't force them to do something they don't want to do. Even though it is the right thing they are just lost. To be honest I didn't really have a testimony till the mission. Here in the mission is where i found the truth. And I know with out doubt now that this is the true church. But if it wasn't for the mission I might never have found it.

Know that I love you and don't have much to write. Thanks for everything. Next week I will i promise. Just right now I am a little down on myself and frustrated but I know it will pass. I love you and I'll do what thou hast asked me to do. Love you. Take care.

Love you and miss you,
Love Elder Moore

Sunday, May 15, 2011

May 9, 2011

I am glad that you had a way sweet mothers day. I did too. I loved seeing you and the whole family. It was so awesome and I can't wait till we can do it again in only 7 more months ha ha aint no thang.

So I'll tell you what happened today. There was a little clowny looking dude throwing rocks at people and the people got mad and chased him down and gave him a few hits and let him go. Well then he came back and they ended up catching him and tying him to a bar with a chain. I totally took a picture of it. I dunno what they were going to with him but everyone was yelling at him saying they were going to kill him. The police saw it all but didn't do anything. They were just chilling across the street. Other than that you know it all I just talked to you yesterday.

Know that I love you.

Oh something way cool. My friend Jordan when I left I gave him a quad and told him to read. Well he started to read it. And well now he is going to church and went to EFY and is listening to the missionaries. So that is freaking awesome. And he started talking to me about things he read out of Nephi. Its amazing and awesome. So when I get back I am going to share the gospel with all my friends.

Love you mother,
Love Elder Moore

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

May 2, 2011

Ok mother mother mother. I had changes. I am no longer in Sebaco. I am in Chinandega. The hottest place in Nicaragua. My new comp is awesome. He is from Costa Rica. We got white washed. We are reopening this area and we don't know anything. And its been kinda hard cause the other missionaries didn't leave us with anything. But my comp is so sick. He is a like a surfer super chill missionary. It's awesome ha ha. And funny story we got to talking and his uncle lives in Salt Lake City and works on movies. Well found out he worked on Touched By An Angel for years and so I am pretty sure his uncle knows my dad. You should ask dad. His name is Bruce Wing.

Also my comp met Seth Beccera in the MTC and Eric Hansen ha ha how small the world is. But ya my comp has 6 months in the Mission and I am going for 10. How crazy time is flying. Just like a little over 2 months and I'll be completing a year.

So finally I am in a Ward and not a branch where I have to worry about the attendance as much. We had an attendance of 147 this Sunday - awesome. And the members are pilas and work. I have been wanting a ward with members that like to work. The bishop is pilas too.

So today I have to go to Managua. I am always going to Managua because of things with my companions. I am going to sleep there. My comp is having problems with his papers so he has to fly back to Costa Rica and get super trunky for a day and then fly back. So I dunno whats going to happen for the next 3 days. I just wanna work in my area. I have only worked in my area 1 day since changes. We really don't have much. We need to find new families to teach and we can't do that if we aren't in our area. So I am kinda getting frustrated on that but what ever.

I almost forgot to tell you where we live we don't have water. It's a big place but there isn't water. I shower with a barrel and a cup ha ha awesome huh. And to flush the toilet I just pour water in it. It's super super ghetto. I'll send you a picture next week. I am in El Viejo, Chinandega. And its freaking hot here and I am always sweating and it's so humid its freaking crazy. I can't wait to get the ball rolling and get work done here.

So I'll start off with a kinda awesome story and go to an awesomer story.
So yesterday, Sunday, we went to go pìck up people to bring to church. The recent converts and investigators. And me and Elder Sandoval went to bring this family that just got baptized like 3 weeks ago. When we were waiting for them to get ready a Jehovahs Witness came and started talking to us. Sandoval called another elder. (Back ground info there is 4 missionaries in our house and 4 in our ward so he called the other 2 missionaries to join us.) So they came and Elder Sandoval left with my comp and me and Elder Martinez stayed to talk to the Jehovahs Witness. Ha ha we freaking machetied him with the spirit. It was so awesome. Elder Martinez went in to distract the family. So I talked with that guy one on one. And I dunno if you know much about the beliefs of The Jehovas Witnesss. I had it all under control. I will tell you more in detail of what went down Sunday when I call but it was legit. And when we shared our testimonies with the guy psh it was the bomb. So we totally dominated the Jehovah Witness. The best is when Martinez came back and whatever I said right after Martinez would say I know and testify what he just said is true and what ever he said I would say I know and testify what Elder Martinez just said is true. And the guy ended up leaving and the family ended up going to church. It was the bomb. I hope you understand this story i just told you. If not I'll explain Sunday but just know we defended our church to the max cause it's what we do.

Alright the awesomer story. This past week I was with Elder Martinez - he is from Honduras and we went to a house where a recent convert family lives. And their kid had been sick for a while. He is like 1 year old and so we decided to give him a blessing. And the next day the kid was like 100 percent better. Sunday came and the dad shared his testimony about blessings. It was so awesome and powerful beause the kid had been sick for a long time and the morning after the blessing he was all better. It was so awesome to hear his testimony about it.

I know this church is true. I love this church and the blessings we can receive from living the Gospel of Jesus Christ. It is amazing. The Church is true. I know it with out doubt. Love you so much mommy - I love you to the max. You are the bomb.

Love Elder Moore

P.S. I noticed Matt changed his thingy and now it just dominates all ha ha love ya!