Monday, January 31, 2011

January 31, 2011


More than 25 percent done . Time does seem to go by fast but well at the same time I am still 18 months out 18 more fast Sundays.

I am so proud of Weston and his choice to follow the example of our Brother Jesus Christ and be baptized. I hope all goes well. That is so awesome that Brandon has the oppurtunity to baptize him. I wish I could be there to support him and confirm him but I am a many miles away. You can bring him here and I will be happy to do it ha ha.

Alright so I will start off with something awesome. That money that you gave me for Christmas sent a family to the temple. Now they are all sealed together. So now know that you have helped a family be sealed together for all time and eternity. So this is a time where you can be real happy.

So with my comp being sick for many days and complaining we went to a clinic so he could be tested. Well they had to test his pee, his blood, and well his crap too. In the states we have little testing cups or what ever. Here they have him 2 little used gerber cups ha ha like the gerber baby food. Anyways the test came in and all was good. But he continued to cry and they said nothing was wrong. But then we went to the hospital and they told him the same thing. He begged for something so they said they could give him a shot. Before he got the shot I was telling him it was going to be a big needle in the butt with thick stuff to inject. I was just joking. Well we went in and sure enough he needed a big needle full of thick stuff injected in his butt. He was crying and screaming. The nurse and I was just laughing and the people outside when we left were laughing too.

So 3 days back we found 3 dead little puppies outside of our hous. 3 puppies in 3 bags. Anyways that is all I am going to say about that.

Well time to get to the story of interest. Saturday night me and my comp got in an argument in the street over nothing. He is just a hot head and everything has to be his way. So after the argument he didnt talk to me the whole rest of the night then he flipped out in the house where we eat dinner. Just in general, he wouldnt pray when we got back. Next day Sunday well he still wouldn't talk to me. I told him we werent going to teach if we were like this. And that we needed to solve it or go on splits. Well he just got in my face saying he was going to punch me. That is all he said. Then well he tried to boss me around and I just played his game. I didnt say nothing to him. So we went in the church he locked the door behind us threw his name tag threw his white bible mission manual threw his tie and got in my face saying he was going to punch me. He was jumping around. He started getting close swinging and punched a table and the wall and chairs. And this whole time I was just sitting in a chair not scared or nothin just sitting there watchin him. Then he sat down. (back round real quick- he has 15 months in the mission, 13 areas, 12 comps and he claims to have punched 9 people and 4 in the face). Anyways the zone leaders came to try and cool him down. All he said was I dont forgive anyone I am only here to baptize you can send me home now I dont care everyone is my enemy. Just freaking out really. I'll keep that whole conversation that we had short but it was like a 2 hour conversation. Anyways he is still mad. I am in Esteli and we are on splits till changes which are Wednesday. So I am just in Esteli with Elder Brown. This kids a stud. I really didnt know why he was mad. We had a tiny argument in the street. Everyone knows it aint the first time something like this has happened with this elder, but ya thats the story for you this week.

Well I tried to send some pictures today but this computer wont let me so we are going to have to do it next week I believe, but I have some sweet ones. I am happy you included pictures in my box. I need pictures.

I am out of here. Love you and miss you. Stay safe know that I love you all to the max and only 18 more months psh aint no thing. Love yaaaaa

One more thing I want you to save and print all the letters from the mission and put it in the binder so I can read them after the mission. If you could do that it would be awesome. Know I love you and all is good . Miss ya all.

Love Elder Awesomoore

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

January 24, 2011


So your week flew by huh well every week for me seems to fly by. Before I know it I am back on the computer writing home. I am so excited for Weston. He is finally getting baptized. That is so awesome. I wish I could be there and support him and watch the awesomeness that will occur. That is great he wanted me to confirm him, I wish I could.

Wow that is crazy that the Bishops already had there baby. It seems just like yesterday we went to their wedding and now they already have a child. Love the name cause Bret is awesome. I like that guy a lot. He is a stud through the eyes of JMo.

So is Brandon like making bank now or what? Managing his money like a pro or should I say managing it like me. I am sure whatever he decides will be best for him. That is good he is doing work preparing for his future life and family that he will need to support.

