Friday, January 21, 2011

January 17, 2010

Hey hey hey Fat Albert here,

All is good all tuanis all pretty. Nicaragua doesn't believe in holidays. Nothing will ever be closed. The only day it will be closed is Christmas. Other than that holidays don't exist. Hww did the trip go for Amber and Brandon? I hope all went well for them and they enjoyed greatness.

That is cool the weather is heatin up there. The weather here is freakin hot in Sebaco. It's like a desert of hotness. It's a lot different than Jinotega.

(This is outside our house. We have a palm tree with coconuts)

I am sure the package you are sending will be awesome and I was actually going to ask you if you would send me a tie so that is perfect. I will proudly represent. Oh and I would like it if you add pictures in the box. Like tangible real pictures that I can look through. I love getting pictures through email but I only see it the one time. I look at it sometimes more if I really want to search for it but ya fotos would be legit.

So this week we had a baptism. Let me tell you what happened. We were on splits and I was with the DL and we went to visit these members. The dad is less active. He was the reason we went. And I started talkin to their son he is 9 and for some reason it came to me to ask him if he was baptized. So I asked him and he told me he wasn't. I didn't believe it cause he is always there with his mom and sister and he was 9. And his sister who is 12 told me that he was not baptized and the mom told me as well. So on the spot I asked him if he wanted to be baptized this Saturday and he got way happy and started jumpin around like a clown ha ha just full of energy. So that was awesome.

Last night when we were eating dinner a big tarantula just came crawling in. It was legit. Not like a spider like the other pics but like a legit tarantuala. And also earlier this week a snake one of the poisonous ones came slithering in. One of dem red yellow and black ones. We machettied it. Just took a machette and cut it in half.

So I got sick this week, I threw up several times while walking and well lived on the toilet for a while. It lasted like 2 days. It was horrible but all is good now. It has passed to my comp so he is suffering now but it will be gone tomorrow.

I forget what happens so I dunno what to write but I'll add this - I started handing out my autograph to people and tell them to keep it for 5 years until I am famous and they can sale it for a lot of money. So ya a lot of people have my autograph now ha ha.

O this week we are going to move a house. The kid that got machetted well he doesnt want to return to the same place and the mom well her husband left her 4 days ago for another woman that lives down the street so they are moving. So the whole zone is comin to Sebaco. I will make sure to take pics. But we are going to move the whole house. The house is all made of wood and stuff so we gonna destroy then reconstruct it. I'll make sure to take a before and after picture.

Love you all to the max!
Elder Awesomoore

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