Sunday, August 29, 2010

August 27, 2010

Hey there fam or mom or whoever will take part in reading this message,

First off, ya I was using the word ladron for thug, I dunno but me and Elder Maag are always like "Ladron vida es me vida" or "Ladron vida es su vida." So I decided to put that in my last letter. Good thing you had Brandon there to tell you about it huh ha ha. Anyways, Tuesdays are devotional days. And we are always messing around saying the prophets coming, but everyone knows its a joke. So this week me and my companion decided to tell everyone Uchtdorf was coming to talk to us and usually people start lining up around 6 or 6:30. This week there were people starting to line up at 4:45 and the devotional doesn't start til 7. So it was crazy. I took some pictures of the people lined up. Dinner was pretty empty so we didn't have to wait in line and everyone believed Uchtdorf was coming ha ha. So we get to the devotional line and we were like what if he or another apostle really is coming? and now we have started this big line and might not get a seat. What did we do? So as we are in there singing before the devotional actually starts the big bald man that I mentioned last week goes on to the stage, grabs the microphone, and was like "remember we don't stand when we sing we only stand when an apostle or someone from the first presidency come" and we were like wow ha ha we told everyone Uchtdorf was coming and it looks like we might actually get an apostle. So our rumor kinda turned in to the truth. Obviously someone big was coming right? They wouldn't just say that ha ha. And as we were singing the song Armies of Helaman the part of the song were it says " And we are now the Lords missionaries!" The doors open and its none other than my favorite speaker Jeffry R Holland. I have always liked him, but started to like him a lot more since I have been here. I watch a lot of his talks on during my MDT time and the spirit was so strong. He truly gave an amazing talk. I will share some of the notes I took from his talk.

Don't miss the opportunity to give it all you got. Give it everything you have. This is only gonna come once. Grab it, embrace it, sieze it.
This war is the battle between good and evil and we are the truth. You're not the ones taking lives, I can't spend any time doing what I am not supposed to - I need to focus on the work because I am saving lives out there literally bringing them unto Christ. I wish everyone knew how important this message truly is.
Q: Why is life so hard? Why so hard? Why is everything so hard? A: Because salvation is not a cheap experience.
You will redeem and you will save.
The Road to Salvation always goes through Gethsemene.
If you want to be like Christ you go where he went.
Just a couple notes I took from his talk. He truly is an amazing speaker. He repeatedly said his mission meant everything to him. over and over again "My mission meant everything to me" and to here an apostle of the Lord say that is really strong. Everything he said I felt was directed to me.

We also had another good talk last Sunday and a couple key things I got out of that talk was...
He wants your sins. He can't take them from you, you have to give them to him.... Just let it go. Give them to the Savior.
We all make mistakes and have sinned and regret things we have done in our life and it is hard. But through the atonement of Jesus Chirst we can be forgiven. He wants to take our sins. He literally full on wants them but he can't take them, we have to give them to him.
Another thing that stuck out to me was " Don't you have faith in the Atonement?"
When we repent we have to have that faith that we truly are forgiven, that the process of the atonement truly does work.
So just a couple things that I liked.

Anyways. today we broke the 700 days awesome? I think yes only 699 days left ha ha ha awesome huh.

And I would really appreciate it if you would continue to send all the missionary emails through dearelder because I will have time to read them while on the email I have no time so I can't. So I would love if you would continue to send them. Know I love you and you are a strong woman and I promise everything will get better.
I am so greatful I had the opportunity to hear an apostle of the Lord speak. It was amazing.

I request an email 5 and whoever else wants to give me a high 5 it will take place Sunday at 3 and we will just give a long distant air five and it will be legit and Matt Farr hypothetical highfive............. awesome.

Love, Elder Moore

Saturday, August 21, 2010

August 20, 2010 Ladron Vida es mi Vida‏

Hey mama, Ya that box is awesome huh. I thought of that like the night before I came into the mtc when me and Katelin were down there packing up stuff.

