Monday, September 20, 2010

September 17, 2010

Hey Momma,

You sure did have a lot to say this week but it is all stuff I enjoyed hearing. Thank you so much for writing me and keeping me updated on what you do and how life is. Sounds like you had an enjoyable time up in Sandy.

That is crazy that Jeff and Trevor are already back. I am sure they did an amazing job. I would like to hear more about their talks if you can remember stuff from them.
Me and Brynlee do write weekly and it is awesome. I like her a lot. It is good to get letters from her. We have some pretty sweet conversations. I like their whole family a lot. They are good people. I look up to them. They got my love and respect.

About the 3 times in 3 months, psh that is insane. I don't like that challenge cause come on we have lives, we have jobs, people don't have time to read it 3 times in 3 months. And full on study it. We shouldn't rush through the Word of God but come to understand it and find out how it applies to us in our lives. So I am opposed to that challenge. It is good to challenge people to read it cause it gives them that drive to do it if they are challenged but 3 in 3 na uh.

That is crazy Brooklyn is going to a dance ha ha she is growing up. She will love it. Dances are always great but she needs to make the best of it and have fun doing it. She can't be shy and embarassed but be there to have a good time. You choose your personality you make it what it is. I am sure she will look amazing in her dress.

Funny story about Amber actually ha ha. There is some kid here that I guess went on a couple dates with Amber and wanted her to wait for him but she said she was waiting for someone else ha ha (Brandon). That is just the jist of the story but he is in Kyle Moffet's room and Kyle Moffet was just telling me about it and I thought it was funny.

So something extremely awesome that happened this week was yesterday we got our flight plans saweeeeeet!! I know we thought we would be getting them today but surprise they got herr yesterday. I was filled with happiness. So this is my travel plans all in Utah time:

We leave Salt Lake at 6:00 am arrive in Dallas Fort Worth at 8:45am. leave Dallas at 1:00pm arrive in Miami at 3:45. Leave Miami at 4:50 and arrive in Nicaragua at 7:30. I am so stoked so not this Monday but next Monday the 27th of this month. Psh I know I won't understand anything but you jump in and you learn. I am going to say I am MTC fluent but far from real world fluent. I can understand everything that goes on here but it is totally different from the real world.

Some more notes from from another awesome devotional we had:
Atonement will carry you through the struggle - when you get rejected or cast out the atonement will carry you.
This is the Best life the world has ever known.
You take this gospel your testimony this truth and charge.
Everything you give up he gives back.
Devote Everything to Build Up His Kingdom.

Just a couple of things I liked. So I sent home a box today if when you get it could send back my memory card asap that would be awesome. I am going to be sending another one cause I forgot to put white shirts in the box stupid me ha ha o well. There are 2 pictures that are dumb you will know which ones they are if you could crop them that would be awesome. You will know.

Know that I love you and miss you and am so stoked I leave so soon it is crazy. Thank you for everything.

Grandma Happy Birthday. Now imagine me singing this to you-
" This is your birthday song it isn't very long"

Love you all,
Elder Moore

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