Tuesday, January 11, 2011

January 10, 2011

So ya I have adjusted to this area quite fine. It aint Jinotega but it's still awesome. There are some awesome people here but Jinotega was loaded with people with awesome traits like me. But my comp is a whole lot better. We are doing a whole lot more work. The down side about this area is the members are so lazy and don't want to do anywork whatsoever. So us as the missionaries pretty much do it all. We don't even have a mission leader. But when we came here we had 28 at church and we are 2 weeks later and almost doubled our numbers. We had 45 at church and 8 investigadores. It's a lot of work we are doing here and our area is huge. We have to walk every where unless we take a triciculo. Instead of taxis here they have bikes with little carts we sit in. One day I'll take a picture and send it to you. But it is going good.

We changed houses this past week and our new house is awesome. It is two rooms and a bathroom and it is tiled. It's awesome and it is the same price as our old cement house. But something that is funny is when we asked for the receipt she said I'll go get it hold on. She came back with a torn piece of paper with the receipt written in her own hand writing. I thought that was pretty funny.

So I crossed off another thing on my mission bucket list. Yesterday I freakin played and held a monkey. It was freakin awesome. I want to buy a monkey. It was just a little guy.

So yesterday I gave a talk in church and spoke on faith. I gave about a 10-12 minute talk in sacrament. And well every one told me they could undertand everything I said. Something changed this past week and I can speak spanish. Something clicked and I can understand pretty much everything and I can speak a whole lot better.

So we were supposed to have a baptism yesterday but when we went and met him at his house he said he had a bad day and didn't want to be baptized. He said he wants to get baptized Tuesday. So hopefully it goes through tomorrow. He is so PILAS. He is always reading the Book of Mormon and knows that it is otro testament de jesucristo and he knows jose smith was called of God. He has a testimony. Just he had a rough day which was a bummer. We tried to animate him but he wanted to wait till Tuesday.

About a blanket, I just use the sheets you gave me. When I was in Jinotega I needed a blanket and someone lended me a cotton big way sweet perfect blanket. But here in Sebaco I dont need one cause it is hot. ONly in Matagalpa and Jinotega would you need a blanket. And maybe Esteli.

So I am going to throw out a prediction of what I am going to eat in 5 days and when Monday comes I will tell you if I am right. I am guessing rice and beans, fried banana and a piece of chicken. And I am guessing in 3 weeks I am going to have the same thing. I guess this knowing I am right cause I know everything ha ha. I am a future teller.

Ya I forgot to tell you I got the box. I got it in December. Sorry I forgot to tell you. But ya something you can throw in this box is sour punch straws and zours sour punch straws. I need those ha ha. And if you want my i pod with speakers but completely clear it of music and only put church music and disney songs. Every one here has mp3 or i pods but if you don't feel like it dont worry.

But know I love you and thank you for everything you are the bees knees, psh the dogs bone and what the heck, the clowns wheels. Love you and I will send pictures next week, got to go.

Love you to the max,
Elder Moore

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