Monday, November 1, 2010

November 1, 2010

Hey what up family,

So I just want to start by saying psh wow uh it seems to me that Brandon looks like Brandon but has also changed a ton. Ha ha and I think I saw some scruff in the pictures. But he is looking like a stud. But that is said in a non maricon manera. Just throwin that out there. But thanks for the pĂ­ctures, I love them. Continue to send them. I will be continually sending pictures as well.

So about our companionship, all is well now after about an hour or more of companionship inventory. We worked everything out and all is good. At least for now so you dont have to worry ha ha. It was a long inventory but we got everything out that was on our minds what was bothering us and so far so good. The inventory was like 4 days ago or something.

So I am going to send pictures of this. But we had a baptism this week. Two little girls. It was the Hermanas baptism but the elders need to do the baptism. But I baptized a little girl name Frania Vanessa Molina Fuentes. And my companion baptized her sister. They were so excited so happy and it was awesome. I loved it. Before the actual ordinance of baptism I was looking at the girls and they were so happy. Just smiling, looking at me, and smiling, and the spirit was so strong. It almost got me and by that I almost cried. I have not cried since I have been out on the mission nada. But when the girl looked at me and smiled I got a little watery eyed. But did not shed a tear. When we got in the water, she was a little scared so I had to talk to her and tell her it's all good and I am here for her and that she wasn't going to drown. All went well.

So I broke 100 days in the mission. That is awesome, a new mark. I just need to throw this out there HAPPY HALLOWEEN cause I didn't get to say it here cause they don't celebrate it here.

So something really embarrassing happened this week. Well kinda embarassing. So we started our english class and it went realy good. But I decided to say the prayer and I was going to do it in english. I did it in english but it was horrible and a english speaking person would not have understood. I forgot how to pray in english because all I do is speak spanish everyday. For the last 3 months I have prayed in spanish whether it was out loud or person. So since they don't speak english they didnt understand anyways ha ha but I knew it didn't make sense.

So I have a request. The members here want the same aceitero I have. I dunno what it is in english maybe Brandon does. But it is the o ya haha the vile that holds the oil. for blessings. I will send pictures. I don't know if you bought it or dad for christmas but I will sendpictures of it so you know what it looks like. You can take the money out of my account and buy them. Buy probably 6 will do. and send it to-------- Costado Sur Este del INACS 1C al Este Jose Rocha Jinotega Nicaragua. If you could do that, that would be awesome. That is the address of the branch president.

So someone is gonna have to send me updates on the Lakers and let me know what is going on with them. Por que estoy trunky ha ha yo necesito ver baloncesto. Yo extranobaloncesto muchisimo. ha ha Pero yo puedo esperar por 2 anos verbaloncesto otra vez. No necesito ver baloncesto pero yo quiero dificil no viendolo pero yo soy hombre entonces yo puedo hacerlo.

I am so proud of you for passing your final that is way freakin awesome props mama you are a genious for sure. And that is awesome for Brooklyn being called to do awesome things. Before I forget tell Ginger this. She thinks that car at Southtowne was ghetto ha ha with the big spoiler. Ha ha she has no idea. I have seen the most sketchy ghettoest cars here ha ha. Keep me with the update on how my bro is doing. I would like to know all and make sure he is ok. It's so wierd he is like a man now ha ha. You are lucky you get to see that payaso.

So to answer your questions. I was not infected just a bunch of bug bites. I got like 3 weeks ago - those ones are almost gone they are still there unfortunately. I have so many bug bites it's insane. They don't bother me but they itch sometimes. The food is really good. Believe it or not I went my first day without rice or beans this week. One day we had soup for lunch then this pasta stuff for dinner. But every other day I have eatin rice and beans. I have not been sick again. I don't have dirt floors. I have a bunk bed where I sleep. I miss Laynie to the max. I miss all the kids. I am glad she is talkin like a thug ella es una pandillera ha ha. I hope we have the special bond when I get back. If not I will be sad. Give all the family love for me. I am going to send more pictures. I hope they are making it to facebook. Love you to the maximum to Kolob and back so I think I just one upped you ma...ha ha. I seem to one up people a lot. I guess I am just a one upper.

Love, Elder Moore

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