Saturday, July 30, 2011

July 25, 2011

Holy crap Ginger is pregnant. That is crazy ha ha and totally unexpected. Wow that kinda caught me off guard ha ha but props for them. I am happy for them.

But as for me I didn't get changed but my comp did. He is now in Puerto Cabezas. I am still here in Tezoatega. My new comp is Elder Denton he has 13 months and is from South Jordan, utah. I met his sister in the MTC. He is pretty dope. We have been working really hard here. There is so much work to do here because we are now allowed to enter where we couldn't enter before. So we have been doing a lot of work in that area. But the attendance continues to go up. And we have big plans for this ward. We are going to start doing ward activities every Thursday and teaching English every Saturday and go visit people every Sunday in the morning before church. I am beat but I feel good. Been getting a lot of work done.

So something I should have told you a while ago but didn't and something that might make you laugh in a way is well I have fungus on my feet. And they always itch. Well about 2 weeks ago my feet itched way bad so I was scratching them..... then well (I'll keep it PG) where men like to scratch itched so I scratched there and then well long story short. Now I got fungus on well the family jewels. I dunno how to describe it with out being super vulgar ha ha feel free to laugh if you want. So I bought stuff to help me out on that. It seems to be working but it still itches way bad and looks gross. On my toes it looks like I have leprosy and all my skin is just falling off. And ya up by MY STUFF it looks like it just got burned i dunno how to explain it but I have bought some stuff to cure it so don't worry about me. I am using Gold Bond and something called fungil but the gold bond someone gave to me. i don't think they actually sale it here. At least I haven't seen it but i am now using that as well. You can put it in my email cuz I am countries away. They can laugh and judge me all they want ha ha.

Today I am wearing a Daniel Ortega shirt and it's funny to hear all the comments I get. You know about Daniel Ortega right? Everyone tells me I am Latin cause I am always chillin with the Latins while the white people are all off in a group talking ha ha.

That is kinda an awesome story about Brandon. I know he got sick for a reason. I am glad that he was able to think that maybe it was the card and not just he was sick and had to leave. How is Brandon and the married life? Hit me up with all the deets.

That is good news to hear about Brooklyn and her accomplishments. Give her props and tell her I am so proud of her and I will see her shortly just another year. One year aint no thang. Time is flying by so fast.

So my last converts I had here I love them they are so awesome and pilas always going to church they have such strong testimonies. I am going to miss them so much when I bounce out of here. Yesterday Xiomarra one of my recent converts came running up to me and told me "I paid my tithing for the first time." She was so happy. They make me so proud. I went over there yesterday and she was studying the gospel principles book. They are amazing. We watched a movie over there yesterday. We watched Mountain of the Lord. We watch a movie with them every Sunday.

To answer some of your questions. well here they don't have dryers or washing machines and clothes are hanging up everywhere. The houses have dirt floors. Almost everyone has electricity ya because it's stolen. They hook their own wires to other wires. But a lot of houses just have like one light bulb or something nothing else for power. And there are some houses that don't have any power. They wash my clothes on a cement board out side their house with water. Where I am eating now they have a little stove and it is actually pretty good food. Where I ate in my last area they cooked our food over a fire. But it was good. I have learned a ton of stuff here. When you come to pick me up you will learn a lot too even if you are only here for a week. I can't promise you won't get sick when you come. but I am now immuned to everything. I drink water straight up the faucet or the wail. I don't even need to wash my hands before I eat. You might get sick ha ha I dunno. But I'll make sure to take good care of you and take you to the places where you can eat good and make sure you don't drink or eat what you shouldn't. And I probably will come home with a parasite. I pretty sure there are some crawling around in me right now

I forgot to tell you this. This week one of my good friends, Elder Chavez, left. Finished the mission. He was from Guatemala. Well in his ending the mission testimony in front of all the missionaries he looked me in the eyes and smiled and said, "We are now friends and will be friends for ever. I love you JMO." It was so awesome. I loved it. I miss that guy he was such a stud.

