Friday, June 24, 2011

June 20, 2011

Hey mother, ya it was pretty sweet talking to dad yesterday. Ya I know I sounded awesome - it's cause I am awesome. I think my health issued is resolved.

It's about time Brooklyn decided to grow her hair out. I am a fan of the long hair rather than the short to be honest.

I am so jealous that you went to a MMA fight that is so awesome. I loved watching UFC fights way legit. I never thought you would ever go ha ha but to be honest ya I went to a couple of MMA fights this week or should I say I saw some beat downs in the street. It was pretty awesome. It was a sober guy that didn't know how to fight vs. some drunk guy and it was a funny fight but they got some good punches in and the other fight. There was a guy robbing houses and well the police don't exist here so all the people decided to just go gang up on him. It was like 40 against him. It was crazy. That happened last night.

So this week it has been raining a ton. The roads flooded worse than ever. There were places where the water reached our hips. The majority of places just reached halfway up our calves. It's been pretty crazy with all the storms we have been having. It's been raining a ton. In one of our lessons the bolt of lightning hit the house and the whole roof lit up blue and the wires that were all hanging from the ceiling lit up and it was crazy. It was also super super loud and I was deaf for like 2 minutes and couldn't here anything but it was way super awesome.

So we had our first Sunday in this ward we are in now. It was horrible, we got a lot of work to do. The attendance was so low only 72 and well I don't even want to talk about how many recent converts came. It was horrible. So this week we are gonna try and throw fire and get everything up. It will be hard cause the ward thought since there weren't any missionaries no one was going to work so the ward just fell apart so ya awesome for us. But it ain't nothing we can't handle.

So other than that all is good. Just going a long day by day about to complete 11 months here in 8 days. And still recieving a ton of revelacion about what we are going to do after the mission with this project.

Well this program you are about to start doing sounds awesome and it will be awesome for you stick with it. It will be hard but will be worth it. I love you a ton and you are an amazing person. I miss ya ton but 13 months aint no thing. Ill be back before you know it. Thank you for everything.

Well got to go. I'll send pictures next week. I love u to the max u da bomb u da bees knees the dogs bone u be legit like the salad on a plate. Love you keep it real and relax and listen to the MIGHTY BOB (bob marley)

I would like to finish with two things the mighty BOB is a living man. U can fool some people sometime but you can't fool all the people sometime. Mother listen to Bob Marley so chill so relaxing.

And second Aubrey Johnson is awesome. I want to write her but it's so hard to send out letters here. She has written me several times even tho I fail to respond. She is awesome and deserves a throw out. Love ya!

Also just wanna throw a shout out to all my way sweet neighbors I have. They are the best in world and all the old men that think they are still kids. AKA Mike and Scott. Super awesome they are. Also wanna throw a shout out to Stucco Stan ha ha or AKA Sten Stark ha ha he is awesome and a way funny kid that needs to stop being sick and start being awesome. If I was him and in the hospital I would stop being in the hospital and start awesoming. I hope you get better kid. I miss ya keep strong. Love ya man. We always called Sten Stucco Stan because he lived in the stucco house. And we called Victoria, Victoria's Secret.

I miss ya all and hope all is well. Only 13 more fast Sundays and I am home. Aint no thang.

Love, ELder Moore

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