Tuesday, November 30, 2010

November 29, 2010

What up moma?

Sorry it's late. We woke up real early to go to Managua at like 5 this morning cause my comp had to go to the hospital. And we kinda got stuck there for a while and just returned. But we are staying in Matagalpa tonight cause we have a multi zone conference in Chinondega. So lucky me traveled to and back from Managua today and tomorrow. I get to wake up at 4 and take a 5 hour bus ride to Chinondega and return the same day. So pretty awesome ha ha not really.

That sucks that the Lakers lost to the Jazz and BYU lost to Utah by one point that is horrible. At least I was not there to witness both of those games.

So you want a funny story here it is. Well at least I think it's funny. Yesterday we had a zone meeting to make a little feliznavidad video. Anyways we were sitting there for ever waiting for everyone to come. So me and Webster decided to go contact. We contacted a house and it went well. When we were returning to the church there was two girls standings like 30 yards from the church just standing on the street. So we decided to contact them too. Ha ha So when we were contacting them they didn't seem real interested and were looking around every where and our zone was just staring at us. When we returned to the group of people they told us they were prostitutes. Ya we totally contacted prostitutes and totally gave them a pamphlet about the Gospel of Jesus Christ. They told us ya they just barely got dropped off by some guys before you came. Webster and I were like ya that probably explains why they were looking around everyone. Looking for there next victims. HA ha well the gospel needs to be shared with everyone just cause they were prostitutes doesn't mean they are exempt ha ha. O ya and it's totally in my journal.

Amother thing that happened that I found was funny. Maybe it is only funny to my eyes cause I saw it but in Managua I saw a sign that said "auto lavado". Like a car wash sign so it said auto lavado and an area pointing forward. So forward was 2 guys sitting on the curb with 5 gallon buckets and rags in their hand ha ha.

One more thing I thought was funny, I saw a sign that said ¨´we no speak americano´´ ha ha i was like really ha ha that sign made me laugh.

My thanksgiving dinner awesome I think. Yes my thanksgiving consisted of attending a zone meeting working and eating rice and bread and an egg ha ha.

Anyways to an awesome note. Today this week something freaking awesome happened. So this guy that has been attending our ward since I have been there and is always there when I am there. Every church activity everything just always there comes up to me and says will you do me a favor. I was like sure bro what ever. Cause we are pretty tight i love that guy. Anyways he was like will you baptize me. I was shocked I didnt know he wasn't baptized. But I was so happy he asked me to do it. I happily accepted. So Saturday was the big day for him. We married him and his wife and then he got baptized and it was awesome and extremely spiritual. But I loved it to the max. I'll send you pics from both. HIs name is Edwin and for real we got a bond. He always tells me when I leave Jinotega to take care of my self and is always helping me with my spanish. We like family.

And on the not so good note our posibility this week who was so stoked to get baptized left early saturday morning, drank the whole day, and didn't return till midnight. So i will keep that brieg but it was not so awesome. It's upsetting.

Tell Nrandon to relax and be patient. He needs to wait for the wound to heal completely. It sucks being patient but we have to do it. I have to be patient learning this language just like he did but being patient pays off. He doesn't need to be in more pain.

Know I love you and miss you all and hope all continues to go well.

Love you and miss ya,

Love, Elder Moore

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

November 22, 2010

Thanks mom for everything you are awesome. That's not good about his wound reopening hopefully that all gets better and doesn't effect him. Glad I don't have to deal with snow here but it has been getting cold to be honest. Especially during the night. Today it was raining and cold in the morning but it is sunny and warm now. But sometimes it will be cold for the whole day. What is kinda cold to me is freezing to the Jinoteganos. It's funny, they will be all bundled up in a coat and a scarf and beanies and it is like 55 degrees which is kinda cold I guess, but it aint nothing I can't handle in a short sleeve shirt.

They don't celebrate Thanksgiving here unfortunately. That kinda sucks. But they do ask me when dia de gracias is. I will miss thanksgiving and spending it with the fam. But its' just a little sacrifice - aint no thang. In 2 years I will be celebrating with you all again and it will be freakin awesome.

So just to throw this in here before I forget - if you didn't send the last package off yet could you throw in cake mix the funfetti and brownie mix and dr scholls shoe insole. Ha ha this missionary business consists of a whole lot of walking but I love it ha ha.

