Sunday, September 26, 2010

September 24, 2010

Hey mother,

To start off I would like to get Nate's emails to see how he is doing out in the field if at all possible.

So last week I hosted Tyler Ormond and got to see his whole family and talk to them for a while. I see him almost everyday here. I also just barely got a haircut my head is almost shaved ha ha. I just told them go as short as legal for a missionary. And it actually looks alright ha ha.

So I got so many packages this week it was awesome and Brianne sent me a huge package with tons of goods and a foot long subway in it, She is always looking out for me. She is such an awesome friend. I also got a package from the Farrs today that was awesome and it had some Otis in it. I love receiving packages. But there is no way I am going to eat all the food I received by Monday. That means party Sunday night in our room just like every other night except this time with food ha ha.

This 9 weeks went by so fast. It's crazy and it's time to leave. And I believe you can check Brooklyn out for a day. I would love to talk to the kids. But I guess they won't be there. Make Ginger come down for a little. It will be good to talk to all of you. I am so excited it will be awesome. I still have a ton of stuff to do before I leave though. I wrote so many letters today that I had to get out before I left to Nicaragua. So I didn't have time to do anything else. I still have a lot of packing to do and I am going to be sending a package home again soon with some stuff that I don't think I will need. Thank you so much for the shirts and G's you sent, I was in much need of them but I will probably send the long sleeves we bought before back. I only needed the short sleeves and the snack packs were amazing.

So I forgot to tell you last week I taught one of our lessons. Like Spanish class lesson. I taught the class about present subjunctive abverbal clauses. It went well and then yesterday I taught about Past subjunctive. Psh this subjunctive stuff is kinda killin me but for the most part I understand it. I totally understand it when it is on paper but speaking it is hard.

So I am so excited to get to Nicaragua and not understand a thing. But ha ha I will learn all in time. I don't want to be patient anymore I just want to be fluent ha ha but I know it will come.

Oh and by the way the house is looking amazing. So props to you. You have the vision. It is amazing what you see in things ha ha. Can't wait to kick it in the crib in LA Verkin when I return.

I will do my best to make you all proud. I miss you all and it finally seems like my mission is starting. I am way stoked but at the same time have a tiny bit of nervousness. But aint nothing. It will be a crazy new adventure that I know I am prepared for.

I love you all so much. Thank you for the great example you are to me in my life.

Love, Elder Moore

Monday, September 20, 2010

September 17, 2010

Hey Momma,

You sure did have a lot to say this week but it is all stuff I enjoyed hearing. Thank you so much for writing me and keeping me updated on what you do and how life is. Sounds like you had an enjoyable time up in Sandy.

That is crazy that Jeff and Trevor are already back. I am sure they did an amazing job. I would like to hear more about their talks if you can remember stuff from them.
Me and Brynlee do write weekly and it is awesome. I like her a lot. It is good to get letters from her. We have some pretty sweet conversations. I like their whole family a lot. They are good people. I look up to them. They got my love and respect.

About the 3 times in 3 months, psh that is insane. I don't like that challenge cause come on we have lives, we have jobs, people don't have time to read it 3 times in 3 months. And full on study it. We shouldn't rush through the Word of God but come to understand it and find out how it applies to us in our lives. So I am opposed to that challenge. It is good to challenge people to read it cause it gives them that drive to do it if they are challenged but 3 in 3 na uh.

That is crazy Brooklyn is going to a dance ha ha she is growing up. She will love it. Dances are always great but she needs to make the best of it and have fun doing it. She can't be shy and embarassed but be there to have a good time. You choose your personality you make it what it is. I am sure she will look amazing in her dress.

Funny story about Amber actually ha ha. There is some kid here that I guess went on a couple dates with Amber and wanted her to wait for him but she said she was waiting for someone else ha ha (Brandon). That is just the jist of the story but he is in Kyle Moffet's room and Kyle Moffet was just telling me about it and I thought it was funny.

So something extremely awesome that happened this week was yesterday we got our flight plans saweeeeeet!! I know we thought we would be getting them today but surprise they got herr yesterday. I was filled with happiness. So this is my travel plans all in Utah time:

We leave Salt Lake at 6:00 am arrive in Dallas Fort Worth at 8:45am. leave Dallas at 1:00pm arrive in Miami at 3:45. Leave Miami at 4:50 and arrive in Nicaragua at 7:30. I am so stoked so not this Monday but next Monday the 27th of this month. Psh I know I won't understand anything but you jump in and you learn. I am going to say I am MTC fluent but far from real world fluent. I can understand everything that goes on here but it is totally different from the real world.

Some more notes from from another awesome devotional we had:
Atonement will carry you through the struggle - when you get rejected or cast out the atonement will carry you.
This is the Best life the world has ever known.
You take this gospel your testimony this truth and charge.
Everything you give up he gives back.
Devote Everything to Build Up His Kingdom.

Just a couple of things I liked. So I sent home a box today if when you get it could send back my memory card asap that would be awesome. I am going to be sending another one cause I forgot to put white shirts in the box stupid me ha ha o well. There are 2 pictures that are dumb you will know which ones they are if you could crop them that would be awesome. You will know.

Know that I love you and miss you and am so stoked I leave so soon it is crazy. Thank you for everything.

Grandma Happy Birthday. Now imagine me singing this to you-
" This is your birthday song it isn't very long"

Love you all,
Elder Moore

Sunday, September 12, 2010

September 10, 2010


So this week was great. We no longer have classes in the morning only at night cause our teachers go to school in the morning over at BYU so we started hosting. Hosting is the Elders who pick up the new elders coming in like what happened when I was dropped off just over 6 weeks ago. So I have done that two weeks in a row and it has been awesome. But even more awesome is who I got to host this last Wednesday. None other than the awesome mexican ha ha Seth Beccera. He came in this week and I showed him around, took him to his room and his class room, it was awesome. That kid is a stud. It was fun.

