Monday, November 15, 2010

November 15, 2010

Hey hey hey,

So wow that is crazy that Brandon is movin in with the Morgans good for him....Anyways, So I'll start off with this. I was tired of sitting back and letting my companion be in charge of our companionship cause our companionship was a lazy one that never did work and I found out he lied about all our numbers at night. But that has changed. I just started contacting everyone. I ain't going to get into detail about it. but I am taking over. So far so good with that. He ain't no trainer that's for sure. I have had to find out everything on my own and it is extremely frustrating and I get so angry but I am going to control it. So yes I have the same companion and yes I am still in Jinotega. My zone leader told me that I have a good chance of being district leader next change in Jinotega. I hope so. I want to be cause I will actually get stuff done. We have had no success cause we don't do our part. But that is changing. Yesterday we found 3 new families to teach. I started every single contact. The mission goal is 20, we contacted 21. I'll just say this, I know for a fact before I started to take control that we didn't contact 20 people the whole first 6 weeks combined. But don't worry Ma , I got this under control.

Well on the other hand a shout out for Dano for 2 things. First his 1 year mark in the mission has passed and his birthday as well so happy birthday dano and happy over the half way bump mark.

And I forgot to tell you, Brandon Goodman from Alta is in my mission. He is Brandon's friend. Right now he is my AP so ya just let Brandon know about that.

(Justin hates pictures so he always has to do something weird)

I saw a cow this week that was literally Dumbo. I dunno if I should say this but I am going to anyways - if Dumbo and a cow had a baby and it had the look of a cow but the features of Dumbo that is what I saw. I might see it again and I will definitly take a picture and send it.

It is really nice during the day but at night it's freezing and in the morning it is cold as well. I'll be straight up, I hate taking showers, it's so cold in the morning.

I have grown to love contacting. It is actually really fun ha ha. I enjoy it. I love kids I really do. I have so many child friends here ha ha and they never want me to leave when it is time to leave.

I don't really know what else to say except for the fact I love you all to the max.

Sorry I am in Nicaragua and you have to send really expensive packages. So ya you dont have to send much even though I would to recieve them it's expensive. So a Christmas package and a birthday package will do. just 2 a year. Just include asthma medicine, acne detox, sour punch straws and sun screen and I think that should be good. I don't think there is anything else.

Congrats on your calling that is awesome. Props for you, that is exciting.
Know I love you all and miss you. Take care.

Love, Elder AwesoMoore

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