Tuesday, December 21, 2010

December 20, 2010

Well today is officially the first day I have cried literally. Right now I can't control it. I am really struggling mom. The tears just keep flowin but if anything happens will you call the mission office. I am going to call him today. For Christmas I am going to skype. I will be using Presidente Herrera's computer at his house and he just wants to make sure everything will be workin before the day but yes i did sign up for skype this past week so we can web cam chat and it will be freakin awesome to the max.

Some crazy story for ya. We had to walk way far to this area in the middle of no where and I took some pictures so you will be able to see. On our journey there we saw this huge bees nest in the tree like the ones on cartoons that are always big. I had my slingshot so I decided I would try to hit it and knock it down cause it was way up in the tree. So on my third shot I hit it and put a huge hole in it and the bees went crazy but I did not knock it down. So we went back for more and we were shooting it and I was throwin rocks at it and the bees started to attack so we took off. Then we decided to return and well the bees were all hiding and attacked when we got close so we left for a couple minutes before returning cause I didn't want to fail the mission of not knocking down the bees nest. So we went back one more time and I kid you not we got close but before we got into good range like 100 plus bees attacked and it was literally like a cartoon where the people are running and the bees are chasing ya. It was crazy. I was legitamitly attacked and there were black bees in my pants that tried to sting me but I was protected and the sting didn't reach me but the bees were stuck to my pants. I will tell you more in depth about this story on Christmas when I call. I dunno what day I am going to call anymore. It seems like the 24th might be better for papa but maybe I will call both days we will see.

So this week we had our Christmas activity in Managua. So Monday we went to Matagalpa, woke up at 4 and drove to Managua, then had our way sweet activity. I will tell you about on the phone call and then we ended up sleeping in Managua again cause my comp needed to go to the hospital again. So the zone left us and we stayed there and I spent the whole next day in the office which was way super boring. But I ate american food for free: Quiznos it was legit so good. Then Wednesday we missed the bus to Jinotega so we only made it to Matagalpa so I slept there and then I went on splits Thursday so once again I slept in Matagalpa. I got so trunky for Jinotega. I was gone from Monday to Friday away from my home. It was rough.

So I have decided I really like this thing called CAULIFLOWER. It's legit. I would like this to continue and all its greatness and funness into things but for real cauliflower is the freakin bomb, it's the dogs bone, the bees news the clowns wheels all the good stuff.

So here in Nicaragua and probably through other parts of Central America they started handing out pamphlets that the world is going to end May 21 of 2011 and the reason why and all this mathmatical stuff and everyone believes it. It's ridiculous and stupid and all the recent converts are asking about it and then we have to explain that only God knows when. So ya.

When we skype try and get everyone there it will be legit to see all of you. I will end this here and we will talk in a couple of days know that I love you all.

Let Papa know he means the world to me and I thank him for the amazing example he has been to me in my life. He has helped me with so much more than he knows . I learned my awesomeness from him. He truly trumps awesomeness but I will tell him that when I call on Christmas to see his smiling awesome face. I love you PAPA.

Love you all talk to you soon voice to voice,

Love, Elder AwesoMoore

Thursday, December 16, 2010

December 13, 2010

Hey. Well that was not real good news about Papa to start off with but i will keep him in my prayers and hope that he gets better. I know he will get better but next week you better hit me up with all the details about what is going on cause i care for my papa. He really does mean a lot to me and has been there a lot for me in my life.

So the christmas call i think i have a choice of when to call because here they celebrate christmas on the 24th and we celebrate it the 25th. So i believe i can choose when to call. i am thinking i will have to call you and then after call dad and brooklyn and brandon. but all is well and you should definetly invitie ginger and the family. and you should also spend christmas with them you shouldnt spend christmas a lone. Its a holiday of great.

So you exist all the sudden! you just blew up huh that is awesome. the moores seem to just be popular well at least me ha ha jk o where did my pride go jk i still got it but ya i am awesome just like you mother.

