Tuesday, December 21, 2010

December 20, 2010

Well today is officially the first day I have cried literally. Right now I can't control it. I am really struggling mom. The tears just keep flowin but if anything happens will you call the mission office. I am going to call him today. For Christmas I am going to skype. I will be using Presidente Herrera's computer at his house and he just wants to make sure everything will be workin before the day but yes i did sign up for skype this past week so we can web cam chat and it will be freakin awesome to the max.

Some crazy story for ya. We had to walk way far to this area in the middle of no where and I took some pictures so you will be able to see. On our journey there we saw this huge bees nest in the tree like the ones on cartoons that are always big. I had my slingshot so I decided I would try to hit it and knock it down cause it was way up in the tree. So on my third shot I hit it and put a huge hole in it and the bees went crazy but I did not knock it down. So we went back for more and we were shooting it and I was throwin rocks at it and the bees started to attack so we took off. Then we decided to return and well the bees were all hiding and attacked when we got close so we left for a couple minutes before returning cause I didn't want to fail the mission of not knocking down the bees nest. So we went back one more time and I kid you not we got close but before we got into good range like 100 plus bees attacked and it was literally like a cartoon where the people are running and the bees are chasing ya. It was crazy. I was legitamitly attacked and there were black bees in my pants that tried to sting me but I was protected and the sting didn't reach me but the bees were stuck to my pants. I will tell you more in depth about this story on Christmas when I call. I dunno what day I am going to call anymore. It seems like the 24th might be better for papa but maybe I will call both days we will see.

So this week we had our Christmas activity in Managua. So Monday we went to Matagalpa, woke up at 4 and drove to Managua, then had our way sweet activity. I will tell you about on the phone call and then we ended up sleeping in Managua again cause my comp needed to go to the hospital again. So the zone left us and we stayed there and I spent the whole next day in the office which was way super boring. But I ate american food for free: Quiznos it was legit so good. Then Wednesday we missed the bus to Jinotega so we only made it to Matagalpa so I slept there and then I went on splits Thursday so once again I slept in Matagalpa. I got so trunky for Jinotega. I was gone from Monday to Friday away from my home. It was rough.

So I have decided I really like this thing called CAULIFLOWER. It's legit. I would like this to continue and all its greatness and funness into things but for real cauliflower is the freakin bomb, it's the dogs bone, the bees news the clowns wheels all the good stuff.

So here in Nicaragua and probably through other parts of Central America they started handing out pamphlets that the world is going to end May 21 of 2011 and the reason why and all this mathmatical stuff and everyone believes it. It's ridiculous and stupid and all the recent converts are asking about it and then we have to explain that only God knows when. So ya.

When we skype try and get everyone there it will be legit to see all of you. I will end this here and we will talk in a couple of days know that I love you all.

Let Papa know he means the world to me and I thank him for the amazing example he has been to me in my life. He has helped me with so much more than he knows . I learned my awesomeness from him. He truly trumps awesomeness but I will tell him that when I call on Christmas to see his smiling awesome face. I love you PAPA.

Love you all talk to you soon voice to voice,

Love, Elder AwesoMoore

Thursday, December 16, 2010

December 13, 2010

Hey. Well that was not real good news about Papa to start off with but i will keep him in my prayers and hope that he gets better. I know he will get better but next week you better hit me up with all the details about what is going on cause i care for my papa. He really does mean a lot to me and has been there a lot for me in my life.

So the christmas call i think i have a choice of when to call because here they celebrate christmas on the 24th and we celebrate it the 25th. So i believe i can choose when to call. i am thinking i will have to call you and then after call dad and brooklyn and brandon. but all is well and you should definetly invitie ginger and the family. and you should also spend christmas with them you shouldnt spend christmas a lone. Its a holiday of great.

So you exist all the sudden! you just blew up huh that is awesome. the moores seem to just be popular well at least me ha ha jk o where did my pride go jk i still got it but ya i am awesome just like you mother.

That was smart of you that you just put the oil viles in the same box. it is probably better that way. I am thinking i will still be in jinotega at that time. Cause i know for a fact that my comp is leavin jinotega this change and i cant wait. it is so hard being with him. he just wants to eat all the time and not do work. i know for a fact he is gone so i have kinda stopped caring about things. when we return back to the house we get in arguments mainly for my pleasure to be honest cause he always does dumb stuff. he is yet to really grow up. one day he just played the copy game - everything i said he just said right back to me. and he likes to play the quiet game and ignore me game sometimes. as well i read him a scripture i believe it is corinthians 13 11. search it. its in that area 1 or 2 corinthians but it is perfect for him. ha ha. we get a long most of the time but not all the time and he gets machettied a lot and i enjoy that. The President of matagalpa knows whats up with him and just chews him and its good for him cause he needs to know. but he doesnt grow from it he just takes it as criticism instead of help.

So this week something extremely awesome happened. i machettied my comp with the spirit after we planned. He told me he needed to go to the cyber to take the numbers. I told him we needed to go to a certain cyber where we contacted the lady that works there. he told me no. But i knew we needed to go there and give her a Book of Mormon. A strong impression indicated to me that is where we needed to go. So we went to a cyber and it was full went to another cyber and the computer didnt work with his memory. and he tried for 10 minutes and nothing. after 2 different cybers i told him again we need to go to that certain cyber again he told me no. so we went to another cyber and once again his memory was not working. he even got the boss to come help him and he said the file he was trying to open from his memory didnt exist. so we wasted a good 40 minutes. after we left there he told me i will have the zone leaders send it to me in the night. but i told him straight up if we go to the other cyber it will work and he said no it wont. we got in this big argument and he didnt want to go cause he never listens to anything i wanna do. I told him we have a book of mormon here she wants and the book of mormon we have is the word of god and you dont want to share it. and we got in this big argument and finally after i got him real mad we went to that cyber. We walked in. he just asked to use a computer and i talked to the lady. Of course the computer worked there. everything worked pérfectly ha ha not at the previous 3 cybers but this one it did. I started to talk to her and she read the first page and all the introduction of the book of mormon. i then challenged her to read it in 3 months she looked at me like i was an idiot and said psh i can read it in 1 month. so it was awesome. It was through my faith that none of the other computers worked - it was awesome. It just made me really mad that he wouldnt listen to me.

Another experience same day. He wanted to go visit this family and i knew it was really to just go visit them and see their daughter who by the way is not even pretty ha ha. and he asked me and i got an impression that we should go visit this recent convert Raul. we had only visited him once since i have been here but i felt the need to go visit him so we did. and when we arrived at his house he told us he was sick and needed a blessing. so that was another awesome experience same day. i love to slaughter people with the spirit. i have had a way awesome spiritual week with inspired questions and all that. it has been awesome.

So yesterday Hermana platero in our district got real sick and had to go to the hospital. so after church we went to meet them there. And while we were there we talked to this doctor that we have kinda been teaching and he wanted to take us on the tour of the hospital. by the way a hospital here is nothing like a hospital in the states. but anyways we went and while we were there some guy came in that got shot and the bullet was still in his leg so i saw that. I also saw something freakin awesome, i saw some drunk guy that crashed on his motorcycle and he had a huge hole in his leg and lost his toe. ya i saw the toe bone and the leg bone and there was a ton of blood. i also saw some guy that shot him self. when i asked him why he told me that he just wanted to see what it felt like! psh what an idiot but i aint here to judge so ya i kinda take that back ha ha.

well i love you and thank you for everything. your awesome and take care. Keep the Commandments and God will continue to bless you to the max both temporal and spiritual in all things. always ´put your trust and confidence in Him.

This is a shout out to my Cuz Aubrey saying that she is freakin awesome and lives an awesome life. And you should all be jealous of her and the fact that i put this here in my email. I bet you wish your name was there instead ha ha

Love Elder Awesomoore

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

December 6, 2010

Ya I did hear about Nate, that is freakin awesome. I am stoked that we will all be speaking spanish when we get back.

Geez mom could you have been any more pokey on the box? Ha ha just kiddin. I don't care, I got bigger things on my mind. But my asthma did affect me but it actually has not effected me in a while so that is good but i still want it.

So today I wrote President letting him know what is up and how I feel like we are not doing our part here in Jinotega and every week our numbers drop and it sucks. Mainly because my comp is lazy and doesn't want to listen to me and it sucks and it is really really frustrating. But I am pretty sure I am staying next change and he is gone. I don't know for sure but that is what I hope. My zone leaders keep asking me "you know your area right and you know all the recent converts?" They told me they think I will stay. But who knows it is the choice of revelacion through our President.