Mom I love you and I know it's rough and hard. There are some pretty stupid people in the world that make dumb decisions. It sucks. I am on that boat with you. It's hard. But in the times of struggle we need to completely depend on our Father in Heaven. He loves you and wants you to be happy. I know that he is preparing someone perfect for you. But you just have to wait and be patient and always live the gospel of Jesus Christ so you can be worthy of the man that God is preparing for you. Have faith in him. He won't let you down. I promise you. We need to learn from all the experiences we have in our life. I know you have learned a lot from what you have been through. Just don't give up and don't give in. You will have your reward. I think a lot about the past to. But we can't stop and stare at what's happened in the past we got to look forward to the future and what we want to achieve. If we are stuck staring at what has happened and what's going on we will never move forward. We won't go anywhere. We need to set a goal and reach that goal. Do everything we can to reach what we truly want. I know you have a goal in your life right now just go out and get it and don't give up till you reach it. We just need to stop worrying. and be happy. God wants us to be happy so that is what we need to do. Don't worry about a thing cause every little thing is gonna be alright.

No, no box yet. I can't wait till it gets here. It might be here tomorrow. Tomorrow we have a multi zone conference so we will see. I'll pray for this legendary box ha ha. I really want it. I can't wait to have those awesome surprises ha ha finding hidden goodies ha ha I can't wait. I'll love it ha.

I love you mom You mean the world to me. I'll be home before you know it. Just 12 months. Aint no thang. 12 fast Sundays.

Love you,
Love Elder Moore, Senor Awesome

Saturday, July 23, 2011

July 18, 2011

Wow time is flying ma. Changes are this week. Wow how time flies. I am going to complete a year on the 28th and then it's all down here from there. I know that me and my comp are going to get split up. I am happy for that. He is awesome and way dope but we can't be together 3 changes. It will be for the better if we have changes. I am thinking I am going to stay here in Tezoatega and he is going to take off. But who knows.

I am so proud of our ward. The big ole 2nd ward reppin big out in the mission field. I love all of them. And I am so proud of all of them. I know it was because we had way awesome leaders that kept us on the right path. That always looked out for us and always take care of us. At times I miss being a youth but well we all need to grow up whether we want to or not. I just wanna be a youth with Tyler Sohm and Kirk Sutton as my leaders forever ha ha. Those guys are studs ha ha.

So this is my house. The yellow one.

This is another house in our area.

So today I weighed myself in the first time in forever. In Sebaco I got up to 157lbs well today I weighed my self and well I weigh 142. I have lost a lot of weight here.

So the attendance in our ward is slowing going up little by little but at least it is going up. We had 4 investigators in church this week 1 family and 3 others. Karla with her 2 girls. Karla has a strong desire to get baptized. She has gone to church 3 times but she is still not completely ready hopefully in these next 2 weeks she can take the step of being fully prepared to follow the example of Jesus Christ.

I am reading the Book of Mormon every day and I straight up love that book. It helps us in every aspect of our life what ever it is. What ever the problem is we can find the answer in the Book of Mormon. I know that it is the word of God. I have no doubt about that. I know that this is the true church and I love it. Really I want to challenge you to read the Book of Mormon everyday till I get back. Ha ha starting now as you read this. But as you read it I want you to understand what it is saying and apply it to your life. I promise as you do your life will change for the better. I know you have seen and experienced the results from reading the Book of Mormon daily. I know I have too. I love that book. Anyone who reads it will come to know that it really is Another Testament of Jesus Christ. It's obvious. All you have to do is read it. I aint brainwashed. Ha ha I just know the obvious truth when I see it. To me now it's obvious everything about this church. Its obvious that this is the Kingdom of God here on earth. Let's be a part of the Kingdom of God and do what we need to to be worthy of inheriting it. I love you to the max mom.

O also I got attacked by a dog this week. It was sweet but no damage done cause I'm a man. Yeah it bit me but not like the bite Kenneth got cause I am made of iron. But my shirt got dirtied up from the dirty paws of the dog but ya.

I didn't forget I was just about to write you and wish you happy birthday. I love you to the max mommy. Happy birthday.

Well mommy I have to go. I miss ya and love ya tons. Thank you for everything that you have given me. You mean the world to me. Happy birthday! I hope it's a good one. I wanna hear all about it next week. You need to awesome tomorrow if you don't go awesoming tomorrow I'll be disappointed and you don't want a disappointed son do you huh? Love ya and I know that you will enjoy this special day of tomorrow to the max.

