Friday, August 13, 2010

August 13, 2010

Hey Mama, and who ever else might read this letter. Thanks for keeping me up to date on things.

On this letter I kinda just wanna start out on a spiritual note. I learned something very important these past couple days mainly yesterday. I got asked a lot how much it cost to go on a mission and I would respond 10,000 dollars and they would be in awe. Like wow that is a ton of money. And you know what, it is a lot of money. But I have grown to learn that if I can bring save it be one soul unto this gospel that they may know the truth of it and come unto Christ. That they may know of the happiness that comes from this Gospel, it makes the 10,000 dollars all worth it. I love this work and what I am doing out here and I can't wait til i actually get out into the field and serve the Lord.

Dear Diary: Well it feels if I am in a whole different world in here. I am beginning to wonder if any one is really out there. I hear there are people outside of these walls that wear the clothes I wear on p-day everyday. It's crazy. I dunno and supposibly we have underground tunnels that take us to the so called "real world" but I don't know. I feel as if I have lived the past 19 years of my life in this place and know nothing else. I can see things beyond the boundaries but I do not know if they are real. I dreamed of something called facebook and beginning to wonder if that is something you can find in the "real world". Who knows?

So this past sunday in sacrament I had the opportunity to say the prayer, and we are in the spanish zone so it had to be in spanish. So I opened the sacrament meeting with a very successful all in spanish prayer. I'm proud of myself ha ha. Other news, I got challenged by my teacher to go a complete 2 days completely speaking spanish. I of course accepted the challenge after some thought and I went through with it. It was really hard and there was a lot of conversations I wanted to be a part of but couldn't cause I didn't know how to contribute in espanol. But I know it helped me a lot on my spanish. I was the only one he challenged. I think it's cause he sees my mad potential in learning the language.

Well in sport's news, we now play volleyball and me and my companion wreck. We are both athletic. We have made an effort to be the biggest smack talking companionship in the mtc. And we can do it cause we both got game to back it up. The other day in volleyball we started on the loser's court, lost the first game and then won 6 in a row after that and we were on the winner's court the whole rest of the time.

So there is an Elder here Elder Vai'i. He is a Poly big ol dude. He played football for TCU this last year and he has been teaching us the Haka. It's pretty legit. I took some video of it so when I send my memory card home you can see all the awesomeness and me trying to learn the haka. Supposibly we are doing it this Sunday at the temple walk with a bunch of other polly's.

This week me and my companion taught 2 complete lessons in espanol. They were kinda sketchy but we got our point across and I thought we did really good for it being our first time teaching in spanish.

So waking up at 6:30 every morning was easy in the beginning but has gotten to be really hard to get up. I still do it but every day it gets harder and harder so feel free to send some mad energy drinks or 5 hour shots ha ha.

I take so many notes here. I just get drilled with spanish every day ha ha. I have already used up both notebooks and had to buy new ones. Another interesting thing I have learned and kinda modified to fit me while being here is this phrase: I know what I know, I am who I am, and I am to go forth and Preach the Gospel.

Well I hope there is a real world out there and I hope that you receive this and it is not just a figment of my imagination as it seems it might be. Know I love all of you very much. I know this church is true. I know we have living prophets on the world today. I know that the Book of Mormon is the word of God and everything it contains is true. I know that our Prophet today receives revelation and guides us in our lives. And if we stay obedient, we will be blessed more than we can ever know.
Love ya and miss ya,
Love Elder Moore

P.S. Just to throw this in here, I miss having slap bets. They were so awesome. Maybe one day here in the mtc or out in the mission field it will be possible to have a slap bet and if it happens it will be Legen.....................

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