Friday, September 30, 2011

September 26, 2011

Hello mommy, how art thou? I hope all is just splendid for you and your people and my people that are amongst your people. Ha ha I am so stoked for conference. It's going to be so awesome. I love conference. It kinda sucks that it only happens two times a year. I would like it to happen more. It is always awesome listening to the inspired messages. The conference always makes my testimony grow and strengthens the testimony of others and helps testimonies be born. I love conference I am so stoked.

So let me tell you about what happened this week. Friday we went to the bishop's house to organize some things to help our ward grow and how to retain the converts. And well he ended up giving us a reference. And with the reference he gave us he told us I want you to teach her today and baptize her tomorrow. So we went and taught her. We taught her the Restauration and The Gospel of Jesus Christ and understood it all and accepted it all and so we asked, Will you follow the example of Jesus Christ by getting baptized by someone who holds the proper authority and she accepted. She said yes and then my comp asks her ¨by tomorrow"? She was kinda in shock she was like tomorrow why tomorrow ha ha anyways she accepted and was way stoked to get baptized. It was awesome. So it will probably be the fastest baptism I'll have. But the girl, she has gone to church the past 3 weeks and was already part of the ward just needed to be baptized. After she got baptized all the Young women were way stoked and hugging her and going all crazy. It was awesome. The girl who we baptized her name is Melissa. And her mom is a less active and she went to her baptism and it was really spiritual. So hopefully that helps her mom to reactivate herself.

Also this week we are planning a family for baptism. We have to marry them and then baptize them. It will be awesome. Also another family we are preparing for baptism, the kid is already talking about serving a mission and where he would like to go. He is 19 and awesome. So if you could pray for them it would be awesome. The Family this week there names are Mauricio y Reina and for the next week Ismael Yamilett Carmen Ismael. And wow, I forgot the little girls name but she is awesome. I just call her hermanita. I hope all goes well.

We have been working a lot lately. When I got to this area 1 out of 43 recent converts went to church it was so frustrating. But this month we had 15 of 20 also the attendance was at like 50 this week. We achieved 100 people. So we reached those goals right on the dot. We wanted a retention of 75% and got it and an attendance of 100 people nailed it. It was awesome.

So this week I decided that I wanted to read the whole triple and the bible in Spanish before I finished the mission. Well I have finished the book of mormon and now I am in DandC seccion 20. I love reading the scriptures and learning now. It's kinda hard cause I am still disciplining my self. Before the mission I couldn't read worth crap. I would think about other things or my head would hurt and I would stop reading. But now I am getting used to reading a ton. So that is a goal I have recently put.

For like the first year of my mission I was thinking about when I got back I was thinking I wouldn't feel weird at all going back but now having like 14 months and getting closer to going home I feel like everything is going to be so weird and I am going to be weird when i get back. Especially being around white people that will be the weirdest. And my English will suck. I always mix my Spanish in with English now.

Well I am so stoked for conference. So stoked for these next coming weeks. Well I miss ya a ton and now I am a two hander. In just 10 months I'll be kickin it with you again. Ha ha can't wait to see ya again love ya.

Love, Elder Moore

Saturday, September 24, 2011

September 19, 2011

So I am going to start off with holy crap. Brooklyn looks so different. She is growing up so fast. It's insane. With that picture you sent wow she has changed and I am digging the long hair. Tell her to keep growing it out ha ha.

So let's start this week. We had the biggest storms I have ever seen in my life. It was pouring so hard. On Thursday we were teaching a lesson and it was pouring rain and the water kept rising and rising and rising and then before we knew it the water was higher than the entry to the house and the whole house flooded and all their things were floating around. We had to build dams. I was walking in water up to my thighs looking for blocks and logs to build dams so the water would stop coming in. Then once we got the dams built we took buckets and just started throwing out the water it was insane. It was the worst rainstorm El Viejo has seen in a while. Also with these rainstorms the power goes out.

Well with the power going out the town gets 100 times worse. And this week me and my comp got chased by some thugs (the gang is called Los Chocoyos). O and my comp had emergency changes. I am now with an Elder from Guatamala/Mexico. I'll talk about him more in a little. So ya we got chased by thugs and we had to take off running. Then the next day I got grabbed from a thug from behind and we was yelling at me trying to get me to give him money but we all know how awesome I am. I started talking to him about Miami. I just told him I was from Miami and he was all like sweet I went to Miami but I got deported ha ha. I dunno how I got away by saying I was from Miami but I did ha ha. Really random but it worked. Here the people think that the states only have three places/states, Los angeles Houston and Miami that's it ha ha.