So real quick Papa thanks so much for writing. I loved it and I love you man. You're awesome. Thanks for your influencing words. You da man and you a stud for life. Laynie thank you so much as well for the words you put in your dear elder. It made me miss you much and it was sad but before you know it I will be back in no time. Love you so much and miss you and you will always be my little best friend for life. Always even when you are an older child. Yo cuido su espalda. If you need me to beat up little kindergardeners when I get back I think I can handle that for you. Just let me know because I am here for you. And Lisa thank you as well. Your letter I think took a while to get here but I got it. Love you and thank you for the great example you have been to me and your husband as well. I would love to get your emails so that I can write you because unfortunately we don't have a post office here. But know I love you and the whole fam you are all super awesome to the max.

So this week someone tried to rob me on the bus. The bus was jampacked and it sucked so I was standing up. 3 seats back were 2 girls. And about 15 minutes in to the ride they got up to leave the bus and as they walked by this girl tried to but her hand in my pocket to take my wallet. But I have a button there to hold my pocket shut and her fingers got stuck in my pocket. Ha ha it was funny. She just quickly left the bus and was laughing with her friend. Talk about fail. Anyways after she left I thought maybe she gave me her number ha ha no. I eventually came to the conclusion she just wanted to touch my butt haha. Alright second robbing some drunk guy tried to rob me today. I wanted to punch him so bad and so did Webster. He was with me. But this guy was just wasted to the max. It wouldn't have been any fun but he was trying to take the food I had just bought from the pulperia.

We had a way wicked sweet baby shower this week kinda ha ha. This girl in our district completed 9 months. The girl that is shooting me she has a lot of energy just throwing that in here.

We slept at his place last night and we were planning to return to Jinotega in the morning, but the zone convinced us to go to selva negra with them. I didn't have clothes to wear so Elder Webster let me borrow his. So I wore his clothes with my way sweet church shoes. Talk about stylish. And actually I made fun of some member the day before cause he was cruisin in church shoes and socks with gym shorts and a shirt and then the next day well kharma ha ha that is what happened to me. No picture because Itried to keep it undercover but I felt like a clown ha ha not my style what so ever.

So yesterday I got called fat. There was a family we visited in Matagalpa the second week I was here and we went back yesterday and they told me you have gotten a lot fatter since the last time. Ya it was awesome but what ev it's all those rice and beans I eat every day, but I don't care I ain't trying to impress anyone.

Well I will finish this email with my testimony. I know with all my heart that this church is true. I know that The Book of Mormon and the Bible both contain the fullness of the gospel. Not one of them more than the other but both together. Many judge The Church of Jesus Christ but it is because they have not read the Book of Mormon. I know that the Book of Mormon is convincing evidence that our church is true and the only true church on the earth today. I know that Jose Smith really did see the father and the son. Even though I was not there I can honestly say the spirit has born witness of it to me. I know that we have a living prophet today to lead us and guide us everyday in our lives. There is only one way to know if these things are true and it is through prayer, through conversacion with our father in heaven. Everyday we need to have our conversacion with our Heavenly Father. He loves us and we need to show that we love him. After each prayer listen and recognize the thoughts in your mind and the feelings in your heart. Cause he will talk back if we give him the chance. I know this Church is True. I have a firm testimony and it continues to grow eachday. We need to search each day for ways to make our testimony grow. We need to search for opportunities to share our testimony because we know the truth. We need to share it with others.

I love you and thank you for everything you have done for me.

Love, Elder Moore

Tuesday, November 30, 2010

November 29, 2010

What up moma?

Sorry it's late. We woke up real early to go to Managua at like 5 this morning cause my comp had to go to the hospital. And we kinda got stuck there for a while and just returned. But we are staying in Matagalpa tonight cause we have a multi zone conference in Chinondega. So lucky me traveled to and back from Managua today and tomorrow. I get to wake up at 4 and take a 5 hour bus ride to Chinondega and return the same day. So pretty awesome ha ha not really.

That sucks that the Lakers lost to the Jazz and BYU lost to Utah by one point that is horrible. At least I was not there to witness both of those games.

So you want a funny story here it is. Well at least I think it's funny. Yesterday we had a zone meeting to make a little feliznavidad video. Anyways we were sitting there for ever waiting for everyone to come. So me and Webster decided to go contact. We contacted a house and it went well. When we were returning to the church there was two girls standings like 30 yards from the church just standing on the street. So we decided to contact them too. Ha ha So when we were contacting them they didn't seem real interested and were looking around every where and our zone was just staring at us. When we returned to the group of people they told us they were prostitutes. Ya we totally contacted prostitutes and totally gave them a pamphlet about the Gospel of Jesus Christ. They told us ya they just barely got dropped off by some guys before you came. Webster and I were like ya that probably explains why they were looking around everyone. Looking for there next victims. HA ha well the gospel needs to be shared with everyone just cause they were prostitutes doesn't mean they are exempt ha ha. O ya and it's totally in my journal.

Amother thing that happened that I found was funny. Maybe it is only funny to my eyes cause I saw it but in Managua I saw a sign that said "auto lavado". Like a car wash sign so it said auto lavado and an area pointing forward. So forward was 2 guys sitting on the curb with 5 gallon buckets and rags in their hand ha ha.

One more thing I thought was funny, I saw a sign that said ¨´we no speak americano´´ ha ha i was like really ha ha that sign made me laugh.

My thanksgiving dinner awesome I think. Yes my thanksgiving consisted of attending a zone meeting working and eating rice and bread and an egg ha ha.

Anyways to an awesome note. Today this week something freaking awesome happened. So this guy that has been attending our ward since I have been there and is always there when I am there. Every church activity everything just always there comes up to me and says will you do me a favor. I was like sure bro what ever. Cause we are pretty tight i love that guy. Anyways he was like will you baptize me. I was shocked I didnt know he wasn't baptized. But I was so happy he asked me to do it. I happily accepted. So Saturday was the big day for him. We married him and his wife and then he got baptized and it was awesome and extremely spiritual. But I loved it to the max. I'll send you pics from both. HIs name is Edwin and for real we got a bond. He always tells me when I leave Jinotega to take care of my self and is always helping me with my spanish. We like family.

And on the not so good note our posibility this week who was so stoked to get baptized left early saturday morning, drank the whole day, and didn't return till midnight. So i will keep that brieg but it was not so awesome. It's upsetting.

Tell Nrandon to relax and be patient. He needs to wait for the wound to heal completely. It sucks being patient but we have to do it. I have to be patient learning this language just like he did but being patient pays off. He doesn't need to be in more pain.

Know I love you and miss you all and hope all continues to go well.

Love you and miss ya,

Love, Elder Moore

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

November 22, 2010

Thanks mom for everything you are awesome. That's not good about his wound reopening hopefully that all gets better and doesn't effect him. Glad I don't have to deal with snow here but it has been getting cold to be honest. Especially during the night. Today it was raining and cold in the morning but it is sunny and warm now. But sometimes it will be cold for the whole day. What is kinda cold to me is freezing to the Jinoteganos. It's funny, they will be all bundled up in a coat and a scarf and beanies and it is like 55 degrees which is kinda cold I guess, but it aint nothing I can't handle in a short sleeve shirt.

They don't celebrate Thanksgiving here unfortunately. That kinda sucks. But they do ask me when dia de gracias is. I will miss thanksgiving and spending it with the fam. But its' just a little sacrifice - aint no thang. In 2 years I will be celebrating with you all again and it will be freakin awesome.

So just to throw this in here before I forget - if you didn't send the last package off yet could you throw in cake mix the funfetti and brownie mix and dr scholls shoe insole. Ha ha this missionary business consists of a whole lot of walking but I love it ha ha.

So I decided to make a mission Bucket List of things to complete on the mission. nNthing that will take away from the work. just stuff ha ha. Like one thing is get bit by a dog for example and actually to be straight up I checked that off the list. I got bit by a dog. I am a man so it didn't hurt but my leg was fancy to the eyes of the dog so it wanted to taste. But I won the battle after I shot it several times with my sling shot ha ha and nothing more happened.

That is Jesus arm wrestling with the devil. I just saw that today ha ha. Why does Brandon need to know frog in spanish? I mean I know it but that is not an important word ha ha. And for ice cream it is just called eskimo here and i know that is different than the normal way. Well I will be home before you all know it and me and B can talk in spanish all the time. Just so you know, August of 2012 my return day is August 2nd for your informacion.

