Tuesday, January 25, 2011

January 24, 2011


So your week flew by huh well every week for me seems to fly by. Before I know it I am back on the computer writing home. I am so excited for Weston. He is finally getting baptized. That is so awesome. I wish I could be there and support him and watch the awesomeness that will occur. That is great he wanted me to confirm him, I wish I could.

Wow that is crazy that the Bishops already had there baby. It seems just like yesterday we went to their wedding and now they already have a child. Love the name cause Bret is awesome. I like that guy a lot. He is a stud through the eyes of JMo.

So is Brandon like making bank now or what? Managing his money like a pro or should I say managing it like me. I am sure whatever he decides will be best for him. That is good he is doing work preparing for his future life and family that he will need to support.

How many missionaries are in my area you ask. Is that a joke ha ha there is only us. The 2 of us and our area is huge. There is 18 in our zone but only the 2 of us are in Sebaco. So I have been off and on sick and it sucks. Some days I feel like I am going to die and other days or parts of other days I feel fine but at least it is better than my comp. My comp is like dying throwing up living in the bathroom. Its been horrible for him for like a week. I have been going on splits with young priesthood holders in our ward. It has been a good experience for them and its fun I enjoy. I get to teach them a lot about the mission life and teaching. Yesterday I went on splits for the whole day while my comp rested. I went with Luis. He is 14 and well I told him that he needs to share his testimony and he told me he didnt like to share his testimony. I shared something with him and talked with him about the importance of sharing our testimonies. In the next lesson we taught, after like 30 minutes of being there and only me and the investigador talking, Luis jumped in and shared his awesome testimony. It was awesome and powerful. And after he was so stoked. We had a blast when we met back up with my comp at the house he told him that he should be sick Tuesday too so we could go on splits again. It was fun. I loved it.

So this week we had an apostle come talk to us,Elder Christofferson. It was amazing. When he walked in that spirit was so strong. It is something I wish everyone could feel. And every missionary had the oppurtunity to shake his hand. He talked to me a little cause he lives in Sandy. I told him we gonna kick it after the mission ha ha. No but ya so I shook the hand of an apostle and the apostle has shaken the hand of the prophet and well the prophet has shaken the hand of......think about it. But it was amazing and when he bore his testimony it was so strong one part just really stuck out. He said, "Remember this day. Remember this moment. I testify to you that I KNOW that Jesus Christ lives." And boom something totally nailed me. I love hearing the testimonies of the 12 and first presidency.

So this week we destroyed a house and then rebuilt it. So I can officially say I have built a house ha ha. But before I built that house I didnt know it was possible to build a house with a bag of nails, 3 hammers, and a pile of wood. But it was so fun and enjoyable. It took a full day from like 8 in the morning till like 7 at night.

So this past week we married a couple and then after we baptized them. They are amazing and it was an amazing experience. The kids of the family were baptized a couple years ago and are active but never the parents. The mother wanted to but the dad didnt and they werent married so we couldnt baptize her. Well we have been working with them and it has been awesome to see the grand change in the dad in the family. We married them and then the same day we baptized them. The money that dad sent helped marry and baptize a family. So dad kinda paid for the marriage. It was a 12 dollar wedding ha ha Thanks dad.

But I'm gonna keep this part short. 3 weeks ago the dad told us he couldnt get married cause he was still in the middle of a divorce. The papers were all in but never got finalized and he had been waiting for months and when we put the Baptismal Date with him we promised him that the divorce would be final before then. He didnt believe us cause he had waited months and 2 days before he told us it had been finalized and was officially divorced. It was amazing.

Can you send the emails from the other missionaries through dear elder? I like it that way cause then I can just read it at the house at night.

Here are some pictures for your enjoyment. First, my one dollar breakfast.

The bugs find me tasty. But I am a man, I can handle it.

Playing with the monkey.

I know that this is this the True church. I know without doubt that this is the restored gospel. Know that I love you and miss you.

Love, Elder Awesomoore

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