Saturday, July 16, 2011

July 12, 2011

I am here the power finally came back. It's always going out here. It's been horrible and I am getting frustrated with the water always going out and the light always going out.

Ya it got frustrating yesterday. The power would go out every five minutes and I would write something sweet and super awesome and the power would go out and I would lose everything but I dont think it is going to go out any time soon today.

Yesterday a man died on our street from the lightning. We are stuck here for a few hours and can't go anywhere because it is too dangerous. I am just gonna write a little at a time and send it so I don't lose it like yesterday if that is ok with you.

Well I cut my hair yesterday ha ha. It was getting kinda long. That is awesome that Kirk kept his mustache shaved. That guy is a stud. One day I will grow a super sweet mustache.

My comp has been way sick so we have spent a lot of time in the house with no light or power. He was like dying but he is gettin better now. Our pet turtle died on Saturday so we buried him and put a headstone over his grave. I'll send you the pictures next week. I don't have my camara with me right now.

We have several people we are teaching. The ward is alright. It's just really hard cause no one wants to work and visit and we can't even go into one area in our zone cause of all the thugs and killers that live in that area. And strange enough in that area is where 70 percent of the members live and we can't even get to know them or help them so we rely on the ward to do it but they don't like to work or visit and it sucks.

Of couse I would tell you if I got robbed cause it would be a way sweet experience that I survived, but nothing like that has happened to me yet.

Since I'm not writing a letter this week, how bout you just write something awesome and claim that I wrote it ha ha that will be awesome.

So I read that you watched some videos of Chinandega. If you want to see my real area look at videos of El Viejo Chinandega if there are any. Maybe I will personally film a video somehow and upload it on youtube so you can see me and my awesomeness.

That is awesome that Uncle Jon is in the bishopric. What a stud he is. I love that guy. He is such a good example and awesome man.

So skip finally wrote me a nice long awesome email ha ha.

Wow if you could see the storm we are having right now and the rivery street. This place is getting on my nerves. I am safely inside writing. I actually want to be out doing something else but kinda can't leave because the storm is dangerous.

Since I have been stuck here for 6 hours I will watch Brandon and Amber's dance. I won't be tempted plus every missionary here uses facebook, the whole world does. I don't even know if it is illegal. but ya my comp is right here next to me and ya I'ma watch it right now. I found it and watched and can say it's super awesome. I can't promise you that my wedding will be that awesome but I'll see what I can do. I can't wait to get the dvd. It will be so awesome. Ha ha, ya I know he ain't got no shame..... I have a little. I'm awesome I know but I dunno if I could do that.

I balled it up with Elder Faught yesterday.

I love you mom. Take care and we will write next week. Take it easy.

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