Well know I love you all and pray for you everyday. The mision is hard but I love it. I miss you all but it aint nothing I cant wait 20 more months for. I am nearing my 4 month mark here in the next couple of days.

The language is coming alright. I can say what I want for the most part and my sentences might not be 100 percent correct but they can understand. I am far from fluent but I can still understand a lot.

I spent a night in Matagalpa on divisions this week and there was a couple totally makin out in front of the house. I stayed in! This is a picture of me and Elder Childs peepin on the couplin chupanlapina.

Sometimes life throws storms at us that are unexpected and we are forced to face the deepest pain but I believe everything happens for a reason, We are not just tossed by the wind and left in the hands of fate. In our life we need to go through the bad times through the hard time to get to the good or else we wouldn't know the difference. We need to be thankful for every experience we have in our life even if it is hard to do. Always keep a smile on your face and enjoy the little things in life.

Mom know I love you and miss you. Thank you for everything. You are extremely freakin awesome to the max ha ha. Always strive to learn more about the gospel and keep a close relationship with the Lord. Never let satan in. It's hard but life is so much better when we are focused on the Lord at all times. Always turn to the our Father in Heaven in time of need and have a conversacion. It works like a telephone two people on the line. Same with our father in heaven. And after your offer your prayer listen and recognize the feelings you have in your heart and the thoughts in your mind. I know that this church is true with all my heart and I am so thankful for it. It is the light to the path I want to live for the rest of my life. Thank you for everything. It's hard knowing that there are so many people out there that wont even give the gospel a chance but if they only took the first step they would realize the truthfulness of it and the happiness it can bring to their life. It is hard watching people deny the truth. But it is awesome watching it change lives for the better.

THE CHURCH IS TRUE BOO YA! The church and I have one huge thing in common - we are both AWESOME hahahahaha.
Love you.
Love, Elder Awesomoore

Monday, November 15, 2010

November 15, 2010

Hey hey hey,

So wow that is crazy that Brandon is movin in with the Morgans good for him....Anyways, So I'll start off with this. I was tired of sitting back and letting my companion be in charge of our companionship cause our companionship was a lazy one that never did work and I found out he lied about all our numbers at night. But that has changed. I just started contacting everyone. I ain't going to get into detail about it. but I am taking over. So far so good with that. He ain't no trainer that's for sure. I have had to find out everything on my own and it is extremely frustrating and I get so angry but I am going to control it. So yes I have the same companion and yes I am still in Jinotega. My zone leader told me that I have a good chance of being district leader next change in Jinotega. I hope so. I want to be cause I will actually get stuff done. We have had no success cause we don't do our part. But that is changing. Yesterday we found 3 new families to teach. I started every single contact. The mission goal is 20, we contacted 21. I'll just say this, I know for a fact before I started to take control that we didn't contact 20 people the whole first 6 weeks combined. But don't worry Ma , I got this under control.

Well on the other hand a shout out for Dano for 2 things. First his 1 year mark in the mission has passed and his birthday as well so happy birthday dano and happy over the half way bump mark.

And I forgot to tell you, Brandon Goodman from Alta is in my mission. He is Brandon's friend. Right now he is my AP so ya just let Brandon know about that.

(Justin hates pictures so he always has to do something weird)

I saw a cow this week that was literally Dumbo. I dunno if I should say this but I am going to anyways - if Dumbo and a cow had a baby and it had the look of a cow but the features of Dumbo that is what I saw. I might see it again and I will definitly take a picture and send it.

It is really nice during the day but at night it's freezing and in the morning it is cold as well. I'll be straight up, I hate taking showers, it's so cold in the morning.

I have grown to love contacting. It is actually really fun ha ha. I enjoy it. I love kids I really do. I have so many child friends here ha ha and they never want me to leave when it is time to leave.

I don't really know what else to say except for the fact I love you all to the max.

Sorry I am in Nicaragua and you have to send really expensive packages. So ya you dont have to send much even though I would to recieve them it's expensive. So a Christmas package and a birthday package will do. just 2 a year. Just include asthma medicine, acne detox, sour punch straws and sun screen and I think that should be good. I don't think there is anything else.

Congrats on your calling that is awesome. Props for you, that is exciting.
Know I love you all and miss you. Take care.

Love, Elder AwesoMoore

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

November 8, 2010

Hey mother of which I love so much and family as well,

So this past week I had the great oppurtunity to eat cooked cow utters. It was not so good and really chewy. Uh ya and the next day me levante a las 5 en la manana y yo necesitaba ir al bano yo fui en al bano probablemente una hora. no voy a mentir yo probablamente sali 10 lbs en el inodoro fue horrible. (Translation since he speaks Spanglish now...He got really sick and was on the toilet for an hour and thinks he lost 10 lbs.) That day we needed to take the bus to Matagalpa which is an hour and a half bus ride and I was sick. I couldn't hold anything in so I prayed that I wouldn't be sick and right as I said amen I felt 100 percent better. It was amazing. Just a little miracle to me. You can look at it how u want but I was super ill but when I prayed I was no longer ill.

So during this past week teaching a lesson, this girl told me and my companion she was willing to wait 20 months to marry me ha ha. I am going to keep that story brief. There is more to that but I ain't gonna put it.

Everyone here thinks I am somewhere between 22-26 yrs old. In the states everyone thought I looked young, but here every one thinks I look older ha ha. Loco.

Anyways before iI forget will you send me an asthma inhaler in the next packag? For some reason I have been having problems.

This is a shout out to Brandon and the tie he sent me. Everytime I wear it I get props on it so that is awesome. Everyone loves it and thinks it is the most coolest tie. So ya B you got good tast in tie style.

So everyone knows how my companion doesn't like to do work. I try and do what I can to try to get us to do work but everytime I wanted to we would get in an argument. So I kinda just go with the flow to keep the unity better. Anyways we went on splits this week with members from the ward. I went with Antonio. He is 60 and speaks pretty good english. His from Bolivia and just started attending the Jinotega ward. He was baptized in 87 and told me he lost his testimony so i have been trying to help him. He is just looking for a big sign to tell him the church is true. So anyways, I went on splits with him and we went to San Dino and I told him to choose the way. He said "Ha ha no I cant I dont have thoughts or feeling about anything." I told him to relax and just tell me what way feels best. So he eventually chose a way. We ended up finding a family of 7 and a family of 15 (well 2 families lived in the same house that is why there is 15). It was really successful. Our goal was to find 3 new families. Anyways the 3rd family we found were all testigo de jehovah ha ha so we kinda got shot down on that ha ha but it was good. Also on our splits we taught a lesson to a less active. I taught the whole lesson (which felt awesome all in spanish)and told Antonio to share his testimony so that was a good experience for him. He told me at church he was greatful for that oppurtunity that he had to express himself and go on splits with me it was great.

This is a picture of our golden investigador. He is so awesome. He is 22 and wants to serve a mission. He is way tight. We get a long so good. His name is David.

Tell Brandon to look up Alex Campo and now that I think of it I think he told me his name last week. But he is awesome. I like the song DIME.

So today we went on a hike up the mountain in Apanas and it was beautiful. We hiked for like 2 hours and there was a house up there in the mountain so far away from everything with a little 2 littles kids 8 and probably 3 just chillin there. It was sad. We asked where there parents were and they said at work. I took pictures so u can make the picture in ur mind; it was sad.

I also took a machette with us. Machettes are so awesome. I cut down like 5 trees. I love how I can just stand in the road with a machette and the police dont care or the people ha ha. I am going to buy one and bring it back to the states with me.

This man is my nicaraguan dad and his wife my mother. He is so awesome. He made the sling shot for me. He is a pro at artistic stuff. He is missing a leg. He has a prostetic leg. About a year ago he was electrocuted and lost his leg. I love his family to the max.

So know I love you to the max, all of you and I am going to send pics right now from this past week.

Love You, Elder Moore
mom you're the best you trump ever other mother in the whole world love you.

Monday, November 1, 2010

November 1, 2010

Hey what up family,

So I just want to start by saying psh wow uh it seems to me that Brandon looks like Brandon but has also changed a ton. Ha ha and I think I saw some scruff in the pictures. But he is looking like a stud. But that is said in a non maricon manera. Just throwin that out there. But thanks for the pĂ­ctures, I love them. Continue to send them. I will be continually sending pictures as well.