So I decided to make a mission Bucket List of things to complete on the mission. nNthing that will take away from the work. just stuff ha ha. Like one thing is get bit by a dog for example and actually to be straight up I checked that off the list. I got bit by a dog. I am a man so it didn't hurt but my leg was fancy to the eyes of the dog so it wanted to taste. But I won the battle after I shot it several times with my sling shot ha ha and nothing more happened.

That is Jesus arm wrestling with the devil. I just saw that today ha ha. Why does Brandon need to know frog in spanish? I mean I know it but that is not an important word ha ha. And for ice cream it is just called eskimo here and i know that is different than the normal way. Well I will be home before you all know it and me and B can talk in spanish all the time. Just so you know, August of 2012 my return day is August 2nd for your informacion.

Well know I love you all and pray for you everyday. The mision is hard but I love it. I miss you all but it aint nothing I cant wait 20 more months for. I am nearing my 4 month mark here in the next couple of days.

The language is coming alright. I can say what I want for the most part and my sentences might not be 100 percent correct but they can understand. I am far from fluent but I can still understand a lot.

I spent a night in Matagalpa on divisions this week and there was a couple totally makin out in front of the house. I stayed in! This is a picture of me and Elder Childs peepin on the couplin chupanlapina.

Sometimes life throws storms at us that are unexpected and we are forced to face the deepest pain but I believe everything happens for a reason, We are not just tossed by the wind and left in the hands of fate. In our life we need to go through the bad times through the hard time to get to the good or else we wouldn't know the difference. We need to be thankful for every experience we have in our life even if it is hard to do. Always keep a smile on your face and enjoy the little things in life.

Mom know I love you and miss you. Thank you for everything. You are extremely freakin awesome to the max ha ha. Always strive to learn more about the gospel and keep a close relationship with the Lord. Never let satan in. It's hard but life is so much better when we are focused on the Lord at all times. Always turn to the our Father in Heaven in time of need and have a conversacion. It works like a telephone two people on the line. Same with our father in heaven. And after your offer your prayer listen and recognize the feelings you have in your heart and the thoughts in your mind. I know that this church is true with all my heart and I am so thankful for it. It is the light to the path I want to live for the rest of my life. Thank you for everything. It's hard knowing that there are so many people out there that wont even give the gospel a chance but if they only took the first step they would realize the truthfulness of it and the happiness it can bring to their life. It is hard watching people deny the truth. But it is awesome watching it change lives for the better.

THE CHURCH IS TRUE BOO YA! The church and I have one huge thing in common - we are both AWESOME hahahahaha.
Love you.
Love, Elder Awesomoore

Monday, November 15, 2010

November 15, 2010

Hey hey hey,

So wow that is crazy that Brandon is movin in with the Morgans good for him....Anyways, So I'll start off with this. I was tired of sitting back and letting my companion be in charge of our companionship cause our companionship was a lazy one that never did work and I found out he lied about all our numbers at night. But that has changed. I just started contacting everyone. I ain't going to get into detail about it. but I am taking over. So far so good with that. He ain't no trainer that's for sure. I have had to find out everything on my own and it is extremely frustrating and I get so angry but I am going to control it. So yes I have the same companion and yes I am still in Jinotega. My zone leader told me that I have a good chance of being district leader next change in Jinotega. I hope so. I want to be cause I will actually get stuff done. We have had no success cause we don't do our part. But that is changing. Yesterday we found 3 new families to teach. I started every single contact. The mission goal is 20, we contacted 21. I'll just say this, I know for a fact before I started to take control that we didn't contact 20 people the whole first 6 weeks combined. But don't worry Ma , I got this under control.

Well on the other hand a shout out for Dano for 2 things. First his 1 year mark in the mission has passed and his birthday as well so happy birthday dano and happy over the half way bump mark.

And I forgot to tell you, Brandon Goodman from Alta is in my mission. He is Brandon's friend. Right now he is my AP so ya just let Brandon know about that.

(Justin hates pictures so he always has to do something weird)

I saw a cow this week that was literally Dumbo. I dunno if I should say this but I am going to anyways - if Dumbo and a cow had a baby and it had the look of a cow but the features of Dumbo that is what I saw. I might see it again and I will definitly take a picture and send it.

It is really nice during the day but at night it's freezing and in the morning it is cold as well. I'll be straight up, I hate taking showers, it's so cold in the morning.

