Saturday, August 21, 2010

August 20, 2010 Ladron Vida es mi Vida‏

Hey mama, Ya that box is awesome huh. I thought of that like the night before I came into the mtc when me and Katelin were down there packing up stuff.

So I like to talk in my sleep a lot you know - in spanish of course cause that is the only language I speak now psh ha ha. Any ways, this past week I was caught yelling in my sleep these words "QUE PASA CHICAS" ha ha so pretty much "What's happening girls?" Ha ha, I don't remember the dream but I woke up all my roomates by yelling that. Anyways I think that means I am going through withdrawals. I have never been away from real girls this long. Ha ha, I like girls but oh well. I can wait. Two years ain't nothing.

So this week me and my companion tried to sit on the stand during a big fireside devotional in front of all the missionaries. We thought it would be was sweet if we could sneek up there before and kinda just sit there. So as we were sitting up there, a big bald guy comes over to us and says, "What are you all doing up here?" And we were like "We are saying the prayer." There was like 7 of us - 3 girls and 2 other Elders up there and he was like, "All of you are praying?" and of course we said "No but he is" and we pointed to the kid who was actually saying the prayer and then we got kicked off the stage. We were so close! It would have been awesome because then people would have though I was important and possibly could have seen me in the background on the big screen. That would have been SAWEEET! We will try again some other time. But let me tell you what, those lines to the fireside are huge. It's like Disneyland, everyone wants in. The doors don't open till 6:30 but there are people waiting like an hour early for when the doors open so they get a good spot.

This week 4 people left from our district. It was kinda sad cause we all grew so close together but it's all good. They are still out there doing the work and I know I will see them again. So there is 8 of us here now.

Our teaching as a companionship has grown so much it's amazing. We have really changed the ways of teaching to focus on the needs of the investigator and it truly is amazing.

Here is an experience I had today. There were people installing new lights in our Residence Halls and I heard this strange noise and I was like, "Huh what is that?" and as i began to listen more intently to this strange noise. It clicked in my head. It was real music from the real world. Something I hadn't heard in oh so long ha ha. The construction workers were listening to weezer! Ha ha, it was funny. Real music!

I had a dream the other night there were big spiders making a huge web over my bed and supposibly I was in my sleep searching around for spiders with the light from my watch. I got made fun of for it. So I wasn't sleep walking, I was sleep searching and iIdidn't find any spiders.

If you could please go to D.I and get me some new ties. I need more and they can't be silk cause silk ties get ruined in Nicaragua and bleed the shirt because of the high humidity. So if you could just go pick out a couple of cheap ties that would be awesome and much appreciated.

Mail is kinda a big deal here and we decided to sacrifice mail till night instead of picking it up mid day and have it distract everyone from when we should be studying. Everyone agreed on the sacrifice except for one kid and he almost cried it was funny. No 20 year old boy child should be crying over mail that he is still going to get the same day just 6 hours later.

So to finish up I want to share an amazing story I heard this week. Elder Henriod, who is in our district, told this story. This story happened to his dad's friend this past week. I am going to quote it word for word:

"I went to Merril Layton's house. He told me that his brother in law was up horse back riding in Idaho with a potential convert friend. They were on a trail when the brother in law fell off the horse and then the horse fell on him. It crushed Merril's brother in law's skull. They got him to the hospital and did surgery. After surgery he went into a coma, and he died. They eventually reivived him. When he came out of his coma, he told Merill and all his family that he did visit the Spirit World. He said everyone was in their prime life like 20 years old and that everyone was in white. But not all were wearing robes. He said the prophets of old were teaching people and that everyone was full of love for everyone. More so than he could describe. He said everyone was so grateful for the Savior's atonement. He mentioned everyone knew eachother. He said the plants and rocks were beautiful beyond description and everything was peaceful. He mentioned there were people waiting to come down to earth to live their Mortality."

That story hit me real hard. It's amazing and especially to hear it from like a direct contact.

One last thing before I close out. I just want to leave you with a quote " I'm grateful that God allows tragedies and trials to occur in our lives, not because they are easy or desired, but because they help us love."

Know I love all of you and am so grateful for all of you in my life.

Love, Elder Moore

P.S. I hate being rushed on the computers, but one last thing. Could you send me some pictures of my jeep looking good like always! Love you!

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