So about our companionship, all is well now after about an hour or more of companionship inventory. We worked everything out and all is good. At least for now so you dont have to worry ha ha. It was a long inventory but we got everything out that was on our minds what was bothering us and so far so good. The inventory was like 4 days ago or something.

So I am going to send pictures of this. But we had a baptism this week. Two little girls. It was the Hermanas baptism but the elders need to do the baptism. But I baptized a little girl name Frania Vanessa Molina Fuentes. And my companion baptized her sister. They were so excited so happy and it was awesome. I loved it. Before the actual ordinance of baptism I was looking at the girls and they were so happy. Just smiling, looking at me, and smiling, and the spirit was so strong. It almost got me and by that I almost cried. I have not cried since I have been out on the mission nada. But when the girl looked at me and smiled I got a little watery eyed. But did not shed a tear. When we got in the water, she was a little scared so I had to talk to her and tell her it's all good and I am here for her and that she wasn't going to drown. All went well.

So I broke 100 days in the mission. That is awesome, a new mark. I just need to throw this out there HAPPY HALLOWEEN cause I didn't get to say it here cause they don't celebrate it here.

So something really embarrassing happened this week. Well kinda embarassing. So we started our english class and it went realy good. But I decided to say the prayer and I was going to do it in english. I did it in english but it was horrible and a english speaking person would not have understood. I forgot how to pray in english because all I do is speak spanish everyday. For the last 3 months I have prayed in spanish whether it was out loud or person. So since they don't speak english they didnt understand anyways ha ha but I knew it didn't make sense.

So I have a request. The members here want the same aceitero I have. I dunno what it is in english maybe Brandon does. But it is the o ya haha the vile that holds the oil. for blessings. I will send pictures. I don't know if you bought it or dad for christmas but I will sendpictures of it so you know what it looks like. You can take the money out of my account and buy them. Buy probably 6 will do. and send it to-------- Costado Sur Este del INACS 1C al Este Jose Rocha Jinotega Nicaragua. If you could do that, that would be awesome. That is the address of the branch president.

So someone is gonna have to send me updates on the Lakers and let me know what is going on with them. Por que estoy trunky ha ha yo necesito ver baloncesto. Yo extranobaloncesto muchisimo. ha ha Pero yo puedo esperar por 2 anos verbaloncesto otra vez. No necesito ver baloncesto pero yo quiero verlo.es dificil no viendolo pero yo soy hombre entonces yo puedo hacerlo.

I am so proud of you for passing your final that is way freakin awesome props mama you are a genious for sure. And that is awesome for Brooklyn being called to do awesome things. Before I forget tell Ginger this. She thinks that car at Southtowne was ghetto ha ha with the big spoiler. Ha ha she has no idea. I have seen the most sketchy ghettoest cars here ha ha. Keep me with the update on how my bro is doing. I would like to know all and make sure he is ok. It's so wierd he is like a man now ha ha. You are lucky you get to see that payaso.

So to answer your questions. I was not infected just a bunch of bug bites. I got like 3 weeks ago - those ones are almost gone they are still there unfortunately. I have so many bug bites it's insane. They don't bother me but they itch sometimes. The food is really good. Believe it or not I went my first day without rice or beans this week. One day we had soup for lunch then this pasta stuff for dinner. But every other day I have eatin rice and beans. I have not been sick again. I don't have dirt floors. I have a bunk bed where I sleep. I miss Laynie to the max. I miss all the kids. I am glad she is talkin like a thug ella es una pandillera ha ha. I hope we have the special bond when I get back. If not I will be sad. Give all the family love for me. I am going to send more pictures. I hope they are making it to facebook. Love you to the maximum to Kolob and back so I think I just one upped you ma...ha ha. I seem to one up people a lot. I guess I am just a one upper.

Love, Elder Moore

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

October 25, 2010

Hola loved ones,

So I forgot to tell you last week I taught the lesson in church. It was kinda hard cause my companion didn't tell me til the morning that I had to teach it. So I didn't have much time to prepare but I did the best I could. They told me I did a good job and that they could understand everything I was saying. That was awesome.

Starting tomorrow we are having a class to learn ingles. And I am the awesome teacher that is teaching it. We have invited a lot and a lot said they wanted to come cause everyone here wants to learn ingles. Being semi bi lingual is awesome. I can't wait till I am completely bi lingual.

So this week I finally got your dear elders from july. I dont know why they took so long ha ha and I also got a dear elder from Lisa. I don´t know when she sent it but I would like to have her email address if you could send that to me that would be awesome. I would like to write her and her family.

Entonces yo tengo una pregunta para Brandon. what templo are you gettin married or want to ha ha cause I have a gift I want to send you.

The boxes actually don't take that long to get where I am at. I dont think maybe 2 weeks so aint nothing. I might get the package way before. Cause an hermana in nuestro distrito her mom sent a box and it got here quite fast so I might get it way before Christmas.

So I have come to find out old people smell the same everywhere ha ha just throwin that in ther

So my companion is kinda lazy just throwin that out there. So one day I decided to plan our day. I was prompted to go this far end of our area called San Dino so we went there and ended up finding 3 families. We had a member from each family come to church this past week. We found them on Friday and brought them Sunday. We had 8 investigadores at church this past week it was freakin awesome. Also when we were leaving San Dino. I heard someone saying elder elder so I turned around and ended up talkin to him. He was a member but hadn't been to church for a long time. He was baptized in 2007 and he was 22. We ended up talkin to him brought him to church as well and Sunday he told me and my companion he wants to serve a mission. So he talked to the president about serving a mission so that was awesome. We are going to help him with some service on Wednesday so we can find out how that all goes.

San Dino is up in the mountains entonces there is a lot of big ole spiders or turantulas or something. I saw a whole bunch. I will send more pictures today.

Otro Last Monday me and my companion were walking to drop our ropas off at Hermana Melbas casa she cleans our clothes and I hear a man say "How´s it going?" and my companion tells me to contact him and so I did. He was a white man from Baltimore that doesn't know a lick of spanish and to be honest I have know idea why he is here. But he is crazy and my companion doesn't want to teach cause he is an alcoholic and doesn't speak spanish. But now he knows how I feel ha ha. But we talk about a lot of things and I shared my testimony with him and he told me that believe it or not I have learned something from you and I would like to learn more about your church. You seem really open minded and I like you so we should talk again. He said he has been convinced of things he thought in no way was possible and he likes that cause it expands his knowledge. But he also told me that the LDS church plays hard ball and by that he said if you don't become a member they will kill you literally. He has a lot of facts in his head that he thinks are true. We have been back to teach him once but it is hard cause my companion doesn't want to go back. He only wants to do what he wants to do and I kinda have to fight him on things.

So I have taught the people here phrases that make sense in ingles but not so much in spanish but it will shortly like - peace out ha ha paz fuera or money in the bank dinero en el banco or off the hizzy apagador la capbeza. or tengo su espalda I have your back ha ha. It's quite awesome but the best is paz fuera. Everyone is starting to say it when we leave now.

On a little sadder note. Other day I was eating pizza and a homeless child no more than 7 started pulling on my shirt asking for my pizza so I ended up giving it to her but it was sad.

So San Dino is freakin RICO. We are going to return and teach more up there. I don´t know why we didnt go there before but it is also dangerous at night so we have to go during the day. I don't want to jinx it but the investigadores loved the the meetings at church. They were there for all 3 hours and said the building is beautiful so I am feeling confident. They are all awesome too. Well that is all I have or is it? ha ha ha

Happy Birthday Bro! Freakin 21! That is legit u can hit up the clubs and the discos now ha ha pretty much do what ever you want. Love you man and I wrote you a song:
"This is your birthday song, it isn´t very long." That's all. Enjoy it man. Love you to the max.

Love you all to the max.
Love, Elder Moore

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

October 18, 2010

What up family,

That is good to hear that Brandon got home safely. Sorry the writing doesn't really have punctuation or other stuff to make it correct. It is only because the keyboards here are different and I dont know how to work them properly so ya ha ha but as long as it is readable that is good.

So Brandon is home. That is awesome and he is enjoying it that is good. I was worried he was gonna struggle a little at the beggining with being sent home but it is good to hear all is well. And good to hear all is well with Amber. They better get married ha ha. I like Amber and Brandon is freakin awesome and deserves someone as tuonis as her.
so I dunno what it is I write. I am fine from the food and my stomach gets destroyed. So we are good here. My stomach has become iron. Like that rest of my body ha ha.