That was smart of you that you just put the oil viles in the same box. it is probably better that way. I am thinking i will still be in jinotega at that time. Cause i know for a fact that my comp is leavin jinotega this change and i cant wait. it is so hard being with him. he just wants to eat all the time and not do work. i know for a fact he is gone so i have kinda stopped caring about things. when we return back to the house we get in arguments mainly for my pleasure to be honest cause he always does dumb stuff. he is yet to really grow up. one day he just played the copy game - everything i said he just said right back to me. and he likes to play the quiet game and ignore me game sometimes. as well i read him a scripture i believe it is corinthians 13 11. search it. its in that area 1 or 2 corinthians but it is perfect for him. ha ha. we get a long most of the time but not all the time and he gets machettied a lot and i enjoy that. The President of matagalpa knows whats up with him and just chews him and its good for him cause he needs to know. but he doesnt grow from it he just takes it as criticism instead of help.

So this week something extremely awesome happened. i machettied my comp with the spirit after we planned. He told me he needed to go to the cyber to take the numbers. I told him we needed to go to a certain cyber where we contacted the lady that works there. he told me no. But i knew we needed to go there and give her a Book of Mormon. A strong impression indicated to me that is where we needed to go. So we went to a cyber and it was full went to another cyber and the computer didnt work with his memory. and he tried for 10 minutes and nothing. after 2 different cybers i told him again we need to go to that certain cyber again he told me no. so we went to another cyber and once again his memory was not working. he even got the boss to come help him and he said the file he was trying to open from his memory didnt exist. so we wasted a good 40 minutes. after we left there he told me i will have the zone leaders send it to me in the night. but i told him straight up if we go to the other cyber it will work and he said no it wont. we got in this big argument and he didnt want to go cause he never listens to anything i wanna do. I told him we have a book of mormon here she wants and the book of mormon we have is the word of god and you dont want to share it. and we got in this big argument and finally after i got him real mad we went to that cyber. We walked in. he just asked to use a computer and i talked to the lady. Of course the computer worked there. everything worked pérfectly ha ha not at the previous 3 cybers but this one it did. I started to talk to her and she read the first page and all the introduction of the book of mormon. i then challenged her to read it in 3 months she looked at me like i was an idiot and said psh i can read it in 1 month. so it was awesome. It was through my faith that none of the other computers worked - it was awesome. It just made me really mad that he wouldnt listen to me.

Another experience same day. He wanted to go visit this family and i knew it was really to just go visit them and see their daughter who by the way is not even pretty ha ha. and he asked me and i got an impression that we should go visit this recent convert Raul. we had only visited him once since i have been here but i felt the need to go visit him so we did. and when we arrived at his house he told us he was sick and needed a blessing. so that was another awesome experience same day. i love to slaughter people with the spirit. i have had a way awesome spiritual week with inspired questions and all that. it has been awesome.

So yesterday Hermana platero in our district got real sick and had to go to the hospital. so after church we went to meet them there. And while we were there we talked to this doctor that we have kinda been teaching and he wanted to take us on the tour of the hospital. by the way a hospital here is nothing like a hospital in the states. but anyways we went and while we were there some guy came in that got shot and the bullet was still in his leg so i saw that. I also saw something freakin awesome, i saw some drunk guy that crashed on his motorcycle and he had a huge hole in his leg and lost his toe. ya i saw the toe bone and the leg bone and there was a ton of blood. i also saw some guy that shot him self. when i asked him why he told me that he just wanted to see what it felt like! psh what an idiot but i aint here to judge so ya i kinda take that back ha ha.

well i love you and thank you for everything. your awesome and take care. Keep the Commandments and God will continue to bless you to the max both temporal and spiritual in all things. always ´put your trust and confidence in Him.

This is a shout out to my Cuz Aubrey saying that she is freakin awesome and lives an awesome life. And you should all be jealous of her and the fact that i put this here in my email. I bet you wish your name was there instead ha ha

Love Elder Awesomoore

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

December 6, 2010

Ya I did hear about Nate, that is freakin awesome. I am stoked that we will all be speaking spanish when we get back.

