Tuesday, October 19, 2010

October 18, 2010

What up family,

That is good to hear that Brandon got home safely. Sorry the writing doesn't really have punctuation or other stuff to make it correct. It is only because the keyboards here are different and I dont know how to work them properly so ya ha ha but as long as it is readable that is good.

So Brandon is home. That is awesome and he is enjoying it that is good. I was worried he was gonna struggle a little at the beggining with being sent home but it is good to hear all is well. And good to hear all is well with Amber. They better get married ha ha. I like Amber and Brandon is freakin awesome and deserves someone as tuonis as her.
so I dunno what it is I write. I am fine from the food and my stomach gets destroyed. So we are good here. My stomach has become iron. Like that rest of my body ha ha.

Anyways I need a couple things. It would be awesome if you could send some more church pants like 32 or 33. I absolutely can not fit in the 30s that we bought for some reason. There is no way possible I can get in them. because I am a big boy now. And also if you could send some of the acne detox as well. That is all I need and whatever you decide to send is going to be bomb ha ha.

So I get my confidence boosted a lot here. The girls love white skinned blue eyed studs like my self ha ha. I get whistled at all the time. Which just makes me laugh and become a little happy. And my companion is always sayin freakin musas,..... musa in translated to flirt. ha ha I hear it all the time my companion knows like 4 words in english: freak and you have hungry. ha ha it's funny. So I love being tall ha ha. Ya I am tall here as you can see in the pictures I will be sending if I can figure out how. I feel like I am 6 foot tall around all the people. I love it.

My first baptism ended up not being in the river. Something went down and we had to cancel it but we still had our baptism. I had my first baptism in the field it was awesome. It was a 60 year old man name Jose Marcelino Rodriguez Florez. It went really well and it was so awesome. I will send pics of that.

So yesterday we were leaving our house it was in the afternoon around 3 and we walk out and there was a huge parade fiesta outside and we literally couldn't go anywhere. It was Jinotegas 119th birthday. So there was parties everywhere. I want you to imagine Draper Days times it by 10 make them all Nicaraguincies and to top it off make them all drunk. Ya it was pretty crazy and insane. So many broken glass bottles and drunk people everwhere for the whole night. We had to go back to our apartment for a little til it cleared up and then went out but there was tons of people out in the street for the whole night.

Last night it started to rain pretty good and the power went out during dinner so that was awesome eating dinner in the complete darkness. My shower is like cold hose water and I take it at 630 in the morning when it is like 60 degrees. We no longer have a cardboard window so it's just a a gap and the wind blows in its freezing. I am in the coldest place in Nicaragua but it is perfect weather everyday I love it. It will be like 75 degrees and people will be like it's freezing they think it is cold like up to 85 degrees ha ha. They are all up in their sweatshirts and I think it feels perfect. The price of gas here is 20 cordobas and that is less than a dollar in american money. 21.75 cords equal 1 dollar.

We saw a ghost yesterday. That was neat Me and my companion both saw it. I asked him if he saw and he said yes. So it wasn't only my eyes ha ha.

Sometimes I will ask my self "Why am I here?" This is kinda hard. I can't have a normal conversation with anyone, but at the end of the day I always answer my question and there is always something throughout the day that makes it 100 percent worth it. Today I was really loving it and I knew why I was here. It took a while to really become accustomed and want to be here and I love it and am enjoying it even though I can't have a normal conversation ha ha but I am trying and doing my best.

I can pretty much understand all spanish when I am reading but it is completely different when listening to someone speak it. So I know it will come in time and I am just waiting and putting in a lot of work studying cause I want to know this language. Ha ha I am sick of being patient but it aint nuttin I can't handle.

Well I am going to try and send the pictures now ha ha. Wish me luck. Love you tons.

Elder Moore

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