Anyways I need a couple things. It would be awesome if you could send some more church pants like 32 or 33. I absolutely can not fit in the 30s that we bought for some reason. There is no way possible I can get in them. because I am a big boy now. And also if you could send some of the acne detox as well. That is all I need and whatever you decide to send is going to be bomb ha ha.

So I get my confidence boosted a lot here. The girls love white skinned blue eyed studs like my self ha ha. I get whistled at all the time. Which just makes me laugh and become a little happy. And my companion is always sayin freakin musas,..... musa in translated to flirt. ha ha I hear it all the time my companion knows like 4 words in english: freak and you have hungry. ha ha it's funny. So I love being tall ha ha. Ya I am tall here as you can see in the pictures I will be sending if I can figure out how. I feel like I am 6 foot tall around all the people. I love it.

My first baptism ended up not being in the river. Something went down and we had to cancel it but we still had our baptism. I had my first baptism in the field it was awesome. It was a 60 year old man name Jose Marcelino Rodriguez Florez. It went really well and it was so awesome. I will send pics of that.

So yesterday we were leaving our house it was in the afternoon around 3 and we walk out and there was a huge parade fiesta outside and we literally couldn't go anywhere. It was Jinotegas 119th birthday. So there was parties everywhere. I want you to imagine Draper Days times it by 10 make them all Nicaraguincies and to top it off make them all drunk. Ya it was pretty crazy and insane. So many broken glass bottles and drunk people everwhere for the whole night. We had to go back to our apartment for a little til it cleared up and then went out but there was tons of people out in the street for the whole night.

Last night it started to rain pretty good and the power went out during dinner so that was awesome eating dinner in the complete darkness. My shower is like cold hose water and I take it at 630 in the morning when it is like 60 degrees. We no longer have a cardboard window so it's just a a gap and the wind blows in its freezing. I am in the coldest place in Nicaragua but it is perfect weather everyday I love it. It will be like 75 degrees and people will be like it's freezing they think it is cold like up to 85 degrees ha ha. They are all up in their sweatshirts and I think it feels perfect. The price of gas here is 20 cordobas and that is less than a dollar in american money. 21.75 cords equal 1 dollar.

We saw a ghost yesterday. That was neat Me and my companion both saw it. I asked him if he saw and he said yes. So it wasn't only my eyes ha ha.

Sometimes I will ask my self "Why am I here?" This is kinda hard. I can't have a normal conversation with anyone, but at the end of the day I always answer my question and there is always something throughout the day that makes it 100 percent worth it. Today I was really loving it and I knew why I was here. It took a while to really become accustomed and want to be here and I love it and am enjoying it even though I can't have a normal conversation ha ha but I am trying and doing my best.

I can pretty much understand all spanish when I am reading but it is completely different when listening to someone speak it. So I know it will come in time and I am just waiting and putting in a lot of work studying cause I want to know this language. Ha ha I am sick of being patient but it aint nuttin I can't handle.

Well I am going to try and send the pictures now ha ha. Wish me luck. Love you tons.

Elder Moore

Monday, October 11, 2010

October 11, 2010

Hey there,

So a lot of stuff is going down. Well that is no good for Brandon having to come home early. If he is fine about it then I guess that is ok. I hope he recovers and gets back to good health. That is so crazy that he might be coming home this week.

For me well I think I jynxed my self last week. Cause my stomach is well destroyed to be honest. The food got worse. I love the food from our cook but like three times this week we ate somewhere else at different members' houses and it was sick nasty. I wanted to throw up, but I didn´t and I ate it all. I also had the great oppurtunity to eat lung. I thought it was some sort of meat. So I took some and ate it and it was not good to the taste what so ever. but I downed it.

Yes sending letters and boxes to the mission home is the best way and I will just get them at changes. So ya just post my email on the facebook if you know it cause I don't unfortunately. Plus i dont have an address. My address is something like this: in front of the catholic church half north 1c west. I can't understand how the address stuff works here. There are no street names.

We have 3 baptisms set up for this Saturday. Our zone is doing a big baptism in Matagalpa in the River there. So that should be exciting and freakin awesome. We have 9baptisms lined up for this month altogether so far. Actually 10 cause we commited someone yesterday as well. So it is pretty awesome.

I am in Managua right now because my companion has the same problem as Dawson and needs to get some sort of surgery for his ear - just a little procedure and his hearing aid battery. It is so hot here and humid. Jinotega is the perfect temperature. Now that I am down here I am dying and just drenched with wetness. We got here at 9 in the morning and they didn´t have room for him until 430. Ha ha which kinda blows so we have been chilling with another zone. We went to Mcdonalds and got some real food ha ha.

So yesterday we visited the far end of out city. It is a lot bigger than I thought. We had to take a bus there. We visited with some less active and contacted. It was so beautiful over there like legit jungle. I saw some pigs as well. It was really amazing over there.

We contacted a lady and and ended of teaching her a lesson and set up a return appointment. Where we were at did not have running water. So there were tons of people surrounding a pump and pumping water into their 5 gallon buckets.It was only the women there. No men. Anyways they would carry these heavy 5 gallon buckets up a huge rocky hill. So we decided to do service and help them out. Ha ha it was tiring. 5 gallon buckets get heavy. It was literally like hiking up a mountain with 40lbs. But it was good to help.

All the kids like to look at me the gringo and call me chelle. I dunno how to spell it just say it ha ha which is the color of my skin. But I am loving it and enjoying it. But I have frustrating times because I can understand for the most part what is going on, but I can´t say how I feel about it and I can't have a normal conversation with people and it gets really frustrating.

Know I love you and miss you. I can't send pictures this week because I am in Managua away from my things but I promise to send them sometime ha ha.

O one last thing, it was my first week at church and it was so different. People just get up do their own thing walk around and talk ha ha but it was good just different.

Love you,
Elder Moore

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

October 5, 2010

So where do I even start? Because I don't know. This is going to be long cause there is so so so much to tell you. The plane to Miami was huge. It had 3 then 6 then 3 for the rows. First I will start off with the question everyone was asking themself when we got off the plane "Where are we mother?" ha ha "Where am I?"

When I first left the airport on a bus I just saw a bunch of crazy busses. People just bareley hanging on the outside of the bus. I saw a lot of homeless children which was sad as well. I have never seen so many homeless children just chillin in the street. Kids were throwing stuff at our bus. So ya the first place we stayed at I slept on a little matress on the floor and had the oppurtunity to shower with a cup and a big bucket. The next day we had training and went contacting. It was awesome but so different. The contacting went well. We found a family of 5 with 2 sacerdocios and another man that was really interested and both wanted a return. But the first house we went to could have fit in our shed. Mud for floors, a piece of wood with a blanket over it for the bed. Every house is either made out of tin or pieces of wood. For door locks a lot of people just use rebar through their door and into a piece of wood. I have seen so many houses that could fit in our old shed. But what I love about it is people don't care. They are 100 percent fine with it and happy. In the states people complain about being poor. Well they have no idea. No one can say they are poor until they experience the living here.

So the police carry ak 47s. I have seen quite a bit of those and the ambulances look like 1980 landcruisers or minivans. I have been approached by a drunk ladron. My companion just had to pull me away and we just kept walking. Every day we cross a bridge where a girl was recently murdered and there are some way sketchy places I have been. Like no one has been to the ghetto till they have been here. But not once have I felt scared.

My companion is Elder Menterossa and he is from El Salvador and doesn't speak a lick of english. As well as the rest of the people where I am. I am the only white person and the only person who speaks english ha ha. I am in a city called Jinotega. Which is a city up in the mountains from Matagalpa. Like 4 times a week I have to take a bus down to Matagalpa which is like a 1 and half hour bus ride. Psh it's good cause I can sleep and study and stuff. But I have to go down to Matagalpa cause that is where our zone is. There is only 4 missionaries in my city - 2 hermanas and 2 elders. This is the coldest place in all of Nicaragua. ha ha And it is perfect weather to me. It is so awesome to hyperventilate every morning with a freezing shower in the coldest place in Nicaragua. The mornings are kinda chilly not bad at all tho. But if I was in the hot part of Nicaragua like I was in Managua for my first 2 days I would love the cold shower refreshing instead of pneaumoning. My shower looks like the hose connection outside of our house with a pipe connected to it where the water runs out and it is freezing. We also have a huge bucket in our shower for when the water doesn't work. Cause water is so sketchy here, half the time it will work half the time it won't. This experience is R rated but I need to share my second day in Jinotega. I got up and needed to go to the bathroom number 2 so I went in and well went. And come to find out the water wasn't workin. So it was just chillin in there the whole day. My toilet seat consisted of 5 pieces, it was like a puzzle building it. But now we just don't have one. It sucks but psh whatever.