Ya when you send the box of goods - shirts, garments and sheets, will you make sure to throw in a bunch of chocolate snack packs and gushers. I am low on supply of food here. So I weigh 145 now in gym clothes no shoes with shoes 147.5. I am still doing push ups and pull ups every day gettin huge ha ha. What should be my goal by the time I leave this place? I was thinkin 150 what's your say? And it ain't all fat either cause I still look fresh ha ha. Will you tell that aunty of mine, that Ginger to write me cause it would be awesome if I would recieve a little something from her. I know she is busy, doesn't have to be long, just something letting me know how she is doing. Give her kids and her my love ite.

I will be sending my memory card home soon. With some awesome stuff on it when you receive it, if you could just quickly load it on the computer and send it back with the pictures still on it no need to erase them. I just want to make sure I have it before I leave to nicaragua.

I just did a tour of where I am staying today. I did it so you can see my crib and I also interviewed Elder Julian who claims he looks like Leonardo Dicaprio but has Tom Cruise's style. That kid is a clown he has neither but its funny he thinks he does. We just play it off with him.

So off to the Devoccional talk, Ill give you some notes I took down-

The world needs to know that Jesucristo is their Savior. We Need to reach the one by looking for the one.
Choice is choosing. You got here by choice. What was it that brought you here?
Life consists of a series of choices.
Choices with opposition is what defines us as people.
There is nothing automatic that makes you make good decisions - the name tag doesn't change it.
Our choices reveal our true nature.
You have become what your choices reveal you to be.
Choices is becoming.
Choosing and doing is the path of becoming.
Our best choice is to choose him.
Faith is to have enough confidence in him that we choose him.
Faith is how we got here.
The lessons from choosing define us.
You can't give permission to do something if you didn't make the rule ( this was in a story where he wanted to do something on Sunday and his mother kept saying no and eventually got to the point of where she didn't make the rule of not hanging or going out on Sunday - God did)
How can you live this life and not repent everyday?
You didn't choose him then; will you choose him now
If won't only bless your life it will save your life
You chose him once (antes este vida) why not choose him now?

Those are some notes I took it was a really good talk to be honest my favorite since being here it might even trump Hollands even though his was amazing.

Know I love you and can't wait to get to Nicaragua. Only 17 more days its coming fast. The language is coming good. By December I should be fluent when I come home. Ain't nothing. I will impress you. And I will talk to you in 17 days as well when I am at the airport.

I love you so much. Thank you for all the support you have given me.
Le Amo Mucho
Elder Moore
Ya when you send the box of goods will you make sure to throw in a bunch of chocolate snack packs and gushers. I am low on supply of food here. So i weigh 145 now in gym clothes no shoes with shoes 147.5 still doin push ups and pull ups every day gettin huge ha ha what should be my goal by the time i leave this place? i was thinkin 150 whats your say? and it ain't all fat either cause i still look fresh ha ha. Will you tell that aunty of mine that Ginger to write me cause it would be awesome if i would recieve a little somethin from here. I know she is busy doesn't have to be long just somethin lettin me know how she is doin give her kids and her my love ite
le amo mucho
Elder Mas-Moore

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

September 3, 2010 I Will Touch Poisonous Frogs On My Mission !

Hola, so since all weeks are the same here and we do the same thing I figure I will write you some awesome random stuff that you might get some joy out of but who knows. Well fact be told I will touch poisonous frogs on my mission ha ha, I will kill iguanas and eat them for dinner cause that is what they do. And when I get home from Nicaragua I will be doing my shopping for food at the Petsmart.

Next I would like a supply of bouncy balls. They are the thing here. I already have some but I love to free style them. When I free style them I lose them in bushes. Free style bounce balling is like throwing them off stuff trying to hit a couple of crazy angles and have it come back to you. Just doing sweet stuff with them. Also me and Elder Maag play Bouncy Ball pig. Just in our residence halls off crazy stuff and angles like the basketball game pig but with a bouncy ball and the ball has to come back to where you originally were and you have to catch it. I won the game of bouncy ball pig today. And he lost his ball during the game it was so funny. He was upset he is having the worst week. He lost two bouncy balls ha ha. That is what we do for fun here :)

Off that subject something amazing happened this week. Something I have never done before in my whole life. It was truly so freaking awesome. I finished my first tube of chapstick from begginning to end. Yes when I started it I my self cracked the seal and yes I used every bit of it and now it is gone. Time to start a new tube.

So yesterday when I woke up I was like hmmmmmm what should I wear today? So I went to look in my closet and I saw a nice pair of dress slacks and I thought to my self...... ya I will wear those and then it was time to pick out a shirt so as I rummaged through my shirts I decided on a short sleeve button up shirt then I decided to put a tie on. Now it was time for shoes. So as I looked through all my diverse shoes I had in my closet I decided on a nice pair of dress shoes. I was satisfied with what I was wearing...Black Slacks a White shirt a Tie and dress shoes I was lookin good.

So funny thing I figured out how they do addresses in Nicaragua. I found it hilarious. I want to know what you think. This is an address: "Alright, my address is 200 meters past the mango tree next to the burned down house." Ha ha I thought it was funny but that is how it really goes down.

Lets get down to business to defeat the Hans or the list I have for you. I will be sending some ties home or trading them off and I am also going to send some long sleeve shirts home but can I have you send me 6 short sleeve church shirts please? Just sometime between now and the 27th when I leave.

Mom I want you to know I love you so much.

Love, Elder Moore
Love you with all my heart.
Bouncy balls please?