Monday, August 2, 2010

The First Email from the MTC

Hola! Mommy,

How is the new house? You liken it like you thought you would? I hope you do. So come to find out my email is not just my lds mail. So you if you could get that out to people it would be awesome, Because I can recieve email from anyone, but only write emails to my family. I have to write letters to people outside of the family.

The MTC is awesome and amazing and you can feel the spirit so strong here. But even with the feelings I get it's hard to enjoy this place and call it my new home. It is not easy that is for sure. It is probably the hardest thing I have done. I feel like things would be so much easier to just go to Nicaragua. But obviously I am awesome and will not do so. I know after maybe 2 weeks or 3 I will come to the realization that this is my new home perse and not miss it as much.

The language is coming great. I can already bear my testimony and say my prayers and carry a conversation in spanish. Today we got to get to know and share the gospel with an investigator, We carried the conversation in spanish for probably 7-10 minutes. And I could understand the majority of what the investigator was saying. It is amazing how quickly you can pick up the language and learn here. If the lord is on your side everything is possible. And I have seen that through the quickness I am picking up the language. Days are long waking up at 6:30 am and not returning to our room till 10 is pretty rough. And I get really tired through out the day. I can only write letters on my P day and that is going to be on Friday. Except for this week we get a miniature P-day and that would be today. So I am going to kinda keep this short and write you a letter here in a little.

The food is alright, some things I really enjoy and others I just think are nasty ha ha but you know me i can eat anything so it's all good. I still down it. If you could send me a box of goods since i left the CRISPIX (Sister Schippanboard made me) at home. I'm gonna need something to snack on, and enjoy ha ha. And letters, Personally i prefer letters over email at this point because I can only check email once a week, but can get mail everyday. I would love to receive mail ha ha but have only received one letter and it was from none of you so thanks ha ha ;) it was from Brianne. She wrote it on Tuesday early in the morning.

So we have an elder in our district who is a magician and when I found this out I scheduled a magic show every night at 10. We all get to see one magic trick it is awesome. His name is Elder Stone but after 10 pm we all call him Elder Blaine ha ha like the magician David Blaine. This guy gave him the nick name ha ha I'm awesome. He does some way trippy stuff. Day One he had us write on a piece of paper someone we cared about then fold it up as little as we can and hold it in our hand and then he read our minds. I dunno how he did it cause he wasn't even there when we were writing them or foldinh them. Day 2 he had our zone leader draw a card and sign it and fold it up and stick it in his mouth. Then Elder Blaine took a card and he signed it and folded up and put it in his mouth and swallowed it then coughed up a card and they magically switched. Even though our zone leader had his card in his mouth the whole time biting down on it. I dunno how it happened i don't even know if this makes since to you. But night one we had proably half our district so like 6 then I spread the word and night 2 there was probably like 15-20 and I am predicting tonight probably like close to half the floor ha ha. So we are going to need a bigger venue!

My room is on the top floor of the building ( the celestial floor) I share the room with 3 others all going to the same mission all at the same time.

Know I love you mom so much I feel bad cause i didn't get to express it all the time but I love you mucho ha ha and so grateful for you and the strong woman you are. Let all the family know i love them and care for them and I miss you all greatly but we are just under a short 2 years aint no thing ha ha .

Love J-Mo

p.s You should receive a letter soon caise I'm just about to go write it
p.s.s this email probably is not contructed top well and might not make sense ha ha i am a noob to this whole email thing so they will be getting better as the weeks go on.

mucho mucho love to all of you

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