I have grown to love contacting. It is actually really fun ha ha. I enjoy it. I love kids I really do. I have so many child friends here ha ha and they never want me to leave when it is time to leave.

I don't really know what else to say except for the fact I love you all to the max.

Sorry I am in Nicaragua and you have to send really expensive packages. So ya you dont have to send much even though I would to recieve them it's expensive. So a Christmas package and a birthday package will do. just 2 a year. Just include asthma medicine, acne detox, sour punch straws and sun screen and I think that should be good. I don't think there is anything else.

Congrats on your calling that is awesome. Props for you, that is exciting.
Know I love you all and miss you. Take care.

Love, Elder AwesoMoore

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

November 8, 2010

Hey mother of which I love so much and family as well,

So this past week I had the great oppurtunity to eat cooked cow utters. It was not so good and really chewy. Uh ya and the next day me levante a las 5 en la manana y yo necesitaba ir al bano yo fui en al bano probablemente una hora. no voy a mentir yo probablamente sali 10 lbs en el inodoro fue horrible. (Translation since he speaks Spanglish now...He got really sick and was on the toilet for an hour and thinks he lost 10 lbs.) That day we needed to take the bus to Matagalpa which is an hour and a half bus ride and I was sick. I couldn't hold anything in so I prayed that I wouldn't be sick and right as I said amen I felt 100 percent better. It was amazing. Just a little miracle to me. You can look at it how u want but I was super ill but when I prayed I was no longer ill.

So during this past week teaching a lesson, this girl told me and my companion she was willing to wait 20 months to marry me ha ha. I am going to keep that story brief. There is more to that but I ain't gonna put it.

Everyone here thinks I am somewhere between 22-26 yrs old. In the states everyone thought I looked young, but here every one thinks I look older ha ha. Loco.

Anyways before iI forget will you send me an asthma inhaler in the next packag? For some reason I have been having problems.

This is a shout out to Brandon and the tie he sent me. Everytime I wear it I get props on it so that is awesome. Everyone loves it and thinks it is the most coolest tie. So ya B you got good tast in tie style.

So everyone knows how my companion doesn't like to do work. I try and do what I can to try to get us to do work but everytime I wanted to we would get in an argument. So I kinda just go with the flow to keep the unity better. Anyways we went on splits this week with members from the ward. I went with Antonio. He is 60 and speaks pretty good english. His from Bolivia and just started attending the Jinotega ward. He was baptized in 87 and told me he lost his testimony so i have been trying to help him. He is just looking for a big sign to tell him the church is true. So anyways, I went on splits with him and we went to San Dino and I told him to choose the way. He said "Ha ha no I cant I dont have thoughts or feeling about anything." I told him to relax and just tell me what way feels best. So he eventually chose a way. We ended up finding a family of 7 and a family of 15 (well 2 families lived in the same house that is why there is 15). It was really successful. Our goal was to find 3 new families. Anyways the 3rd family we found were all testigo de jehovah ha ha so we kinda got shot down on that ha ha but it was good. Also on our splits we taught a lesson to a less active. I taught the whole lesson (which felt awesome all in spanish)and told Antonio to share his testimony so that was a good experience for him. He told me at church he was greatful for that oppurtunity that he had to express himself and go on splits with me it was great.

This is a picture of our golden investigador. He is so awesome. He is 22 and wants to serve a mission. He is way tight. We get a long so good. His name is David.

Tell Brandon to look up Alex Campo and now that I think of it I think he told me his name last week. But he is awesome. I like the song DIME.

So today we went on a hike up the mountain in Apanas and it was beautiful. We hiked for like 2 hours and there was a house up there in the mountain so far away from everything with a little 2 littles kids 8 and probably 3 just chillin there. It was sad. We asked where there parents were and they said at work. I took pictures so u can make the picture in ur mind; it was sad.

I also took a machette with us. Machettes are so awesome. I cut down like 5 trees. I love how I can just stand in the road with a machette and the police dont care or the people ha ha. I am going to buy one and bring it back to the states with me.

This man is my nicaraguan dad and his wife my mother. He is so awesome. He made the sling shot for me. He is a pro at artistic stuff. He is missing a leg. He has a prostetic leg. About a year ago he was electrocuted and lost his leg. I love his family to the max.