How many missionaries are in my area you ask. Is that a joke ha ha there is only us. The 2 of us and our area is huge. There is 18 in our zone but only the 2 of us are in Sebaco. So I have been off and on sick and it sucks. Some days I feel like I am going to die and other days or parts of other days I feel fine but at least it is better than my comp. My comp is like dying throwing up living in the bathroom. Its been horrible for him for like a week. I have been going on splits with young priesthood holders in our ward. It has been a good experience for them and its fun I enjoy. I get to teach them a lot about the mission life and teaching. Yesterday I went on splits for the whole day while my comp rested. I went with Luis. He is 14 and well I told him that he needs to share his testimony and he told me he didnt like to share his testimony. I shared something with him and talked with him about the importance of sharing our testimonies. In the next lesson we taught, after like 30 minutes of being there and only me and the investigador talking, Luis jumped in and shared his awesome testimony. It was awesome and powerful. And after he was so stoked. We had a blast when we met back up with my comp at the house he told him that he should be sick Tuesday too so we could go on splits again. It was fun. I loved it.

So this week we had an apostle come talk to us,Elder Christofferson. It was amazing. When he walked in that spirit was so strong. It is something I wish everyone could feel. And every missionary had the oppurtunity to shake his hand. He talked to me a little cause he lives in Sandy. I told him we gonna kick it after the mission ha ha. No but ya so I shook the hand of an apostle and the apostle has shaken the hand of the prophet and well the prophet has shaken the hand of......think about it. But it was amazing and when he bore his testimony it was so strong one part just really stuck out. He said, "Remember this day. Remember this moment. I testify to you that I KNOW that Jesus Christ lives." And boom something totally nailed me. I love hearing the testimonies of the 12 and first presidency.

So this week we destroyed a house and then rebuilt it. So I can officially say I have built a house ha ha. But before I built that house I didnt know it was possible to build a house with a bag of nails, 3 hammers, and a pile of wood. But it was so fun and enjoyable. It took a full day from like 8 in the morning till like 7 at night.

So this past week we married a couple and then after we baptized them. They are amazing and it was an amazing experience. The kids of the family were baptized a couple years ago and are active but never the parents. The mother wanted to but the dad didnt and they werent married so we couldnt baptize her. Well we have been working with them and it has been awesome to see the grand change in the dad in the family. We married them and then the same day we baptized them. The money that dad sent helped marry and baptize a family. So dad kinda paid for the marriage. It was a 12 dollar wedding ha ha Thanks dad.

But I'm gonna keep this part short. 3 weeks ago the dad told us he couldnt get married cause he was still in the middle of a divorce. The papers were all in but never got finalized and he had been waiting for months and when we put the Baptismal Date with him we promised him that the divorce would be final before then. He didnt believe us cause he had waited months and 2 days before he told us it had been finalized and was officially divorced. It was amazing.

Can you send the emails from the other missionaries through dear elder? I like it that way cause then I can just read it at the house at night.

Here are some pictures for your enjoyment. First, my one dollar breakfast.

The bugs find me tasty. But I am a man, I can handle it.

Playing with the monkey.

I know that this is this the True church. I know without doubt that this is the restored gospel. Know that I love you and miss you.

Love, Elder Awesomoore

Friday, January 21, 2011

January 17, 2010

Hey hey hey Fat Albert here,

All is good all tuanis all pretty. Nicaragua doesn't believe in holidays. Nothing will ever be closed. The only day it will be closed is Christmas. Other than that holidays don't exist. Hww did the trip go for Amber and Brandon? I hope all went well for them and they enjoyed greatness.

That is cool the weather is heatin up there. The weather here is freakin hot in Sebaco. It's like a desert of hotness. It's a lot different than Jinotega.

(This is outside our house. We have a palm tree with coconuts)

I am sure the package you are sending will be awesome and I was actually going to ask you if you would send me a tie so that is perfect. I will proudly represent. Oh and I would like it if you add pictures in the box. Like tangible real pictures that I can look through. I love getting pictures through email but I only see it the one time. I look at it sometimes more if I really want to search for it but ya fotos would be legit.

So this week we had a baptism. Let me tell you what happened. We were on splits and I was with the DL and we went to visit these members. The dad is less active. He was the reason we went. And I started talkin to their son he is 9 and for some reason it came to me to ask him if he was baptized. So I asked him and he told me he wasn't. I didn't believe it cause he is always there with his mom and sister and he was 9. And his sister who is 12 told me that he was not baptized and the mom told me as well. So on the spot I asked him if he wanted to be baptized this Saturday and he got way happy and started jumpin around like a clown ha ha just full of energy. So that was awesome.

Last night when we were eating dinner a big tarantula just came crawling in. It was legit. Not like a spider like the other pics but like a legit tarantuala. And also earlier this week a snake one of the poisonous ones came slithering in. One of dem red yellow and black ones. We machettied it. Just took a machette and cut it in half.

So I got sick this week, I threw up several times while walking and well lived on the toilet for a while. It lasted like 2 days. It was horrible but all is good now. It has passed to my comp so he is suffering now but it will be gone tomorrow.