So I like to talk in my sleep a lot you know - in spanish of course cause that is the only language I speak now psh ha ha. Any ways, this past week I was caught yelling in my sleep these words "QUE PASA CHICAS" ha ha so pretty much "What's happening girls?" Ha ha, I don't remember the dream but I woke up all my roomates by yelling that. Anyways I think that means I am going through withdrawals. I have never been away from real girls this long. Ha ha, I like girls but oh well. I can wait. Two years ain't nothing.

So this week me and my companion tried to sit on the stand during a big fireside devotional in front of all the missionaries. We thought it would be was sweet if we could sneek up there before and kinda just sit there. So as we were sitting up there, a big bald guy comes over to us and says, "What are you all doing up here?" And we were like "We are saying the prayer." There was like 7 of us - 3 girls and 2 other Elders up there and he was like, "All of you are praying?" and of course we said "No but he is" and we pointed to the kid who was actually saying the prayer and then we got kicked off the stage. We were so close! It would have been awesome because then people would have though I was important and possibly could have seen me in the background on the big screen. That would have been SAWEEET! We will try again some other time. But let me tell you what, those lines to the fireside are huge. It's like Disneyland, everyone wants in. The doors don't open till 6:30 but there are people waiting like an hour early for when the doors open so they get a good spot.

This week 4 people left from our district. It was kinda sad cause we all grew so close together but it's all good. They are still out there doing the work and I know I will see them again. So there is 8 of us here now.

Our teaching as a companionship has grown so much it's amazing. We have really changed the ways of teaching to focus on the needs of the investigator and it truly is amazing.

Here is an experience I had today. There were people installing new lights in our Residence Halls and I heard this strange noise and I was like, "Huh what is that?" and as i began to listen more intently to this strange noise. It clicked in my head. It was real music from the real world. Something I hadn't heard in oh so long ha ha. The construction workers were listening to weezer! Ha ha, it was funny. Real music!

I had a dream the other night there were big spiders making a huge web over my bed and supposibly I was in my sleep searching around for spiders with the light from my watch. I got made fun of for it. So I wasn't sleep walking, I was sleep searching and iIdidn't find any spiders.

If you could please go to D.I and get me some new ties. I need more and they can't be silk cause silk ties get ruined in Nicaragua and bleed the shirt because of the high humidity. So if you could just go pick out a couple of cheap ties that would be awesome and much appreciated.

Mail is kinda a big deal here and we decided to sacrifice mail till night instead of picking it up mid day and have it distract everyone from when we should be studying. Everyone agreed on the sacrifice except for one kid and he almost cried it was funny. No 20 year old boy child should be crying over mail that he is still going to get the same day just 6 hours later.

So to finish up I want to share an amazing story I heard this week. Elder Henriod, who is in our district, told this story. This story happened to his dad's friend this past week. I am going to quote it word for word:

"I went to Merril Layton's house. He told me that his brother in law was up horse back riding in Idaho with a potential convert friend. They were on a trail when the brother in law fell off the horse and then the horse fell on him. It crushed Merril's brother in law's skull. They got him to the hospital and did surgery. After surgery he went into a coma, and he died. They eventually reivived him. When he came out of his coma, he told Merill and all his family that he did visit the Spirit World. He said everyone was in their prime life like 20 years old and that everyone was in white. But not all were wearing robes. He said the prophets of old were teaching people and that everyone was full of love for everyone. More so than he could describe. He said everyone was so grateful for the Savior's atonement. He mentioned everyone knew eachother. He said the plants and rocks were beautiful beyond description and everything was peaceful. He mentioned there were people waiting to come down to earth to live their Mortality."

That story hit me real hard. It's amazing and especially to hear it from like a direct contact.

One last thing before I close out. I just want to leave you with a quote " I'm grateful that God allows tragedies and trials to occur in our lives, not because they are easy or desired, but because they help us love."

Know I love all of you and am so grateful for all of you in my life.

Love, Elder Moore

P.S. I hate being rushed on the computers, but one last thing. Could you send me some pictures of my jeep looking good like always! Love you!

