Friday, July 8, 2011

July 4, 2011

Ha ha love the pictures. I am glad all went well. I am bummed i wasn't able to be there. Love the pictures they are super awesome, but I will be expecting more next week. Pictures from the partying. And I am way excited to get that dvd you are going to send in a couple months ha ha. I can't wait to get it. Brandon told me it has been like the happiest moments of his life. Except for the fact he got stung by a stingray like a clown. Really it sound like you all just had a blast. I am kinda jealous but what ev I had my own party. Don't even worry. I couldn't let it just be you guys all partying with me left out ha ha.

That is actually awesome that Amber left her alarm clock in Brandon's pocket. I am glad you two had that time to talk and spend some time together. I cant wait to see that crazy dance they did it sounds so freakin awesome. I am glad I am going to get a dvd with that on there. I better be getting a ton of pictures. So Thursday from like 12 and on I was asking everybody so my brother just got married what do you think he is doing right now ha ha. Till the next day so my brother got married yesterday what do you think he is doing ha ha it was funny. So mom what do you think Brandon is doing right now?

So I'll move on now. This month the president of the area of all Central America asked all of Central America to fast for protection from natural disasters. So sure enough we fasted for that but what is kinda crazy is that yesterday, Sunday, in the morning there were 3 earthquakes. 2 little ones and a big one. I was sleeping and thought it was part of my dream when they hit. But then my comp woke me up and was like did you feel that and then another one hit and ya so the day we fasted for protection from natural disasters there was 3 earthquakes but nothing to much nothing happened it was only like 5.0 on the rictor scale. But I literally thought it was part of my dream but well it wasn't.

So other than that we are preparing 3 people for baptism this week. Hopefully all goes well. They are way excited and are like really hyper. I dunno how to describe it in Spanish. I would say they have a lot of animo. So if you understand that awesome. They are just way stoked. It's a mom and her two daughters. Her two daughters love us they are awesome. I'll make sure to send you pictures of them. They are such clowns.

The rain continues to fall and it kinda sucks. In the beginning I was like ya I want it to rain, but now it's like I want it to stop. The rain is driving me crazy. And it bothers me cause all the members, all the weak members, wont go to church if it's raining, even just sprinkling. This Sunday was horrible. It was raining and our attendance dropped a ton. The power went out during sacrament meeting so the bishop was talking in the dark it was just satan attacking our meetings.

Well love ya all an miss ya. See ya all in like a year ha ha just one more year. Aint no thang.

Love Elder Moore$Farr$Orth=freakinlegendarilyawesome

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