So know I love you to the max, all of you and I am going to send pics right now from this past week.

Love You, Elder Moore
mom you're the best you trump ever other mother in the whole world love you.

Monday, November 1, 2010

November 1, 2010

Hey what up family,

So I just want to start by saying psh wow uh it seems to me that Brandon looks like Brandon but has also changed a ton. Ha ha and I think I saw some scruff in the pictures. But he is looking like a stud. But that is said in a non maricon manera. Just throwin that out there. But thanks for the pĂ­ctures, I love them. Continue to send them. I will be continually sending pictures as well.

So about our companionship, all is well now after about an hour or more of companionship inventory. We worked everything out and all is good. At least for now so you dont have to worry ha ha. It was a long inventory but we got everything out that was on our minds what was bothering us and so far so good. The inventory was like 4 days ago or something.

So I am going to send pictures of this. But we had a baptism this week. Two little girls. It was the Hermanas baptism but the elders need to do the baptism. But I baptized a little girl name Frania Vanessa Molina Fuentes. And my companion baptized her sister. They were so excited so happy and it was awesome. I loved it. Before the actual ordinance of baptism I was looking at the girls and they were so happy. Just smiling, looking at me, and smiling, and the spirit was so strong. It almost got me and by that I almost cried. I have not cried since I have been out on the mission nada. But when the girl looked at me and smiled I got a little watery eyed. But did not shed a tear. When we got in the water, she was a little scared so I had to talk to her and tell her it's all good and I am here for her and that she wasn't going to drown. All went well.

So I broke 100 days in the mission. That is awesome, a new mark. I just need to throw this out there HAPPY HALLOWEEN cause I didn't get to say it here cause they don't celebrate it here.

So something really embarrassing happened this week. Well kinda embarassing. So we started our english class and it went realy good. But I decided to say the prayer and I was going to do it in english. I did it in english but it was horrible and a english speaking person would not have understood. I forgot how to pray in english because all I do is speak spanish everyday. For the last 3 months I have prayed in spanish whether it was out loud or person. So since they don't speak english they didnt understand anyways ha ha but I knew it didn't make sense.

So I have a request. The members here want the same aceitero I have. I dunno what it is in english maybe Brandon does. But it is the o ya haha the vile that holds the oil. for blessings. I will send pictures. I don't know if you bought it or dad for christmas but I will sendpictures of it so you know what it looks like. You can take the money out of my account and buy them. Buy probably 6 will do. and send it to-------- Costado Sur Este del INACS 1C al Este Jose Rocha Jinotega Nicaragua. If you could do that, that would be awesome. That is the address of the branch president.

So someone is gonna have to send me updates on the Lakers and let me know what is going on with them. Por que estoy trunky ha ha yo necesito ver baloncesto. Yo extranobaloncesto muchisimo. ha ha Pero yo puedo esperar por 2 anos verbaloncesto otra vez. No necesito ver baloncesto pero yo quiero verlo.es dificil no viendolo pero yo soy hombre entonces yo puedo hacerlo.

I am so proud of you for passing your final that is way freakin awesome props mama you are a genious for sure. And that is awesome for Brooklyn being called to do awesome things. Before I forget tell Ginger this. She thinks that car at Southtowne was ghetto ha ha with the big spoiler. Ha ha she has no idea. I have seen the most sketchy ghettoest cars here ha ha. Keep me with the update on how my bro is doing. I would like to know all and make sure he is ok. It's so wierd he is like a man now ha ha. You are lucky you get to see that payaso.

So to answer your questions. I was not infected just a bunch of bug bites. I got like 3 weeks ago - those ones are almost gone they are still there unfortunately. I have so many bug bites it's insane. They don't bother me but they itch sometimes. The food is really good. Believe it or not I went my first day without rice or beans this week. One day we had soup for lunch then this pasta stuff for dinner. But every other day I have eatin rice and beans. I have not been sick again. I don't have dirt floors. I have a bunk bed where I sleep. I miss Laynie to the max. I miss all the kids. I am glad she is talkin like a thug ella es una pandillera ha ha. I hope we have the special bond when I get back. If not I will be sad. Give all the family love for me. I am going to send more pictures. I hope they are making it to facebook. Love you to the maximum to Kolob and back so I think I just one upped you ma...ha ha. I seem to one up people a lot. I guess I am just a one upper.

Love, Elder Moore