Wednesday, August 11, 2010

August 6, 2010


That is great to hear you all made it to Texas. Glad to know the house is coming along alright in the midst of all the chaos. I actually did not recieve your dear elder letter. Wonder why? Make sure to put in the correct address. Everything I have recieved has been a legit letter with a stamp and the box. Thank you so much for the box it was so awesome and filled with greatness. I love when the mail comes. It's like christmas everyday you have something to look forward to. Some days you get a letter other days you don't and you got your hopes up for nothing ha ha. But it is the best when you get a slip saying a package has been sent to you. I love christmas ha ha.

It is really hard here waking up at 6:30 every morning and not returning to bed till 10:30. I have had great opportunities to learn and to teach others. And to share my testimony. I have learned the language quickly. I never thought I could bear my testimony, say a prayer and carry on a conversation all in Spanish in the first few days of being here. It is truly amazing. I have learned so much about being a missionary. It's not just about teaching. It's about getting to know and love who you teach. It's not about teaching the lesson, it is about learning to love and apply doctrines that fit their needs.

Anyways it didn't take me long to become the cream of the crop. Cause you all know how awesome I am and I just shared my awesomeness with all the missionaries in my district and zone and others. I love my district. They are all so awesome and we get along so good. Me and my companion get a long good except for the fact he doesn't talk and that is hard to deal with cause I talk a ton. Ha ha but I share a room with an Elder name Elder Maag and he is from Hurricane and he is way legit. I love the kid. Me and him get a long so good. He reminds me a lot of Devin. We are always making each other laugh. Elder Maag says he is gonna show me the ropes around the new hood when we get home since he lives there.

I have been wearing some Lakers stuff around and I've been getting hated on. It's funny. I love it but I gotta rep my team. Also it wasn't long before the district noticed the face ha ha u know the face when we take pictures. They are always like "Elder Moore do the face" as they are taking the picture. They get a good laugh out of it.

I have seen a lot of people I know. It's just like high school. It's funny.

On day 2 here I made some tie exchanges and to me that means you're in. Once you started trading ties it means business and you're one of them.

So 3 or 4 times in the 10 days I have been here I have been yelling out spanish in my sleep ha ha its awesome to wake up to. My room mates told me I did very well speaking spanish, but they aren't to happy that I keep waking them up. Supposible the first time I was yelling prayers second time just random words and 2 nights ago i was just repeatedly yelling Jesucristo! Jesucristo! ha ha which I find kinda funny.

So since the gym is down here at the mtc for another 2 weeks soft ball is the thing to do. I love it. It is way fun and enjoyable. They call me the all star outfielder when we play. Ha ha I do what I can and come to find out I am actually really good at softball. I didn't even know and it had been awhile since I played. But ya I am nicknamed all star when we play softball.

I thought i would miss my phone and car and a lot of things. Well turns out I don't miss them at all. I am loving it here and it is all going so great. And I am so happy for the decision I made to serve a mission.

This morning me and my companion went and ran a little over a mile at the gym and just relaxed and studied and had the great oppurtunity to go to the temple. It was awesome and don't judge the Provo Temple by its out side appearance, cause to be honest I loved it and thought it was beautiful inside. Every week we get the oppurtunity to go the temple.

So like I mentioned in my previous email it was really hard here. Well it is and it is just on going hardness. But I love it. Times get tough and home doesn't seem so far a way but you know what I came to realize "I CAN DO HARD THINGS!" 2 years ain't nothing. When times get rough I know there will be better times following it. It's all in the difference of perception and how you see it. I am trying hard to learn the language and it is coming a long really good to be honest as it should since we spend 10 hours a day in a class room learning about spanish. ha ha a lot of studying goes on here.

We started teaching people and contacting and me and my companion seem to be getting it really good and it seems to be effective but we still have a lot to work on. I am loving it out here and I am 10 days in. Time seems to be flying by already filled with lots of fun. But I do miss a lot about home and my friends as I should. Thank you for the pictures muchas gracias. Also can I get the Bishops' address like Brynlee bishop and if you could make sure they get the letters as well it would be super awesome. And if you could write a little something at the end of this about dear elder that would be great just so people know about it, and how it works. (go to - type an email, and it will be hand delivered to the mtc for free that day).

This part goes out to the FARRS: first I need their address if I am going to write and second off I am over 10 days sober from "Otis" and I am in need of some. I haven't gone this long with out spunkmeyer in a long time it would be much aprreciated if you could do something about it.

Here is my address:

Elder Justin Moore
MTC Mailbox 357
Nic-Mann 0928
2005 N 900 E
Provo, UT 84604

I love you a ton and thank you for everything.
Love. Elder Moore

p.s I know I said I wouldn't write a novel but turns out I did have it in me but it is just a bunch of nonsense in no order whatsoever. The church is true. I know it. I have felt it. The spirit is so strong here and its impossible to deny. Love you all.

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