Something I have seen that I didn't even know still existed is a main way of transportation is donkeys and carts. I was like what they still do that? And yes a lot of people have donkeys that pull them on a cart. There are just like wild random horses in the street and chickens as well. And 100s of wild dogs. You want a dog they have any dog any size any color any style here. I probably see 100 plus stray dogs each day. I also see dead dogs layin in the road.

We do have someone who cooks and cleans for us.

I see 5 year old kids beggin for money on the bus everytime we ride. There is so much new stuff I have experienced. A thing that kills me though is when I see kids who are no older then 10 years old smoking. So stupid, but there are things that go on here that are normal.

I watched conference in english. I only got to watch one session on Saturday tho cause of where we live and the bus ride.

My first day here our church got robbed and tvs and dvds and a whole lot was stolen. Doors were broken. I dunno how they got in. All the churches are surrounded with huge fences with barb wire and locked and all the windows and doors have bars on them.

The other day and a little pulperia there was a rat trying to get in the food and the lady caught it and gave it to us and we took it out side and smashed its head in. ha ha awesome huh.

So yesterday for p day we needed some food. We were at a investigadors house and so we got 2 chickes tied them up and then I chopped their head off with a machette it was awesome blood went everywhere. I will make sure to send you pictures. But ya we just cooked up the chicken and ate it. I chopped the head with a machette and my companion hung his from like a branch and just held the head down and started cuttin it. It started freakin out and blood went everywhere. I got my chopping on video and took plenty of pictures. Killing the chicken, plucking and eating it was probably the best experience I have had so far.

One of the members here have a squirrel for a pet. I held a squirrel for the first time in my life ha ha it was awesome. It was crazy holding and playing with a squirrel on a leash. I have also seen alot of geckos.

In my bed each night I get the opportunity to share it with random bugs that like to bite me and so I wake up with a bunch of bug bites. But the best is when you are sleeping but wake up and feel something crawling on you and you see that it is some strange looking bug you have never seen before. There are no scorpions here and no they didn't give me a net. I don't think it would help to be honest. I aint worried. What is a couple of bed bugs that bite? It's all good.

So it rains pretty good here and all the streets in my town are rocky and just dirt except for some where there are some stores then it is brick. But the roads turn to rivers when it rains. Like you think I am kidding. I aint. They literally turn to rivers and you have to change your route cause you can't cross.

Every driver thinks they are the driver on Grand Theft Auto. Just freakin crazy. They speed swerve and honk. I have never heard so much honking in my life. They will honk and if you don't move they won't stop. But they are also kinda good drivers cause they will miss you by an inch. But literally every one thinks they are the driver in Grand Theft Auto or like fast in furious.

The people here are way awesome and nice. 2 little girls in our ward already wrote me love notes ha ha with a heart and mine and their names in it ha ha it was funny. Jaxarelia is a 10 who crushes on me ha ha but she helps me a ton with spanish. She is like the best teacher. And her sister who is 11 Juranela.

Yesterday for p day we hiked to the Cross. There is a big cross up the mountain in Jinotega and we hiked to it. It was so awesome. I will send you pictures next week. I forgot my cord and didn't want to go get it.

Everywhere I go I feel like I am hiking well because it is hiking with how the roads are. And every house only has 1 light bulb in it no more than that. And I keep typing in spanish on accident and have to erase it and write it in english. I want to be fluent. I want to talk to the people fluently like I do in english.

The food here is so good. Especially the juice. Juice in the states are horrible compared to this. All natural and 100 percent better. I have had the best juice ever here. I have also had the best bread ever here. It is called Pico and it is only 1 cord here. Things are so cheap. For breakfast I bought a bottle of fruit punch squiz a bag of jalapeno chips and 4 Picos for only 13 cords and 20 cords equal a dollar. Things are cheap and it's awesome. I can get my shoes shined on the street for only 5 cords.

I didn't write yesterday cause the internet was not working. This place is sketchy so ya. Not everything works properly. The internet is in a little cyber place and I pay for an hour.

Every house here has a metal tin roof and when it rains it pounds and it is loud. The rain here is so much different then when it rained in Utah. Utah rain is like sprinkling. Que mas uh on our way to Jinotego which is like 5 hours from Managua I saw a flooded town. A town floooded from the hurricane and the whole place was like 5 feet deep.

Awkward experience yesterday. Yesterday after FHE my companion and I left and were walking really fast. I didn't know where we were going but we were going there fast. Once we got to this house there was a lot of people there and I didn't know why. Then I walked in the door and there was a coffin just chillin there with a body in it. And I immediately was like whop and turned around and walked out. A member in our ward died yesterday and they do the funerals the same day. Anyways it gets awkwarder. I was just sitting on a chair outside the house and the daughter of the man who died she is probably 29 to 34 was walking out and right as she walked out the door where I was sitting people approached her and I was like in the middle of their circle and they were all crying and I was just sitting there. I didn't know what to do. So awkard? I think yes.

Know I love you and miss you and all is amazing and good. Enjoy this letter. I know it is long but I experienced a lot.

One more thing on the news. All tv things look like they are filmed with cameras from their house. Anyways on the news some guy got hit by a car and the news people just go up and start interviewing him like "How do you feel right now?" Just it is ridiculous. The guy is in pain and they just talk to him like it aint nothing. He just got hit by a car and he is rolling in pain.

Elder Webster is still in my zone so I see and talk to him a lot. He is awesome.

Anyways I think I need to end this. I love you and miss you and will see you again in a short 21 fast sundays or 21 months. That aint nothing. All is great for me and I hope it is the same for you.

Love, Elder Moore

Sunday, September 26, 2010

September 24, 2010

Hey mother,

To start off I would like to get Nate's emails to see how he is doing out in the field if at all possible.

So last week I hosted Tyler Ormond and got to see his whole family and talk to them for a while. I see him almost everyday here. I also just barely got a haircut my head is almost shaved ha ha. I just told them go as short as legal for a missionary. And it actually looks alright ha ha.

So I got so many packages this week it was awesome and Brianne sent me a huge package with tons of goods and a foot long subway in it, She is always looking out for me. She is such an awesome friend. I also got a package from the Farrs today that was awesome and it had some Otis in it. I love receiving packages. But there is no way I am going to eat all the food I received by Monday. That means party Sunday night in our room just like every other night except this time with food ha ha.

This 9 weeks went by so fast. It's crazy and it's time to leave. And I believe you can check Brooklyn out for a day. I would love to talk to the kids. But I guess they won't be there. Make Ginger come down for a little. It will be good to talk to all of you. I am so excited it will be awesome. I still have a ton of stuff to do before I leave though. I wrote so many letters today that I had to get out before I left to Nicaragua. So I didn't have time to do anything else. I still have a lot of packing to do and I am going to be sending a package home again soon with some stuff that I don't think I will need. Thank you so much for the shirts and G's you sent, I was in much need of them but I will probably send the long sleeves we bought before back. I only needed the short sleeves and the snack packs were amazing.

So I forgot to tell you last week I taught one of our lessons. Like Spanish class lesson. I taught the class about present subjunctive abverbal clauses. It went well and then yesterday I taught about Past subjunctive. Psh this subjunctive stuff is kinda killin me but for the most part I understand it. I totally understand it when it is on paper but speaking it is hard.

So I am so excited to get to Nicaragua and not understand a thing. But ha ha I will learn all in time. I don't want to be patient anymore I just want to be fluent ha ha but I know it will come.

Oh and by the way the house is looking amazing. So props to you. You have the vision. It is amazing what you see in things ha ha. Can't wait to kick it in the crib in LA Verkin when I return.

I will do my best to make you all proud. I miss you all and it finally seems like my mission is starting. I am way stoked but at the same time have a tiny bit of nervousness. But aint nothing. It will be a crazy new adventure that I know I am prepared for.

I love you all so much. Thank you for the great example you are to me in my life.