Love ya,

Love your son, Elder Moore

Saturday, July 16, 2011

July 12, 2011

I am here the power finally came back. It's always going out here. It's been horrible and I am getting frustrated with the water always going out and the light always going out.

Ya it got frustrating yesterday. The power would go out every five minutes and I would write something sweet and super awesome and the power would go out and I would lose everything but I dont think it is going to go out any time soon today.

Yesterday a man died on our street from the lightning. We are stuck here for a few hours and can't go anywhere because it is too dangerous. I am just gonna write a little at a time and send it so I don't lose it like yesterday if that is ok with you.

Well I cut my hair yesterday ha ha. It was getting kinda long. That is awesome that Kirk kept his mustache shaved. That guy is a stud. One day I will grow a super sweet mustache.

My comp has been way sick so we have spent a lot of time in the house with no light or power. He was like dying but he is gettin better now. Our pet turtle died on Saturday so we buried him and put a headstone over his grave. I'll send you the pictures next week. I don't have my camara with me right now.

We have several people we are teaching. The ward is alright. It's just really hard cause no one wants to work and visit and we can't even go into one area in our zone cause of all the thugs and killers that live in that area. And strange enough in that area is where 70 percent of the members live and we can't even get to know them or help them so we rely on the ward to do it but they don't like to work or visit and it sucks.

Of couse I would tell you if I got robbed cause it would be a way sweet experience that I survived, but nothing like that has happened to me yet.

Since I'm not writing a letter this week, how bout you just write something awesome and claim that I wrote it ha ha that will be awesome.

So I read that you watched some videos of Chinandega. If you want to see my real area look at videos of El Viejo Chinandega if there are any. Maybe I will personally film a video somehow and upload it on youtube so you can see me and my awesomeness.

That is awesome that Uncle Jon is in the bishopric. What a stud he is. I love that guy. He is such a good example and awesome man.

So skip finally wrote me a nice long awesome email ha ha.

Wow if you could see the storm we are having right now and the rivery street. This place is getting on my nerves. I am safely inside writing. I actually want to be out doing something else but kinda can't leave because the storm is dangerous.

Since I have been stuck here for 6 hours I will watch Brandon and Amber's dance. I won't be tempted plus every missionary here uses facebook, the whole world does. I don't even know if it is illegal. but ya my comp is right here next to me and ya I'ma watch it right now. I found it and watched and can say it's super awesome. I can't promise you that my wedding will be that awesome but I'll see what I can do. I can't wait to get the dvd. It will be so awesome. Ha ha, ya I know he ain't got no shame..... I have a little. I'm awesome I know but I dunno if I could do that.

I balled it up with Elder Faught yesterday.

I love you mom. Take care and we will write next week. Take it easy.

Friday, July 8, 2011

July 4, 2011

Ha ha love the pictures. I am glad all went well. I am bummed i wasn't able to be there. Love the pictures they are super awesome, but I will be expecting more next week. Pictures from the partying. And I am way excited to get that dvd you are going to send in a couple months ha ha. I can't wait to get it. Brandon told me it has been like the happiest moments of his life. Except for the fact he got stung by a stingray like a clown. Really it sound like you all just had a blast. I am kinda jealous but what ev I had my own party. Don't even worry. I couldn't let it just be you guys all partying with me left out ha ha.

That is actually awesome that Amber left her alarm clock in Brandon's pocket. I am glad you two had that time to talk and spend some time together. I cant wait to see that crazy dance they did it sounds so freakin awesome. I am glad I am going to get a dvd with that on there. I better be getting a ton of pictures. So Thursday from like 12 and on I was asking everybody so my brother just got married what do you think he is doing right now ha ha. Till the next day so my brother got married yesterday what do you think he is doing ha ha it was funny. So mom what do you think Brandon is doing right now?

So I'll move on now. This month the president of the area of all Central America asked all of Central America to fast for protection from natural disasters. So sure enough we fasted for that but what is kinda crazy is that yesterday, Sunday, in the morning there were 3 earthquakes. 2 little ones and a big one. I was sleeping and thought it was part of my dream when they hit. But then my comp woke me up and was like did you feel that and then another one hit and ya so the day we fasted for protection from natural disasters there was 3 earthquakes but nothing to much nothing happened it was only like 5.0 on the rictor scale. But I literally thought it was part of my dream but well it wasn't.

