Saturday, September 3, 2011

August 29, 2011

Wow super sketchy about Brooklyn driving that kinda scares me. Make sure she is a worthy driver before she starts going off by her self ha ha. That is so crazy she is growing up so fast. And going on dates wow a lot has changed. But I'll be back in no time to see and be a part of the changes instead of just hearing about them. That is funny that she got bit by a dog. Well I got bit by a dog too so we on the same boat on that one.

That is so awesome that Jace got his eagle scout. That kid is a stud. I am proud of him. That really is an awesome accomplishment so PROPS to him for being awesome and getting his Eagle Scout.

I have now somehow found a connection to get Dr. Pepper. It cost a lot but well worth it. I live this area my connection to Dr. Pepper gets cut off and it will be horrible and sad. I think I will be depressed ha ha.

Anyways on to me and myself ha ha. I am all partied out. We just totally partied this weekend no joke. Thursday we decided we were going to throw a way awesome activity for the families we baptized so that they could get to know all the Members and become friends with them. So we planned it all on Thursday and invited people on Friday and Saturday It was the activity. So we were running around buyin stuff. It was crazy but the party was freakin awesome we had awesome games. And live music. The games we played consisted of eating doughnuts that were hanging from a string - the doughnuts were so good. Then we had a game were people had to dig through flour with their face to find the candy and then we played chubby bunny.(who could put the must marshmallows in there mouth). Then after we had a mini concert where kids danced and sang. Then after we had a live band play were we all danced. We were expecting 80 people to show up cause we were inviting on short notice. But like 160 people showed up it was crazy awesome. I think it was cause we changed the name from Noched de hermanamiento to Bacanal de Hermanamiento. O Sea from Night of Brotherhood to Party of Brotherhood. It was totally the name that did it all ha ha.

Also the family that we baptized last night went in front of everyone and danced alone it was so awesome. It was also the mom of the familias birthday. So we all sang happy birhtday to her. She said it was better than she had hoped for. Also earlier that day on Saturday, we ate lunch at her house with missionaries. I will send you some pictures.

I know this letter sucks and is so unorganized. The proplem is I can't write very good but at least I am trying. But ya we ate soup there and we made egg salad sandwichea, it was just a way bomp weekend.

So changes are Wednesday and I am pretty sure I am going to have changes. We still don't know but I have still seen many tears shed. It kinda sucks when people cry. I have seen people cry in every area I have been in. The 5 people that I baptized in El Viejo. It will be the worst saying goodbye to them if I have changes. I was with them last night and they were crying but ha ha I dunno. I love those people a ton. I'll miss them. You will get to know them when you come pick me up. I'll miss them a lot. It has been amazing to see the change in them.

Anyways I think that is about it. I love you a ton and miss you. Thanks for everything. Yu be the bomb. You the bees knees the dogs bone ha ha and everything else that is aweosme.

Love You,
Love Elder Moore

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