Then well another time we had to get escorted out of the area where we were at. The storms have gotten alot stronger and well the area more dangerous. But the missionaries awesomer ha ha.

So Elder Denton had emergency changes and is now in Managua. My new comp is from Guatamala but lives two minutes from Mexico. He has 8 months in the mission. His dad died a couple years ago and a year ago his brother got murdered. His brother got shot in the head right in front of him. He is the only member of his family and was baptized 3 years ago and is a way good teacher. We have a lot of families that we are teaching. We put 12 dates for baptism. It was a way good week. And all our possibilities are positive. We had 7 investigatores in church.

We also found a familia to complete on Sunday. The husband has wanted to get baptized forever. His wife is a member and mother in law and his daughter always goes to church. And we just found him this Sunday and he is way excited to get married and baptized. It was an awesome experience. Ha ha we planned the wedding yesterday. They are going to get married and baptized the 1st of October.

Also we have 2 families that we are preparing for baptism the 8th of October. We had a way good week this week. I feel satisfied with our work but there is a lot more work to do. Another thing, Xiomara, one of my recent converts, is now a counselor in the Relief Society. That made me so happy when I heard that.

I can't wait till conference week. It will be so awesome. I love conference. And I love thinking of my converts that have never heard the prophet speak that will have the opportunity to hear his voice and be able to listen to the inspired messages that are always given.

I love you a ton mommy. You are awesome. Thank you for everything. I want you to know that all is good here and I am fine nothing to worry about. Just loving the mission. It's hard but I am loving it. I know this is the true church.

Time is flying. It's crazy. Well love ya,
Love, Elder Moore

Friday, September 16, 2011

September 12, 2011

So I totally forgot it was 9-11. It's a lot different being in a different country but some people have talked to me about it today. And totally remember where I was when I saw the plane hit the tower. I was in 5th grade sitting in school. It was like a little get together like a tea party. All the 5th grade students went in to one room and we watched the news for like 2 hours.

So Brooklyn starting to be an actress eh ha ha super tuanis. In Brooklyn's talk on Sunday, just have her let the members know how important they are in the mission work. Every member a missionary. All the members have to do their part. In the states it's a lot different then here. The states usually has like a settled number of members that go but here its totally different. If the members don't work your screwed but the member really are important en la obra misional

I love talking to the mission president now thats awesome. He is such a stud and it's so relaxing talking to him. He really understands the repentance process and he helps you out a ton. I know I have talked to him a couple times. But I aint no sinner ha ha I just like talking to him.

So that is way super dope that I am Youtube. Now just need the name so I can look me up ha ha.

So this week I read an article where Gordon B Hinkley just machetted the crap out of all the Guys. Mainly Priesthood Holders that direspected their wives or anyone. Like it was some intense stuff I can't remember what article it was. It was a talk given by Thomas S Monson this last conference I believe and he quoted President Hinckley and Hinckley just killed everyone with his words ha ha it was so awesome. Any ways it will be so dope when I have a wife. I can't wait it will be awesome. I know my wife will be awesome like me of course. I will be awesomer than her but she will be just below me. I can't wait to go awesoming with my wife ha ha.

So this week was a good working week. We have put in a ton of work. We did work this week. But it has also been frustrating cause we havent seen a lot of results. But we did find a guy who knew about the Book of Mormon doctrine and convenants and the Pearl of Great Price and knows it to be the word of God. We have been teaching him and talking about a lot of awesome stuff and I know he was prepared before hand. He is someone that wants to know and is studying so that he can gain the knowledge he needs about important things about the church. His name is Jose and he has a goal to get baptized but the problem is that his wife is pregnant and has been in the hospital a lot this week so we will see what happens with the baby pregnant business. Also we have started teaching many families and finding news. Hopefully we will see results here in the new future it will be nice. It sucks when you put in a ton of work and you don't see the results.

We have another way sweet family we found this week. It was an awesome experience. We contacted the lady, set an appointment, ended up going to their house the same day and we put the baptismal date with them all in the same day.

But just want you to know that I'm just chillin having a blast on the mission. I love it here but also I get frustrated a lot so many people get caught up in the numbers game like for real you know know. So I am almost at 14 months. Crazy awesome. I am almost a two hander ha ha think about it. Bought some ties today for 2cords each or like 10 cents in American money ha ha. I bought some way dope ties.

So our recent convert family is awesome and pilas they are studying the Book of Mormon and the Liahona. It's awesome. I love seeing my converts be pilas.

Well mommy love you and miss you a ton. Sorry this is kinda a crappy email. I have had a lot of problems in the cyber today and have been bothered alot so kinda lost the animo to write ha ha but love you a ton. And miss you. I pray for you everyday. THE CHURCH IS TRUE.