I forget what happens so I dunno what to write but I'll add this - I started handing out my autograph to people and tell them to keep it for 5 years until I am famous and they can sale it for a lot of money. So ya a lot of people have my autograph now ha ha.

O this week we are going to move a house. The kid that got machetted well he doesnt want to return to the same place and the mom well her husband left her 4 days ago for another woman that lives down the street so they are moving. So the whole zone is comin to Sebaco. I will make sure to take pics. But we are going to move the whole house. The house is all made of wood and stuff so we gonna destroy then reconstruct it. I'll make sure to take a before and after picture.

Love you all to the max!
Elder Awesomoore

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

January 10, 2011

So ya I have adjusted to this area quite fine. It aint Jinotega but it's still awesome. There are some awesome people here but Jinotega was loaded with people with awesome traits like me. But my comp is a whole lot better. We are doing a whole lot more work. The down side about this area is the members are so lazy and don't want to do anywork whatsoever. So us as the missionaries pretty much do it all. We don't even have a mission leader. But when we came here we had 28 at church and we are 2 weeks later and almost doubled our numbers. We had 45 at church and 8 investigadores. It's a lot of work we are doing here and our area is huge. We have to walk every where unless we take a triciculo. Instead of taxis here they have bikes with little carts we sit in. One day I'll take a picture and send it to you. But it is going good.

We changed houses this past week and our new house is awesome. It is two rooms and a bathroom and it is tiled. It's awesome and it is the same price as our old cement house. But something that is funny is when we asked for the receipt she said I'll go get it hold on. She came back with a torn piece of paper with the receipt written in her own hand writing. I thought that was pretty funny.

So I crossed off another thing on my mission bucket list. Yesterday I freakin played and held a monkey. It was freakin awesome. I want to buy a monkey. It was just a little guy.

So yesterday I gave a talk in church and spoke on faith. I gave about a 10-12 minute talk in sacrament. And well every one told me they could undertand everything I said. Something changed this past week and I can speak spanish. Something clicked and I can understand pretty much everything and I can speak a whole lot better.

So we were supposed to have a baptism yesterday but when we went and met him at his house he said he had a bad day and didn't want to be baptized. He said he wants to get baptized Tuesday. So hopefully it goes through tomorrow. He is so PILAS. He is always reading the Book of Mormon and knows that it is otro testament de jesucristo and he knows jose smith was called of God. He has a testimony. Just he had a rough day which was a bummer. We tried to animate him but he wanted to wait till Tuesday.

About a blanket, I just use the sheets you gave me. When I was in Jinotega I needed a blanket and someone lended me a cotton big way sweet perfect blanket. But here in Sebaco I dont need one cause it is hot. ONly in Matagalpa and Jinotega would you need a blanket. And maybe Esteli.

So I am going to throw out a prediction of what I am going to eat in 5 days and when Monday comes I will tell you if I am right. I am guessing rice and beans, fried banana and a piece of chicken. And I am guessing in 3 weeks I am going to have the same thing. I guess this knowing I am right cause I know everything ha ha. I am a future teller.

Ya I forgot to tell you I got the box. I got it in December. Sorry I forgot to tell you. But ya something you can throw in this box is sour punch straws and zours sour punch straws. I need those ha ha. And if you want my i pod with speakers but completely clear it of music and only put church music and disney songs. Every one here has mp3 or i pods but if you don't feel like it dont worry.

But know I love you and thank you for everything you are the bees knees, psh the dogs bone and what the heck, the clowns wheels. Love you and I will send pictures next week, got to go.

Love you to the max,
Elder Moore

Thursday, January 6, 2011

January 3, 2011

Ok, we are going to start off with a spiritual story then jump into the stabbing story from last week that only you know about but I will share it with everyone.

So since everyone thinks they can speak english here and since I am white they try to talk to me in english. Well this past week a drunk guy came up to us and tried talking to me in english. It didn't go to well. His english is semi understandable, so I told him it would be better if we did it in spanish. So we took his name and his address and then were on our way. We then encountered him again 3 days later in front of his house .He kept saying ¨Welcome my home, welcome my home¨ but we were on our way to another appointment and told him we would return. We returned that night and ended up teaching him about the Palabra de Sabiduria and I just realized that it is in spanish or in other words The Word of Wisdom. We taught him and his wife all about this commandment and about Joseph Smith cause the wife asked why it was not in the bible and why Joseph Smith is not mentioned in the bible. Her Husband just told her don't worry Flor he is a prophet. So we have been visiting them a lot lately to help them out. We gave the wife a HazloJusto ring the she is now reppin everywhere she goes. And we tell the Husband she is your HazloJusto. He always leaves at 5 in the morning to go drink. So we have been waking up early to go to his house to meet up with him before he leaves to go drink to talk and read the scriptures with him.