Love, Elder Moore

Monday, September 20, 2010

September 17, 2010

Hey Momma,

You sure did have a lot to say this week but it is all stuff I enjoyed hearing. Thank you so much for writing me and keeping me updated on what you do and how life is. Sounds like you had an enjoyable time up in Sandy.

That is crazy that Jeff and Trevor are already back. I am sure they did an amazing job. I would like to hear more about their talks if you can remember stuff from them.
Me and Brynlee do write weekly and it is awesome. I like her a lot. It is good to get letters from her. We have some pretty sweet conversations. I like their whole family a lot. They are good people. I look up to them. They got my love and respect.

About the 3 times in 3 months, psh that is insane. I don't like that challenge cause come on we have lives, we have jobs, people don't have time to read it 3 times in 3 months. And full on study it. We shouldn't rush through the Word of God but come to understand it and find out how it applies to us in our lives. So I am opposed to that challenge. It is good to challenge people to read it cause it gives them that drive to do it if they are challenged but 3 in 3 na uh.

That is crazy Brooklyn is going to a dance ha ha she is growing up. She will love it. Dances are always great but she needs to make the best of it and have fun doing it. She can't be shy and embarassed but be there to have a good time. You choose your personality you make it what it is. I am sure she will look amazing in her dress.

Funny story about Amber actually ha ha. There is some kid here that I guess went on a couple dates with Amber and wanted her to wait for him but she said she was waiting for someone else ha ha (Brandon). That is just the jist of the story but he is in Kyle Moffet's room and Kyle Moffet was just telling me about it and I thought it was funny.

So something extremely awesome that happened this week was yesterday we got our flight plans saweeeeeet!! I know we thought we would be getting them today but surprise they got herr yesterday. I was filled with happiness. So this is my travel plans all in Utah time:

We leave Salt Lake at 6:00 am arrive in Dallas Fort Worth at 8:45am. leave Dallas at 1:00pm arrive in Miami at 3:45. Leave Miami at 4:50 and arrive in Nicaragua at 7:30. I am so stoked so not this Monday but next Monday the 27th of this month. Psh I know I won't understand anything but you jump in and you learn. I am going to say I am MTC fluent but far from real world fluent. I can understand everything that goes on here but it is totally different from the real world.

Some more notes from from another awesome devotional we had:
Atonement will carry you through the struggle - when you get rejected or cast out the atonement will carry you.
This is the Best life the world has ever known.
You take this gospel your testimony this truth and charge.
Everything you give up he gives back.
Devote Everything to Build Up His Kingdom.

Just a couple of things I liked. So I sent home a box today if when you get it could send back my memory card asap that would be awesome. I am going to be sending another one cause I forgot to put white shirts in the box stupid me ha ha o well. There are 2 pictures that are dumb you will know which ones they are if you could crop them that would be awesome. You will know.

Know that I love you and miss you and am so stoked I leave so soon it is crazy. Thank you for everything.

Grandma Happy Birthday. Now imagine me singing this to you-
" This is your birthday song it isn't very long"

Love you all,
Elder Moore

Sunday, September 12, 2010

September 10, 2010


So this week was great. We no longer have classes in the morning only at night cause our teachers go to school in the morning over at BYU so we started hosting. Hosting is the Elders who pick up the new elders coming in like what happened when I was dropped off just over 6 weeks ago. So I have done that two weeks in a row and it has been awesome. But even more awesome is who I got to host this last Wednesday. None other than the awesome mexican ha ha Seth Beccera. He came in this week and I showed him around, took him to his room and his class room, it was awesome. That kid is a stud. It was fun.

Ya when you send the box of goods - shirts, garments and sheets, will you make sure to throw in a bunch of chocolate snack packs and gushers. I am low on supply of food here. So I weigh 145 now in gym clothes no shoes with shoes 147.5. I am still doing push ups and pull ups every day gettin huge ha ha. What should be my goal by the time I leave this place? I was thinkin 150 what's your say? And it ain't all fat either cause I still look fresh ha ha. Will you tell that aunty of mine, that Ginger to write me cause it would be awesome if I would recieve a little something from her. I know she is busy, doesn't have to be long, just something letting me know how she is doing. Give her kids and her my love ite.

I will be sending my memory card home soon. With some awesome stuff on it when you receive it, if you could just quickly load it on the computer and send it back with the pictures still on it no need to erase them. I just want to make sure I have it before I leave to nicaragua.

I just did a tour of where I am staying today. I did it so you can see my crib and I also interviewed Elder Julian who claims he looks like Leonardo Dicaprio but has Tom Cruise's style. That kid is a clown he has neither but its funny he thinks he does. We just play it off with him.

So off to the Devoccional talk, Ill give you some notes I took down-

The world needs to know that Jesucristo is their Savior. We Need to reach the one by looking for the one.
Choice is choosing. You got here by choice. What was it that brought you here?
Life consists of a series of choices.
Choices with opposition is what defines us as people.
There is nothing automatic that makes you make good decisions - the name tag doesn't change it.
Our choices reveal our true nature.
You have become what your choices reveal you to be.
Choices is becoming.
Choosing and doing is the path of becoming.
Our best choice is to choose him.
Faith is to have enough confidence in him that we choose him.
Faith is how we got here.
The lessons from choosing define us.
You can't give permission to do something if you didn't make the rule ( this was in a story where he wanted to do something on Sunday and his mother kept saying no and eventually got to the point of where she didn't make the rule of not hanging or going out on Sunday - God did)
How can you live this life and not repent everyday?
You didn't choose him then; will you choose him now
If won't only bless your life it will save your life
You chose him once (antes este vida) why not choose him now?

Those are some notes I took it was a really good talk to be honest my favorite since being here it might even trump Hollands even though his was amazing.

Know I love you and can't wait to get to Nicaragua. Only 17 more days its coming fast. The language is coming good. By December I should be fluent when I come home. Ain't nothing. I will impress you. And I will talk to you in 17 days as well when I am at the airport.

I love you so much. Thank you for all the support you have given me.
Le Amo Mucho
Elder Moore
Ya when you send the box of goods will you make sure to throw in a bunch of chocolate snack packs and gushers. I am low on supply of food here. So i weigh 145 now in gym clothes no shoes with shoes 147.5 still doin push ups and pull ups every day gettin huge ha ha what should be my goal by the time i leave this place? i was thinkin 150 whats your say? and it ain't all fat either cause i still look fresh ha ha. Will you tell that aunty of mine that Ginger to write me cause it would be awesome if i would recieve a little somethin from here. I know she is busy doesn't have to be long just somethin lettin me know how she is doin give her kids and her my love ite
le amo mucho
Elder Mas-Moore

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

September 3, 2010 I Will Touch Poisonous Frogs On My Mission !

Hola, so since all weeks are the same here and we do the same thing I figure I will write you some awesome random stuff that you might get some joy out of but who knows. Well fact be told I will touch poisonous frogs on my mission ha ha, I will kill iguanas and eat them for dinner cause that is what they do. And when I get home from Nicaragua I will be doing my shopping for food at the Petsmart.

Next I would like a supply of bouncy balls. They are the thing here. I already have some but I love to free style them. When I free style them I lose them in bushes. Free style bounce balling is like throwing them off stuff trying to hit a couple of crazy angles and have it come back to you. Just doing sweet stuff with them. Also me and Elder Maag play Bouncy Ball pig. Just in our residence halls off crazy stuff and angles like the basketball game pig but with a bouncy ball and the ball has to come back to where you originally were and you have to catch it. I won the game of bouncy ball pig today. And he lost his ball during the game it was so funny. He was upset he is having the worst week. He lost two bouncy balls ha ha. That is what we do for fun here :)

Off that subject something amazing happened this week. Something I have never done before in my whole life. It was truly so freaking awesome. I finished my first tube of chapstick from begginning to end. Yes when I started it I my self cracked the seal and yes I used every bit of it and now it is gone. Time to start a new tube.

So yesterday when I woke up I was like hmmmmmm what should I wear today? So I went to look in my closet and I saw a nice pair of dress slacks and I thought to my self...... ya I will wear those and then it was time to pick out a shirt so as I rummaged through my shirts I decided on a short sleeve button up shirt then I decided to put a tie on. Now it was time for shoes. So as I looked through all my diverse shoes I had in my closet I decided on a nice pair of dress shoes. I was satisfied with what I was wearing...Black Slacks a White shirt a Tie and dress shoes I was lookin good.