Friday, August 13, 2010

August 13, 2010

Hey Mama, and who ever else might read this letter. Thanks for keeping me up to date on things.

On this letter I kinda just wanna start out on a spiritual note. I learned something very important these past couple days mainly yesterday. I got asked a lot how much it cost to go on a mission and I would respond 10,000 dollars and they would be in awe. Like wow that is a ton of money. And you know what, it is a lot of money. But I have grown to learn that if I can bring save it be one soul unto this gospel that they may know the truth of it and come unto Christ. That they may know of the happiness that comes from this Gospel, it makes the 10,000 dollars all worth it. I love this work and what I am doing out here and I can't wait til i actually get out into the field and serve the Lord.

Dear Diary: Well it feels if I am in a whole different world in here. I am beginning to wonder if any one is really out there. I hear there are people outside of these walls that wear the clothes I wear on p-day everyday. It's crazy. I dunno and supposibly we have underground tunnels that take us to the so called "real world" but I don't know. I feel as if I have lived the past 19 years of my life in this place and know nothing else. I can see things beyond the boundaries but I do not know if they are real. I dreamed of something called facebook and beginning to wonder if that is something you can find in the "real world". Who knows?

So this past sunday in sacrament I had the opportunity to say the prayer, and we are in the spanish zone so it had to be in spanish. So I opened the sacrament meeting with a very successful all in spanish prayer. I'm proud of myself ha ha. Other news, I got challenged by my teacher to go a complete 2 days completely speaking spanish. I of course accepted the challenge after some thought and I went through with it. It was really hard and there was a lot of conversations I wanted to be a part of but couldn't cause I didn't know how to contribute in espanol. But I know it helped me a lot on my spanish. I was the only one he challenged. I think it's cause he sees my mad potential in learning the language.

Well in sport's news, we now play volleyball and me and my companion wreck. We are both athletic. We have made an effort to be the biggest smack talking companionship in the mtc. And we can do it cause we both got game to back it up. The other day in volleyball we started on the loser's court, lost the first game and then won 6 in a row after that and we were on the winner's court the whole rest of the time.

So there is an Elder here Elder Vai'i. He is a Poly big ol dude. He played football for TCU this last year and he has been teaching us the Haka. It's pretty legit. I took some video of it so when I send my memory card home you can see all the awesomeness and me trying to learn the haka. Supposibly we are doing it this Sunday at the temple walk with a bunch of other polly's.

This week me and my companion taught 2 complete lessons in espanol. They were kinda sketchy but we got our point across and I thought we did really good for it being our first time teaching in spanish.

So waking up at 6:30 every morning was easy in the beginning but has gotten to be really hard to get up. I still do it but every day it gets harder and harder so feel free to send some mad energy drinks or 5 hour shots ha ha.

I take so many notes here. I just get drilled with spanish every day ha ha. I have already used up both notebooks and had to buy new ones. Another interesting thing I have learned and kinda modified to fit me while being here is this phrase: I know what I know, I am who I am, and I am to go forth and Preach the Gospel.

Well I hope there is a real world out there and I hope that you receive this and it is not just a figment of my imagination as it seems it might be. Know I love all of you very much. I know this church is true. I know we have living prophets on the world today. I know that the Book of Mormon is the word of God and everything it contains is true. I know that our Prophet today receives revelation and guides us in our lives. And if we stay obedient, we will be blessed more than we can ever know.
Love ya and miss ya,
Love Elder Moore

P.S. Just to throw this in here, I miss having slap bets. They were so awesome. Maybe one day here in the mtc or out in the mission field it will be possible to have a slap bet and if it happens it will be Legen.....................

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

August 6, 2010


That is great to hear you all made it to Texas. Glad to know the house is coming along alright in the midst of all the chaos. I actually did not recieve your dear elder letter. Wonder why? Make sure to put in the correct address. Everything I have recieved has been a legit letter with a stamp and the box. Thank you so much for the box it was so awesome and filled with greatness. I love when the mail comes. It's like christmas everyday you have something to look forward to. Some days you get a letter other days you don't and you got your hopes up for nothing ha ha. But it is the best when you get a slip saying a package has been sent to you. I love christmas ha ha.