Geez mom could you have been any more pokey on the box? Ha ha just kiddin. I don't care, I got bigger things on my mind. But my asthma did affect me but it actually has not effected me in a while so that is good but i still want it.

So today I wrote President letting him know what is up and how I feel like we are not doing our part here in Jinotega and every week our numbers drop and it sucks. Mainly because my comp is lazy and doesn't want to listen to me and it sucks and it is really really frustrating. But I am pretty sure I am staying next change and he is gone. I don't know for sure but that is what I hope. My zone leaders keep asking me "you know your area right and you know all the recent converts?" They told me they think I will stay. But who knows it is the choice of revelacion through our President.

So real quick Papa thanks so much for writing. I loved it and I love you man. You're awesome. Thanks for your influencing words. You da man and you a stud for life. Laynie thank you so much as well for the words you put in your dear elder. It made me miss you much and it was sad but before you know it I will be back in no time. Love you so much and miss you and you will always be my little best friend for life. Always even when you are an older child. Yo cuido su espalda. If you need me to beat up little kindergardeners when I get back I think I can handle that for you. Just let me know because I am here for you. And Lisa thank you as well. Your letter I think took a while to get here but I got it. Love you and thank you for the great example you have been to me and your husband as well. I would love to get your emails so that I can write you because unfortunately we don't have a post office here. But know I love you and the whole fam you are all super awesome to the max.

So this week someone tried to rob me on the bus. The bus was jampacked and it sucked so I was standing up. 3 seats back were 2 girls. And about 15 minutes in to the ride they got up to leave the bus and as they walked by this girl tried to but her hand in my pocket to take my wallet. But I have a button there to hold my pocket shut and her fingers got stuck in my pocket. Ha ha it was funny. She just quickly left the bus and was laughing with her friend. Talk about fail. Anyways after she left I thought maybe she gave me her number ha ha no. I eventually came to the conclusion she just wanted to touch my butt haha. Alright second robbing some drunk guy tried to rob me today. I wanted to punch him so bad and so did Webster. He was with me. But this guy was just wasted to the max. It wouldn't have been any fun but he was trying to take the food I had just bought from the pulperia.

We had a way wicked sweet baby shower this week kinda ha ha. This girl in our district completed 9 months. The girl that is shooting me she has a lot of energy just throwing that in here.

We slept at his place last night and we were planning to return to Jinotega in the morning, but the zone convinced us to go to selva negra with them. I didn't have clothes to wear so Elder Webster let me borrow his. So I wore his clothes with my way sweet church shoes. Talk about stylish. And actually I made fun of some member the day before cause he was cruisin in church shoes and socks with gym shorts and a shirt and then the next day well kharma ha ha that is what happened to me. No picture because Itried to keep it undercover but I felt like a clown ha ha not my style what so ever.

So yesterday I got called fat. There was a family we visited in Matagalpa the second week I was here and we went back yesterday and they told me you have gotten a lot fatter since the last time. Ya it was awesome but what ev it's all those rice and beans I eat every day, but I don't care I ain't trying to impress anyone.

Well I will finish this email with my testimony. I know with all my heart that this church is true. I know that The Book of Mormon and the Bible both contain the fullness of the gospel. Not one of them more than the other but both together. Many judge The Church of Jesus Christ but it is because they have not read the Book of Mormon. I know that the Book of Mormon is convincing evidence that our church is true and the only true church on the earth today. I know that Jose Smith really did see the father and the son. Even though I was not there I can honestly say the spirit has born witness of it to me. I know that we have a living prophet today to lead us and guide us everyday in our lives. There is only one way to know if these things are true and it is through prayer, through conversacion with our father in heaven. Everyday we need to have our conversacion with our Heavenly Father. He loves us and we need to show that we love him. After each prayer listen and recognize the thoughts in your mind and the feelings in your heart. Cause he will talk back if we give him the chance. I know this Church is True. I have a firm testimony and it continues to grow eachday. We need to search each day for ways to make our testimony grow. We need to search for opportunities to share our testimony because we know the truth. We need to share it with others.

I love you and thank you for everything you have done for me.

Love, Elder Moore