So funny thing I figured out how they do addresses in Nicaragua. I found it hilarious. I want to know what you think. This is an address: "Alright, my address is 200 meters past the mango tree next to the burned down house." Ha ha I thought it was funny but that is how it really goes down.

Lets get down to business to defeat the Hans or the list I have for you. I will be sending some ties home or trading them off and I am also going to send some long sleeve shirts home but can I have you send me 6 short sleeve church shirts please? Just sometime between now and the 27th when I leave.

Mom I want you to know I love you so much.

Love, Elder Moore
Love you with all my heart.
Bouncy balls please?

Sunday, August 29, 2010

August 27, 2010

Hey there fam or mom or whoever will take part in reading this message,

First off, ya I was using the word ladron for thug, I dunno but me and Elder Maag are always like "Ladron vida es me vida" or "Ladron vida es su vida." So I decided to put that in my last letter. Good thing you had Brandon there to tell you about it huh ha ha. Anyways, Tuesdays are devotional days. And we are always messing around saying the prophets coming, but everyone knows its a joke. So this week me and my companion decided to tell everyone Uchtdorf was coming to talk to us and usually people start lining up around 6 or 6:30. This week there were people starting to line up at 4:45 and the devotional doesn't start til 7. So it was crazy. I took some pictures of the people lined up. Dinner was pretty empty so we didn't have to wait in line and everyone believed Uchtdorf was coming ha ha. So we get to the devotional line and we were like what if he or another apostle really is coming? and now we have started this big line and might not get a seat. What did we do? So as we are in there singing before the devotional actually starts the big bald man that I mentioned last week goes on to the stage, grabs the microphone, and was like "remember we don't stand when we sing we only stand when an apostle or someone from the first presidency come" and we were like wow ha ha we told everyone Uchtdorf was coming and it looks like we might actually get an apostle. So our rumor kinda turned in to the truth. Obviously someone big was coming right? They wouldn't just say that ha ha. And as we were singing the song Armies of Helaman the part of the song were it says " And we are now the Lords missionaries!" The doors open and its none other than my favorite speaker Jeffry R Holland. I have always liked him, but started to like him a lot more since I have been here. I watch a lot of his talks on lds.org during my MDT time and the spirit was so strong. He truly gave an amazing talk. I will share some of the notes I took from his talk.

Don't miss the opportunity to give it all you got. Give it everything you have. This is only gonna come once. Grab it, embrace it, sieze it.
This war is the battle between good and evil and we are the truth. You're not the ones taking lives, I can't spend any time doing what I am not supposed to - I need to focus on the work because I am saving lives out there literally bringing them unto Christ. I wish everyone knew how important this message truly is.
Q: Why is life so hard? Why so hard? Why is everything so hard? A: Because salvation is not a cheap experience.
You will redeem and you will save.
The Road to Salvation always goes through Gethsemene.
If you want to be like Christ you go where he went.
Just a couple notes I took from his talk. He truly is an amazing speaker. He repeatedly said his mission meant everything to him. over and over again "My mission meant everything to me" and to here an apostle of the Lord say that is really strong. Everything he said I felt was directed to me.

We also had another good talk last Sunday and a couple key things I got out of that talk was...
He wants your sins. He can't take them from you, you have to give them to him.... Just let it go. Give them to the Savior.
We all make mistakes and have sinned and regret things we have done in our life and it is hard. But through the atonement of Jesus Chirst we can be forgiven. He wants to take our sins. He literally full on wants them but he can't take them, we have to give them to him.
Another thing that stuck out to me was " Don't you have faith in the Atonement?"
When we repent we have to have that faith that we truly are forgiven, that the process of the atonement truly does work.
So just a couple things that I liked.

Anyways. today we broke the 700 days awesome? I think yes only 699 days left ha ha ha awesome huh.

And I would really appreciate it if you would continue to send all the missionary emails through dearelder because I will have time to read them while on the email I have no time so I can't. So I would love if you would continue to send them. Know I love you and you are a strong woman and I promise everything will get better.
I am so greatful I had the opportunity to hear an apostle of the Lord speak. It was amazing.

I request an email 5 and whoever else wants to give me a high 5 it will take place Sunday at 3 and we will just give a long distant air five and it will be legit and Matt Farr hypothetical highfive............. awesome.

Love, Elder Moore

Saturday, August 21, 2010

August 20, 2010 Ladron Vida es mi Vida‏

Hey mama, Ya that box is awesome huh. I thought of that like the night before I came into the mtc when me and Katelin were down there packing up stuff.

So I like to talk in my sleep a lot you know - in spanish of course cause that is the only language I speak now psh ha ha. Any ways, this past week I was caught yelling in my sleep these words "QUE PASA CHICAS" ha ha so pretty much "What's happening girls?" Ha ha, I don't remember the dream but I woke up all my roomates by yelling that. Anyways I think that means I am going through withdrawals. I have never been away from real girls this long. Ha ha, I like girls but oh well. I can wait. Two years ain't nothing.

So this week me and my companion tried to sit on the stand during a big fireside devotional in front of all the missionaries. We thought it would be was sweet if we could sneek up there before and kinda just sit there. So as we were sitting up there, a big bald guy comes over to us and says, "What are you all doing up here?" And we were like "We are saying the prayer." There was like 7 of us - 3 girls and 2 other Elders up there and he was like, "All of you are praying?" and of course we said "No but he is" and we pointed to the kid who was actually saying the prayer and then we got kicked off the stage. We were so close! It would have been awesome because then people would have though I was important and possibly could have seen me in the background on the big screen. That would have been SAWEEET! We will try again some other time. But let me tell you what, those lines to the fireside are huge. It's like Disneyland, everyone wants in. The doors don't open till 6:30 but there are people waiting like an hour early for when the doors open so they get a good spot.

This week 4 people left from our district. It was kinda sad cause we all grew so close together but it's all good. They are still out there doing the work and I know I will see them again. So there is 8 of us here now.

Our teaching as a companionship has grown so much it's amazing. We have really changed the ways of teaching to focus on the needs of the investigator and it truly is amazing.

Here is an experience I had today. There were people installing new lights in our Residence Halls and I heard this strange noise and I was like, "Huh what is that?" and as i began to listen more intently to this strange noise. It clicked in my head. It was real music from the real world. Something I hadn't heard in oh so long ha ha. The construction workers were listening to weezer! Ha ha, it was funny. Real music!

I had a dream the other night there were big spiders making a huge web over my bed and supposibly I was in my sleep searching around for spiders with the light from my watch. I got made fun of for it. So I wasn't sleep walking, I was sleep searching and iIdidn't find any spiders.

If you could please go to D.I and get me some new ties. I need more and they can't be silk cause silk ties get ruined in Nicaragua and bleed the shirt because of the high humidity. So if you could just go pick out a couple of cheap ties that would be awesome and much appreciated.

Mail is kinda a big deal here and we decided to sacrifice mail till night instead of picking it up mid day and have it distract everyone from when we should be studying. Everyone agreed on the sacrifice except for one kid and he almost cried it was funny. No 20 year old boy child should be crying over mail that he is still going to get the same day just 6 hours later.

So to finish up I want to share an amazing story I heard this week. Elder Henriod, who is in our district, told this story. This story happened to his dad's friend this past week. I am going to quote it word for word:

"I went to Merril Layton's house. He told me that his brother in law was up horse back riding in Idaho with a potential convert friend. They were on a trail when the brother in law fell off the horse and then the horse fell on him. It crushed Merril's brother in law's skull. They got him to the hospital and did surgery. After surgery he went into a coma, and he died. They eventually reivived him. When he came out of his coma, he told Merill and all his family that he did visit the Spirit World. He said everyone was in their prime life like 20 years old and that everyone was in white. But not all were wearing robes. He said the prophets of old were teaching people and that everyone was full of love for everyone. More so than he could describe. He said everyone was so grateful for the Savior's atonement. He mentioned everyone knew eachother. He said the plants and rocks were beautiful beyond description and everything was peaceful. He mentioned there were people waiting to come down to earth to live their Mortality."

That story hit me real hard. It's amazing and especially to hear it from like a direct contact.

One last thing before I close out. I just want to leave you with a quote " I'm grateful that God allows tragedies and trials to occur in our lives, not because they are easy or desired, but because they help us love."

Know I love all of you and am so grateful for all of you in my life.

Love, Elder Moore

P.S. I hate being rushed on the computers, but one last thing. Could you send me some pictures of my jeep looking good like always! Love you!