Monday, October 11, 2010

October 11, 2010

Hey there,

So a lot of stuff is going down. Well that is no good for Brandon having to come home early. If he is fine about it then I guess that is ok. I hope he recovers and gets back to good health. That is so crazy that he might be coming home this week.

For me well I think I jynxed my self last week. Cause my stomach is well destroyed to be honest. The food got worse. I love the food from our cook but like three times this week we ate somewhere else at different members' houses and it was sick nasty. I wanted to throw up, but I didn´t and I ate it all. I also had the great oppurtunity to eat lung. I thought it was some sort of meat. So I took some and ate it and it was not good to the taste what so ever. but I downed it.

Yes sending letters and boxes to the mission home is the best way and I will just get them at changes. So ya just post my email on the facebook if you know it cause I don't unfortunately. Plus i dont have an address. My address is something like this: in front of the catholic church half north 1c west. I can't understand how the address stuff works here. There are no street names.

We have 3 baptisms set up for this Saturday. Our zone is doing a big baptism in Matagalpa in the River there. So that should be exciting and freakin awesome. We have 9baptisms lined up for this month altogether so far. Actually 10 cause we commited someone yesterday as well. So it is pretty awesome.

I am in Managua right now because my companion has the same problem as Dawson and needs to get some sort of surgery for his ear - just a little procedure and his hearing aid battery. It is so hot here and humid. Jinotega is the perfect temperature. Now that I am down here I am dying and just drenched with wetness. We got here at 9 in the morning and they didn´t have room for him until 430. Ha ha which kinda blows so we have been chilling with another zone. We went to Mcdonalds and got some real food ha ha.

So yesterday we visited the far end of out city. It is a lot bigger than I thought. We had to take a bus there. We visited with some less active and contacted. It was so beautiful over there like legit jungle. I saw some pigs as well. It was really amazing over there.

We contacted a lady and and ended of teaching her a lesson and set up a return appointment. Where we were at did not have running water. So there were tons of people surrounding a pump and pumping water into their 5 gallon buckets.It was only the women there. No men. Anyways they would carry these heavy 5 gallon buckets up a huge rocky hill. So we decided to do service and help them out. Ha ha it was tiring. 5 gallon buckets get heavy. It was literally like hiking up a mountain with 40lbs. But it was good to help.

All the kids like to look at me the gringo and call me chelle. I dunno how to spell it just say it ha ha which is the color of my skin. But I am loving it and enjoying it. But I have frustrating times because I can understand for the most part what is going on, but I can´t say how I feel about it and I can't have a normal conversation with people and it gets really frustrating.

Know I love you and miss you. I can't send pictures this week because I am in Managua away from my things but I promise to send them sometime ha ha.

O one last thing, it was my first week at church and it was so different. People just get up do their own thing walk around and talk ha ha but it was good just different.

Love you,
Elder Moore

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