Monday, January 31, 2011

January 31, 2011


More than 25 percent done . Time does seem to go by fast but well at the same time I am still 18 months out 18 more fast Sundays.

I am so proud of Weston and his choice to follow the example of our Brother Jesus Christ and be baptized. I hope all goes well. That is so awesome that Brandon has the oppurtunity to baptize him. I wish I could be there to support him and confirm him but I am a many miles away. You can bring him here and I will be happy to do it ha ha.

Alright so I will start off with something awesome. That money that you gave me for Christmas sent a family to the temple. Now they are all sealed together. So now know that you have helped a family be sealed together for all time and eternity. So this is a time where you can be real happy.

So with my comp being sick for many days and complaining we went to a clinic so he could be tested. Well they had to test his pee, his blood, and well his crap too. In the states we have little testing cups or what ever. Here they have him 2 little used gerber cups ha ha like the gerber baby food. Anyways the test came in and all was good. But he continued to cry and they said nothing was wrong. But then we went to the hospital and they told him the same thing. He begged for something so they said they could give him a shot. Before he got the shot I was telling him it was going to be a big needle in the butt with thick stuff to inject. I was just joking. Well we went in and sure enough he needed a big needle full of thick stuff injected in his butt. He was crying and screaming. The nurse and I was just laughing and the people outside when we left were laughing too.

So 3 days back we found 3 dead little puppies outside of our hous. 3 puppies in 3 bags. Anyways that is all I am going to say about that.

Well time to get to the story of interest. Saturday night me and my comp got in an argument in the street over nothing. He is just a hot head and everything has to be his way. So after the argument he didnt talk to me the whole rest of the night then he flipped out in the house where we eat dinner. Just in general, he wouldnt pray when we got back. Next day Sunday well he still wouldn't talk to me. I told him we werent going to teach if we were like this. And that we needed to solve it or go on splits. Well he just got in my face saying he was going to punch me. That is all he said. Then well he tried to boss me around and I just played his game. I didnt say nothing to him. So we went in the church he locked the door behind us threw his name tag threw his white bible mission manual threw his tie and got in my face saying he was going to punch me. He was jumping around. He started getting close swinging and punched a table and the wall and chairs. And this whole time I was just sitting in a chair not scared or nothin just sitting there watchin him. Then he sat down. (back round real quick- he has 15 months in the mission, 13 areas, 12 comps and he claims to have punched 9 people and 4 in the face). Anyways the zone leaders came to try and cool him down. All he said was I dont forgive anyone I am only here to baptize you can send me home now I dont care everyone is my enemy. Just freaking out really. I'll keep that whole conversation that we had short but it was like a 2 hour conversation. Anyways he is still mad. I am in Esteli and we are on splits till changes which are Wednesday. So I am just in Esteli with Elder Brown. This kids a stud. I really didnt know why he was mad. We had a tiny argument in the street. Everyone knows it aint the first time something like this has happened with this elder, but ya thats the story for you this week.

Well I tried to send some pictures today but this computer wont let me so we are going to have to do it next week I believe, but I have some sweet ones. I am happy you included pictures in my box. I need pictures.

I am out of here. Love you and miss you. Stay safe know that I love you all to the max and only 18 more months psh aint no thing. Love yaaaaa

One more thing I want you to save and print all the letters from the mission and put it in the binder so I can read them after the mission. If you could do that it would be awesome. Know I love you and all is good . Miss ya all.

Love Elder Awesomoore

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