Tuesday, October 26, 2010

October 25, 2010

Hola loved ones,

So I forgot to tell you last week I taught the lesson in church. It was kinda hard cause my companion didn't tell me til the morning that I had to teach it. So I didn't have much time to prepare but I did the best I could. They told me I did a good job and that they could understand everything I was saying. That was awesome.

Starting tomorrow we are having a class to learn ingles. And I am the awesome teacher that is teaching it. We have invited a lot and a lot said they wanted to come cause everyone here wants to learn ingles. Being semi bi lingual is awesome. I can't wait till I am completely bi lingual.

So this week I finally got your dear elders from july. I dont know why they took so long ha ha and I also got a dear elder from Lisa. I don´t know when she sent it but I would like to have her email address if you could send that to me that would be awesome. I would like to write her and her family.

Entonces yo tengo una pregunta para Brandon. what templo are you gettin married or want to ha ha cause I have a gift I want to send you.

The boxes actually don't take that long to get where I am at. I dont think maybe 2 weeks so aint nothing. I might get the package way before. Cause an hermana in nuestro distrito her mom sent a box and it got here quite fast so I might get it way before Christmas.

So I have come to find out old people smell the same everywhere ha ha just throwin that in ther

So my companion is kinda lazy just throwin that out there. So one day I decided to plan our day. I was prompted to go this far end of our area called San Dino so we went there and ended up finding 3 families. We had a member from each family come to church this past week. We found them on Friday and brought them Sunday. We had 8 investigadores at church this past week it was freakin awesome. Also when we were leaving San Dino. I heard someone saying elder elder so I turned around and ended up talkin to him. He was a member but hadn't been to church for a long time. He was baptized in 2007 and he was 22. We ended up talkin to him brought him to church as well and Sunday he told me and my companion he wants to serve a mission. So he talked to the president about serving a mission so that was awesome. We are going to help him with some service on Wednesday so we can find out how that all goes.

San Dino is up in the mountains entonces there is a lot of big ole spiders or turantulas or something. I saw a whole bunch. I will send more pictures today.

Otro Last Monday me and my companion were walking to drop our ropas off at Hermana Melbas casa she cleans our clothes and I hear a man say "How´s it going?" and my companion tells me to contact him and so I did. He was a white man from Baltimore that doesn't know a lick of spanish and to be honest I have know idea why he is here. But he is crazy and my companion doesn't want to teach cause he is an alcoholic and doesn't speak spanish. But now he knows how I feel ha ha. But we talk about a lot of things and I shared my testimony with him and he told me that believe it or not I have learned something from you and I would like to learn more about your church. You seem really open minded and I like you so we should talk again. He said he has been convinced of things he thought in no way was possible and he likes that cause it expands his knowledge. But he also told me that the LDS church plays hard ball and by that he said if you don't become a member they will kill you literally. He has a lot of facts in his head that he thinks are true. We have been back to teach him once but it is hard cause my companion doesn't want to go back. He only wants to do what he wants to do and I kinda have to fight him on things.

So I have taught the people here phrases that make sense in ingles but not so much in spanish but it will shortly like - peace out ha ha paz fuera or money in the bank dinero en el banco or off the hizzy apagador la capbeza. or tengo su espalda I have your back ha ha. It's quite awesome but the best is paz fuera. Everyone is starting to say it when we leave now.

On a little sadder note. Other day I was eating pizza and a homeless child no more than 7 started pulling on my shirt asking for my pizza so I ended up giving it to her but it was sad.

So San Dino is freakin RICO. We are going to return and teach more up there. I don´t know why we didnt go there before but it is also dangerous at night so we have to go during the day. I don't want to jinx it but the investigadores loved the the meetings at church. They were there for all 3 hours and said the building is beautiful so I am feeling confident. They are all awesome too. Well that is all I have or is it? ha ha ha

Happy Birthday Bro! Freakin 21! That is legit u can hit up the clubs and the discos now ha ha pretty much do what ever you want. Love you man and I wrote you a song:
"This is your birthday song, it isn´t very long." That's all. Enjoy it man. Love you to the max.

Love you all to the max.
Love, Elder Moore

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