Friday, September 16, 2011

September 12, 2011

So I totally forgot it was 9-11. It's a lot different being in a different country but some people have talked to me about it today. And totally remember where I was when I saw the plane hit the tower. I was in 5th grade sitting in school. It was like a little get together like a tea party. All the 5th grade students went in to one room and we watched the news for like 2 hours.

So Brooklyn starting to be an actress eh ha ha super tuanis. In Brooklyn's talk on Sunday, just have her let the members know how important they are in the mission work. Every member a missionary. All the members have to do their part. In the states it's a lot different then here. The states usually has like a settled number of members that go but here its totally different. If the members don't work your screwed but the member really are important en la obra misional

I love talking to the mission president now thats awesome. He is such a stud and it's so relaxing talking to him. He really understands the repentance process and he helps you out a ton. I know I have talked to him a couple times. But I aint no sinner ha ha I just like talking to him.

So that is way super dope that I am Youtube. Now just need the name so I can look me up ha ha.

So this week I read an article where Gordon B Hinkley just machetted the crap out of all the Guys. Mainly Priesthood Holders that direspected their wives or anyone. Like it was some intense stuff I can't remember what article it was. It was a talk given by Thomas S Monson this last conference I believe and he quoted President Hinckley and Hinckley just killed everyone with his words ha ha it was so awesome. Any ways it will be so dope when I have a wife. I can't wait it will be awesome. I know my wife will be awesome like me of course. I will be awesomer than her but she will be just below me. I can't wait to go awesoming with my wife ha ha.

So this week was a good working week. We have put in a ton of work. We did work this week. But it has also been frustrating cause we havent seen a lot of results. But we did find a guy who knew about the Book of Mormon doctrine and convenants and the Pearl of Great Price and knows it to be the word of God. We have been teaching him and talking about a lot of awesome stuff and I know he was prepared before hand. He is someone that wants to know and is studying so that he can gain the knowledge he needs about important things about the church. His name is Jose and he has a goal to get baptized but the problem is that his wife is pregnant and has been in the hospital a lot this week so we will see what happens with the baby pregnant business. Also we have started teaching many families and finding news. Hopefully we will see results here in the new future it will be nice. It sucks when you put in a ton of work and you don't see the results.

We have another way sweet family we found this week. It was an awesome experience. We contacted the lady, set an appointment, ended up going to their house the same day and we put the baptismal date with them all in the same day.

But just want you to know that I'm just chillin having a blast on the mission. I love it here but also I get frustrated a lot so many people get caught up in the numbers game like for real you know know. So I am almost at 14 months. Crazy awesome. I am almost a two hander ha ha think about it. Bought some ties today for 2cords each or like 10 cents in American money ha ha. I bought some way dope ties.

So our recent convert family is awesome and pilas they are studying the Book of Mormon and the Liahona. It's awesome. I love seeing my converts be pilas.

Well mommy love you and miss you a ton. Sorry this is kinda a crappy email. I have had a lot of problems in the cyber today and have been bothered alot so kinda lost the animo to write ha ha but love you a ton. And miss you. I pray for you everyday. THE CHURCH IS TRUE.

Love you a ton Mommy.
Love Elder Moore

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