So other than that we are preparing 3 people for baptism this week. Hopefully all goes well. They are way excited and are like really hyper. I dunno how to describe it in Spanish. I would say they have a lot of animo. So if you understand that awesome. They are just way stoked. It's a mom and her two daughters. Her two daughters love us they are awesome. I'll make sure to send you pictures of them. They are such clowns.

The rain continues to fall and it kinda sucks. In the beginning I was like ya I want it to rain, but now it's like I want it to stop. The rain is driving me crazy. And it bothers me cause all the members, all the weak members, wont go to church if it's raining, even just sprinkling. This Sunday was horrible. It was raining and our attendance dropped a ton. The power went out during sacrament meeting so the bishop was talking in the dark it was just satan attacking our meetings.

Well love ya all an miss ya. See ya all in like a year ha ha just one more year. Aint no thang.

Love Elder Moore$Farr$Orth=freakinlegendarilyawesome

Sunday, July 3, 2011

June 27, 2011

That is so awesome that Amber went through the temple. I am missing out on a ton. Ha ha but what ev I'm a man about things. That is so awesome that Brandon got to do the pull through how amazing. I am so happy for them. I knew they were going to get married. I have known for years and I am so happy that now it is about to happen. I can't wait to see pictures next week. I better get a ton. I want to feel as if I was there. This week I did get the invitation to the wedding it came super super fast. Brynlee told me that she wrote me like 3 weeks ago and I still haven't got that letter but I did get the invitation. I have been showing it to everyone. They love the wedding announcements from the states ha ha it's so funny to hear the responses. But a lot of people tell me that I look like Brandon but I ain't to sure about that. I don't think that I do. But what ev thats cool he is a stud so I can accept that.

So I sent some pictures of the storms we have had. I think I dunno I did it kinda blinded. I couldn't see the pictures so I was guessing but I think I did it good. I literally was walking in water that went up to my hips it was insane. I didn't get pictures of that cause I didn't have my camera but take my word for it. It sucks all my stuff got wet. And my shoes will be forever wet. It's so humid here and it takes forever for things to dry out. The rain storms just keep getting worse and worse. The pictures that look straight up the river, well that is actually the road. But I love it. It's awesome. The bishop lent us some bikes because we had to go so far away.

Well we got the attendance to go up this week. It was at 72 last week and it went up to 85 so that is an improvement. Other thing we found a lady this week that has gone to church 6 times in the past and has wanted to get baptized but she was together with some dude that wouldn't let her get baptized and he didn't want to marry her. Well he left her and now it's just her and her girls and she still has a desire to get baptized and she is way stoked for that. We have an appointment with her tomorrow. She is awesome and has a lot of energy. So we are going to start working with her.

I am stoked for the real pictures I will get in the future. That will be awesome and for the package that is now on its way. The most legendary package. You put Dr. Pepper in there right? That is the most desired thing. I love dr pepper and it doesn't exist here. It's so sad. Root beer doesn't exist here either. Only Fanta and Coca Cola other than that nothin.

So today we went to a lake and fished shrimp and then cooked them and ate them after. It was awesome ha ha. Bubba Gump ha ha ya.

Watched Singles Ward 2 yesterday. I thought it was gonna suck but I actually kinda liked it. One day I will be a returned missionary, a returned legendary traveler with a nenota for a wife. And it will be so awesome. I can't wait. I just wanna fast forward a bit. But I know it will come faster than I think.

I forgot to throw this in my email but we caught a baby turtle this week and now it lives with us in our house. It's super awesome. His name is SeƱor Chewbaca. He is super tiny. He has a way sweet house, a little bucket in our bathroom. We feed him and ya it's awesome. Its a tiny little guy but ya it's awesome.

I am jealous that you actually have restaurants there. Ha ha I love ya all and miss ya. But I'll be home soon to kick it with you and eat real food at real restaurants.

So just statin this. I am jealous of what's going down this week. Sorry I can't be there I got better things to do ha ha jk. I love ya a ton. I know the church is true.

Love, Elder Moore$Orth$Farr=Freakin super awesome