This is a really hard spiritual experience to share but they came to church with us and then invited us to dinner so we went to dinner and talked. And at that moment at dinner he promised me my comp his wife and Dios that he would not drink. He told us that before but this time it was sincere and he really meant it so we are going to check on him today. But after dinner we wanted to watch Together Forever a movie from the church which I knew was important for them. But their Dvd player was not working at all was not reading the disc just nothing was working. So I said I am going to show you something awesome cause I am awesome so I quickly said a quick prayer in my head and boom the dvd player worked. But they didn't have a remote so we couldnt change it to spanish. Well I found a remote but it didn't have batterias so I quickly said a nother quick prayer that we would would find batterias but they are so hard to come across here and well we found 2 3aaa batterias which is what we needed. Then we switched the language then played it then it got way super sketchy not working, freezing every second. So we took the disc out, cleaned it, and tried again. Same thing so I said another quick prayer about how important this movie was for them to see and with the faith I have in you I know it will work and right after I said amen in my head the dvd worked perfectly with out freeze until the credits. It was so awesome. My comp knew and he was astonished after he talked to me about how awesome it was. I love having experiences with faith. Anyways ya so this guy thinks he knows english but he can only say welcome my home and check it out. Well this is the actual phrase he tells us "my wife she beautiful check it out ya man check it out."

So next last week I told you I went on splits with a child cause we were working and looking for this less active family. and we ended up finding them. But only the son was there and he has 17 years. I shared a message with him and then after he confessed to me that he stabbed someone 3 times the night before and felt completely normal about it. Well 2 days after I told you that story. He got machetted just torn up. Right now he is in the city at the hospital and they are trying to repair him. His mom told us that his arm is pretty much just cut off. They know who did it but really there are no police here so nothing is going to happen. Like every person from the age of 13 to 30 carries a knife with them. Its freakin crazy. So ya he got attacked pretty good.

Next everyone here loves Bob Marley and well so do I. Nicaraguenses have a way sweet tradicion but I am going to cut it short cause this is a long email but they all make a mannequin and stuff it with bombs explosives and fireworks and at midnight news years they set it on fire and it's awesome. It's called Ano viejo burn the past year going into the new but like everyone has a homemade mannequin that they stuff with fireworks. It was sweet stuff. Mother don't worry. I won't do anything to shorten my life, but we got to enjoy life. Live it to the maximum ha ha make it fun. we had the best neighbors in the world, I loved doing fireworks with Mike and Scott. Go ahead and tell them that for me. I will tell you my new years story when O get home. It's legendary and I won't forget it, but I will save it. I need to have some stories when I get back.

My comp and I contacted a pastor. It was awesome. My comp knows like everything I feel like and we asked him when we could come teach his congregation.

I am cutting all these stories short but last one. I went on splits this week with someone that came the same time as me and I just dominated the lessons and contacts. I had a huge confidence builder. He kept telling me how good my spanish is cause he still can't speak that good. I have had people ask me if I can speak english after like a 10 minute conversacion in spanish so that is another awesome confidence builder.

Mother psh I am a gangster ha ha just kidding. I can tell you I have seen my self change a lot but I am still awesome and still JMo but still there has been some changes.

Thank you so much for all the updates they were great and the pictures are all awesome. That is so great that the family all got to be together except for me ha ha. But it's all good. I am enjoying it out here and I know this is where I am supposed to be. The pictures are good enough. And i can't wait to see and hear all from the funeral when I get back. Sounds like he had a perfect funeral. Thank the secod ward for me for the support it actually means a lot. The second ward was like family to me. They are all so awesome. This is going to be hard for grandma. She needs to know she will see him again. I know she knows it but she needs to really know it and then she will find the peace she needs.

That is sad to hear about Brother Harper. He as well is an awesome man. That made me sad when I read that in this email. I will always remember him and the fence to protect the indians ha ha ha ha ha that guy is a clown. And his way perfect santa laugh that I always thought was so real. Man to be honest I miss being a child, I want to go back to the good ole days of being 5, 6, 7 years old when I didn't have a care in the world. But at one point we all need to grow up. Which in some ways is awesome but others not so much.

But ya know that I love you and miss you all psh I am only falting 19 months psh aint no thing.
Love you ,
Elder AwesoMoore

ps: breakin news I forgot to tell you but ya I can officially say that I come home next year ha ha.