Love you a ton Mommy.
Love Elder Moore

Saturday, September 10, 2011


September 5, 2011

I am so proud of you mommy you are so awesome. I am so proud of all the things that you are doing. The stand, the mile run, everything. Props mommy. My respect ha ha.

So yesterday as we all know was fast sunday. And well the dad of the familia we baptized 2 weeks ago shared his testimony for the first time. It was so powerful. I felt the spirit so strong. It was amazing. We also gave each member of the family that was baptized a bible a triple and a hymn book. And when we visited them last night the dad was studying the triple and bible. She was reading the liahona and the hymn book. Ha ha it was awesome. They are awesome people.

So me and my comp have been doing work this week contacting a ton. Hopefully we will see results from our labors in the future. We did see some I guess ha ha. We had 7 investigators in church this week. But the mission is awesome. I am enjoying it to the max. Filled with spiritual experiences. So many things testify to me that this is the true church and the true gospel of Jesus Christ. And for that reason I know with out doubt that this is the kingdom of God here on earth. We really are the saints of the latter days. We need to stay strong and always look for ways to build our faith on the rock of our Savior Jesus Christ.

So I better be gettin pictures from homecoming ha ha. That is so awesome she got asked. When is it? Did it already pass? I don't know anything ha ha.

That's pretty much all I got this week I think. O ya I didn't have changes, I am still in Chinandega with Elder Denton so no change. I am in my 4th change here so that will be almost 6 months by the time this change is over. Crazy ain't it time flies so fast it's crazy. Before you know it I will be chillin with you.

Love you so much mommy love ya love ya love ya ha ha ha ha ha,
Love Elder Moore

Saturday, September 3, 2011

August 29, 2011

Wow super sketchy about Brooklyn driving that kinda scares me. Make sure she is a worthy driver before she starts going off by her self ha ha. That is so crazy she is growing up so fast. And going on dates wow a lot has changed. But I'll be back in no time to see and be a part of the changes instead of just hearing about them. That is funny that she got bit by a dog. Well I got bit by a dog too so we on the same boat on that one.

That is so awesome that Jace got his eagle scout. That kid is a stud. I am proud of him. That really is an awesome accomplishment so PROPS to him for being awesome and getting his Eagle Scout.

I have now somehow found a connection to get Dr. Pepper. It cost a lot but well worth it. I live this area my connection to Dr. Pepper gets cut off and it will be horrible and sad. I think I will be depressed ha ha.

Anyways on to me and myself ha ha. I am all partied out. We just totally partied this weekend no joke. Thursday we decided we were going to throw a way awesome activity for the families we baptized so that they could get to know all the Members and become friends with them. So we planned it all on Thursday and invited people on Friday and Saturday It was the activity. So we were running around buyin stuff. It was crazy but the party was freakin awesome we had awesome games. And live music. The games we played consisted of eating doughnuts that were hanging from a string - the doughnuts were so good. Then we had a game were people had to dig through flour with their face to find the candy and then we played chubby bunny.(who could put the must marshmallows in there mouth). Then after we had a mini concert where kids danced and sang. Then after we had a live band play were we all danced. We were expecting 80 people to show up cause we were inviting on short notice. But like 160 people showed up it was crazy awesome. I think it was cause we changed the name from Noched de hermanamiento to Bacanal de Hermanamiento. O Sea from Night of Brotherhood to Party of Brotherhood. It was totally the name that did it all ha ha.

Also the family that we baptized last night went in front of everyone and danced alone it was so awesome. It was also the mom of the familias birthday. So we all sang happy birhtday to her. She said it was better than she had hoped for. Also earlier that day on Saturday, we ate lunch at her house with missionaries. I will send you some pictures.

I know this letter sucks and is so unorganized. The proplem is I can't write very good but at least I am trying. But ya we ate soup there and we made egg salad sandwichea, it was just a way bomp weekend.

So changes are Wednesday and I am pretty sure I am going to have changes. We still don't know but I have still seen many tears shed. It kinda sucks when people cry. I have seen people cry in every area I have been in. The 5 people that I baptized in El Viejo. It will be the worst saying goodbye to them if I have changes. I was with them last night and they were crying but ha ha I dunno. I love those people a ton. I'll miss them. You will get to know them when you come pick me up. I'll miss them a lot. It has been amazing to see the change in them.

Anyways I think that is about it. I love you a ton and miss you. Thanks for everything. Yu be the bomb. You the bees knees the dogs bone ha ha and everything else that is aweosme.

Love You,
Love Elder Moore