Tuesday, November 30, 2010

November 29, 2010

What up moma?

Sorry it's late. We woke up real early to go to Managua at like 5 this morning cause my comp had to go to the hospital. And we kinda got stuck there for a while and just returned. But we are staying in Matagalpa tonight cause we have a multi zone conference in Chinondega. So lucky me traveled to and back from Managua today and tomorrow. I get to wake up at 4 and take a 5 hour bus ride to Chinondega and return the same day. So pretty awesome ha ha not really.

That sucks that the Lakers lost to the Jazz and BYU lost to Utah by one point that is horrible. At least I was not there to witness both of those games.

So you want a funny story here it is. Well at least I think it's funny. Yesterday we had a zone meeting to make a little feliznavidad video. Anyways we were sitting there for ever waiting for everyone to come. So me and Webster decided to go contact. We contacted a house and it went well. When we were returning to the church there was two girls standings like 30 yards from the church just standing on the street. So we decided to contact them too. Ha ha So when we were contacting them they didn't seem real interested and were looking around every where and our zone was just staring at us. When we returned to the group of people they told us they were prostitutes. Ya we totally contacted prostitutes and totally gave them a pamphlet about the Gospel of Jesus Christ. They told us ya they just barely got dropped off by some guys before you came. Webster and I were like ya that probably explains why they were looking around everyone. Looking for there next victims. HA ha well the gospel needs to be shared with everyone just cause they were prostitutes doesn't mean they are exempt ha ha. O ya and it's totally in my journal.

Amother thing that happened that I found was funny. Maybe it is only funny to my eyes cause I saw it but in Managua I saw a sign that said "auto lavado". Like a car wash sign so it said auto lavado and an area pointing forward. So forward was 2 guys sitting on the curb with 5 gallon buckets and rags in their hand ha ha.

One more thing I thought was funny, I saw a sign that said ¨´we no speak americano´´ ha ha i was like really ha ha that sign made me laugh.

My thanksgiving dinner awesome I think. Yes my thanksgiving consisted of attending a zone meeting working and eating rice and bread and an egg ha ha.

Anyways to an awesome note. Today this week something freaking awesome happened. So this guy that has been attending our ward since I have been there and is always there when I am there. Every church activity everything just always there comes up to me and says will you do me a favor. I was like sure bro what ever. Cause we are pretty tight i love that guy. Anyways he was like will you baptize me. I was shocked I didnt know he wasn't baptized. But I was so happy he asked me to do it. I happily accepted. So Saturday was the big day for him. We married him and his wife and then he got baptized and it was awesome and extremely spiritual. But I loved it to the max. I'll send you pics from both. HIs name is Edwin and for real we got a bond. He always tells me when I leave Jinotega to take care of my self and is always helping me with my spanish. We like family.

And on the not so good note our posibility this week who was so stoked to get baptized left early saturday morning, drank the whole day, and didn't return till midnight. So i will keep that brieg but it was not so awesome. It's upsetting.

Tell Nrandon to relax and be patient. He needs to wait for the wound to heal completely. It sucks being patient but we have to do it. I have to be patient learning this language just like he did but being patient pays off. He doesn't need to be in more pain.

Know I love you and miss you all and hope all continues to go well.

Love you and miss ya,

Love, Elder Moore

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