It is really hard here waking up at 6:30 every morning and not returning to bed till 10:30. I have had great opportunities to learn and to teach others. And to share my testimony. I have learned the language quickly. I never thought I could bear my testimony, say a prayer and carry on a conversation all in Spanish in the first few days of being here. It is truly amazing. I have learned so much about being a missionary. It's not just about teaching. It's about getting to know and love who you teach. It's not about teaching the lesson, it is about learning to love and apply doctrines that fit their needs.

Anyways it didn't take me long to become the cream of the crop. Cause you all know how awesome I am and I just shared my awesomeness with all the missionaries in my district and zone and others. I love my district. They are all so awesome and we get along so good. Me and my companion get a long good except for the fact he doesn't talk and that is hard to deal with cause I talk a ton. Ha ha but I share a room with an Elder name Elder Maag and he is from Hurricane and he is way legit. I love the kid. Me and him get a long so good. He reminds me a lot of Devin. We are always making each other laugh. Elder Maag says he is gonna show me the ropes around the new hood when we get home since he lives there.

I have been wearing some Lakers stuff around and I've been getting hated on. It's funny. I love it but I gotta rep my team. Also it wasn't long before the district noticed the face ha ha u know the face when we take pictures. They are always like "Elder Moore do the face" as they are taking the picture. They get a good laugh out of it.

I have seen a lot of people I know. It's just like high school. It's funny.

On day 2 here I made some tie exchanges and to me that means you're in. Once you started trading ties it means business and you're one of them.

So 3 or 4 times in the 10 days I have been here I have been yelling out spanish in my sleep ha ha its awesome to wake up to. My room mates told me I did very well speaking spanish, but they aren't to happy that I keep waking them up. Supposible the first time I was yelling prayers second time just random words and 2 nights ago i was just repeatedly yelling Jesucristo! Jesucristo! ha ha which I find kinda funny.

So since the gym is down here at the mtc for another 2 weeks soft ball is the thing to do. I love it. It is way fun and enjoyable. They call me the all star outfielder when we play. Ha ha I do what I can and come to find out I am actually really good at softball. I didn't even know and it had been awhile since I played. But ya I am nicknamed all star when we play softball.

I thought i would miss my phone and car and a lot of things. Well turns out I don't miss them at all. I am loving it here and it is all going so great. And I am so happy for the decision I made to serve a mission.

This morning me and my companion went and ran a little over a mile at the gym and just relaxed and studied and had the great oppurtunity to go to the temple. It was awesome and don't judge the Provo Temple by its out side appearance, cause to be honest I loved it and thought it was beautiful inside. Every week we get the oppurtunity to go the temple.

So like I mentioned in my previous email it was really hard here. Well it is and it is just on going hardness. But I love it. Times get tough and home doesn't seem so far a way but you know what I came to realize "I CAN DO HARD THINGS!" 2 years ain't nothing. When times get rough I know there will be better times following it. It's all in the difference of perception and how you see it. I am trying hard to learn the language and it is coming a long really good to be honest as it should since we spend 10 hours a day in a class room learning about spanish. ha ha a lot of studying goes on here.

We started teaching people and contacting and me and my companion seem to be getting it really good and it seems to be effective but we still have a lot to work on. I am loving it out here and I am 10 days in. Time seems to be flying by already filled with lots of fun. But I do miss a lot about home and my friends as I should. Thank you for the pictures muchas gracias. Also can I get the Bishops' address like Brynlee bishop and if you could make sure they get the letters as well it would be super awesome. And if you could write a little something at the end of this about dear elder that would be great just so people know about it, and how it works. (go to - type an email, and it will be hand delivered to the mtc for free that day).

This part goes out to the FARRS: first I need their address if I am going to write and second off I am over 10 days sober from "Otis" and I am in need of some. I haven't gone this long with out spunkmeyer in a long time it would be much aprreciated if you could do something about it.

