Sunday, July 3, 2011

June 27, 2011

That is so awesome that Amber went through the temple. I am missing out on a ton. Ha ha but what ev I'm a man about things. That is so awesome that Brandon got to do the pull through how amazing. I am so happy for them. I knew they were going to get married. I have known for years and I am so happy that now it is about to happen. I can't wait to see pictures next week. I better get a ton. I want to feel as if I was there. This week I did get the invitation to the wedding it came super super fast. Brynlee told me that she wrote me like 3 weeks ago and I still haven't got that letter but I did get the invitation. I have been showing it to everyone. They love the wedding announcements from the states ha ha it's so funny to hear the responses. But a lot of people tell me that I look like Brandon but I ain't to sure about that. I don't think that I do. But what ev thats cool he is a stud so I can accept that.

So I sent some pictures of the storms we have had. I think I dunno I did it kinda blinded. I couldn't see the pictures so I was guessing but I think I did it good. I literally was walking in water that went up to my hips it was insane. I didn't get pictures of that cause I didn't have my camera but take my word for it. It sucks all my stuff got wet. And my shoes will be forever wet. It's so humid here and it takes forever for things to dry out. The rain storms just keep getting worse and worse. The pictures that look straight up the river, well that is actually the road. But I love it. It's awesome. The bishop lent us some bikes because we had to go so far away.

Well we got the attendance to go up this week. It was at 72 last week and it went up to 85 so that is an improvement. Other thing we found a lady this week that has gone to church 6 times in the past and has wanted to get baptized but she was together with some dude that wouldn't let her get baptized and he didn't want to marry her. Well he left her and now it's just her and her girls and she still has a desire to get baptized and she is way stoked for that. We have an appointment with her tomorrow. She is awesome and has a lot of energy. So we are going to start working with her.

I am stoked for the real pictures I will get in the future. That will be awesome and for the package that is now on its way. The most legendary package. You put Dr. Pepper in there right? That is the most desired thing. I love dr pepper and it doesn't exist here. It's so sad. Root beer doesn't exist here either. Only Fanta and Coca Cola other than that nothin.

So today we went to a lake and fished shrimp and then cooked them and ate them after. It was awesome ha ha. Bubba Gump ha ha ya.

Watched Singles Ward 2 yesterday. I thought it was gonna suck but I actually kinda liked it. One day I will be a returned missionary, a returned legendary traveler with a nenota for a wife. And it will be so awesome. I can't wait. I just wanna fast forward a bit. But I know it will come faster than I think.

I forgot to throw this in my email but we caught a baby turtle this week and now it lives with us in our house. It's super awesome. His name is SeƱor Chewbaca. He is super tiny. He has a way sweet house, a little bucket in our bathroom. We feed him and ya it's awesome. Its a tiny little guy but ya it's awesome.

I am jealous that you actually have restaurants there. Ha ha I love ya all and miss ya. But I'll be home soon to kick it with you and eat real food at real restaurants.

So just statin this. I am jealous of what's going down this week. Sorry I can't be there I got better things to do ha ha jk. I love ya a ton. I know the church is true.

Love, Elder Moore$Orth$Farr=Freakin super awesome

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