Here is my address:

Elder Justin Moore
MTC Mailbox 357
Nic-Mann 0928
2005 N 900 E
Provo, UT 84604

I love you a ton and thank you for everything.
Love. Elder Moore

p.s I know I said I wouldn't write a novel but turns out I did have it in me but it is just a bunch of nonsense in no order whatsoever. The church is true. I know it. I have felt it. The spirit is so strong here and its impossible to deny. Love you all.

Monday, August 2, 2010

The First Email from the MTC

Hola! Mommy,

How is the new house? You liken it like you thought you would? I hope you do. So come to find out my email is not just my lds mail. So you if you could get that out to people it would be awesome, Because I can recieve email from anyone, but only write emails to my family. I have to write letters to people outside of the family.

The MTC is awesome and amazing and you can feel the spirit so strong here. But even with the feelings I get it's hard to enjoy this place and call it my new home. It is not easy that is for sure. It is probably the hardest thing I have done. I feel like things would be so much easier to just go to Nicaragua. But obviously I am awesome and will not do so. I know after maybe 2 weeks or 3 I will come to the realization that this is my new home perse and not miss it as much.

The language is coming great. I can already bear my testimony and say my prayers and carry a conversation in spanish. Today we got to get to know and share the gospel with an investigator, We carried the conversation in spanish for probably 7-10 minutes. And I could understand the majority of what the investigator was saying. It is amazing how quickly you can pick up the language and learn here. If the lord is on your side everything is possible. And I have seen that through the quickness I am picking up the language. Days are long waking up at 6:30 am and not returning to our room till 10 is pretty rough. And I get really tired through out the day. I can only write letters on my P day and that is going to be on Friday. Except for this week we get a miniature P-day and that would be today. So I am going to kinda keep this short and write you a letter here in a little.

The food is alright, some things I really enjoy and others I just think are nasty ha ha but you know me i can eat anything so it's all good. I still down it. If you could send me a box of goods since i left the CRISPIX (Sister Schippanboard made me) at home. I'm gonna need something to snack on, and enjoy ha ha. And letters, Personally i prefer letters over email at this point because I can only check email once a week, but can get mail everyday. I would love to receive mail ha ha but have only received one letter and it was from none of you so thanks ha ha ;) it was from Brianne. She wrote it on Tuesday early in the morning.

So we have an elder in our district who is a magician and when I found this out I scheduled a magic show every night at 10. We all get to see one magic trick it is awesome. His name is Elder Stone but after 10 pm we all call him Elder Blaine ha ha like the magician David Blaine. This guy gave him the nick name ha ha I'm awesome. He does some way trippy stuff. Day One he had us write on a piece of paper someone we cared about then fold it up as little as we can and hold it in our hand and then he read our minds. I dunno how he did it cause he wasn't even there when we were writing them or foldinh them. Day 2 he had our zone leader draw a card and sign it and fold it up and stick it in his mouth. Then Elder Blaine took a card and he signed it and folded up and put it in his mouth and swallowed it then coughed up a card and they magically switched. Even though our zone leader had his card in his mouth the whole time biting down on it. I dunno how it happened i don't even know if this makes since to you. But night one we had proably half our district so like 6 then I spread the word and night 2 there was probably like 15-20 and I am predicting tonight probably like close to half the floor ha ha. So we are going to need a bigger venue!

My room is on the top floor of the building ( the celestial floor) I share the room with 3 others all going to the same mission all at the same time.

Know I love you mom so much I feel bad cause i didn't get to express it all the time but I love you mucho ha ha and so grateful for you and the strong woman you are. Let all the family know i love them and care for them and I miss you all greatly but we are just under a short 2 years aint no thing ha ha .

Love J-Mo

p.s You should receive a letter soon caise I'm just about to go write it
p.s.s this email probably is not contructed top well and might not make sense ha ha i am a noob to this whole email thing so they will be getting better as the weeks go on.

mucho mucho love to all of you