Monday, January 23, 2012

January 23, 2012

So well this week was tight. We met an apostle called of God, Russel M. Nelson. Also we plan on baptizing another family this week. This week the branch president didn't even show up to church. It was so lame, but my comp directed and did an amazing job. I gave a talk and also my recent convert that we baptized on the 25th of Decembre gave a talk too and it was amazing.

Today we went to some waterfalls that are in my area. It was way tight. I'll try to send you the pics when the pics get sent to me then I'll send them to you.

My debit card is going to expire in March. I don't know what we can do about that but I am going to want to buy a lot of souvenirs when I leave. And yes on the Mcdonalds menu here they have a lot of typical Nica food...fried cheese, fried bananos, gallo pinto. Mcdonalds is up date on all the biz.

Ya I ain't too worried that you all moved on me. Much changes in life, we just got to go with the flow.

Love you mommy and try to get me that informacion asap. I don't feel like writing much now.

I love you so much mommy. Thanks for everything.

Love, Elder Moore

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

January 16, 2011

Well mother that I love so much, this week was awesome. We baptized a family and it was awesome to see my convert baptize someone else. He was going to baptize both the husband and the wife but the hermana was way scared. They are a little bit older and it was the first baptism she had ever received so she was way scared and after the third attempt still had to do it again so I decided to help and within 30 seconds I was in white and in the water and baptized her just fine cause ya I got experience in that. And then my comp baptized the hermano. Then after their baptism we went back to San Ramon and had a get together as a branch. We ate cake and had soda and watched Together Forever a church movie. Cause not only did they get baptized but they got married too. So we had a good weekend.

Then Sunday for the first time in maybe years the missionaries didn't pass and bless the sacrament. The men from last week that we gave the priesthood to went and did it all with a little help from us cause they were learning but it was awesome. Also we had a convert give a talk and so things are changing in our branch. The missionaries have always done everything but ya not no more. We are trying to organize.

On to another topic the financer of the mission has still not put money in my account for me and my comp from the beginning of the mission and we have not had money for like 2 weeks. So this week I had to take money out. I could of handled it but you know my comp is a girl ha ha he couldn't stand it. I have helped him a lot he is becoming more of a man ha ha.

Last night we were hitchhiking from San Ramon to Matagalpa and a mini cooper picked us up. It was a guy who won the mini cooper out of nowhere. He bought a phone and they entered him into a raffle type thing with out him knowing and out of no where they called him up and told him he won the car. So we had a pretty tight ride yesterday.

But that is a little about me and what has happèned this week. O and today played like 12 games of basketball and my team won 12 of 12. We had like a 3 on 3 tournament. We played against some Nicas but also other missionaries. It was a fun time.

Love you a ton and miss ya and this Wednesday I am going to meet Elder Nelson so I am pretty stoked.

Love you and miss ya,
Love Elder Moore

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

January 9, 2012

So I will start off by telling you that my convert is my comp. It's awesome. He didn't get set apart, but he is going to be here for 6 weeks. His name is Elder Martinez (Ismael) from Chinandega. He got baptized 2 months ago and now he is in the mission field. He has a way strong testimony and teaches good. That is because I taught him ha ha and I am continuing to teach him. He has learned a lot but still has a lot to learn. He was the secretary in his ward before coming on the mini mission. It is great working with him.

We did work this week. My first week in San Ramon we had an attendance of 15, second week 9, third week 22 this week we had 34. It was awesome. Also we only had 2 people with the priesthood. Well this Sunday we ordained 3 men to the Aaronic priesthood. It was awesome. We got all of them to go in white shirts and ties cause believe it or not that is hard to do here. So now we have 5 priesthood holders in our branch. The district president talked to me today and told me that he was proud of the work we did in San Ramon this week. So this week was good. We only brought one investigator to church tho but with me that was ok cause I was focused on getting the men ordained to their office of priesthood. We are building the firm base then we are going to build on top of it.

I am also way stoked for my convert cause on January 18th we are going to have the awesome opportunity to meet an apostol and have him speak to us. Elder Ballard is coming. It is going to be awesome. Ismael (my convert) is way stoked. And I am happy for him. So I have had a good week this week. Just got to keep workin.

That is crazy that Adam is already almost home. That is crazy awesome. I lack a little over 6 months. Time is flying.

So about the potatoes you don't have to send them to me. They try to make mashed potatoes here but they mix it with cream and it's way gross and I almost throw up when I eat it so I kinda lost my likin for mashed potatoes at this moment ha ha.But ya my face is clearing up but ya send me the stuff. I am just waiting for some red marks to go away but it has gotten a ton better.

For the plaque the ward wants to make for me, put this as my scripture dyc 50 13-14.

I love ya and miss ya a ton. Only 200 days more, aint nothin. I started off with like 734 but we have gone done a ton. Love ya and miss ya.

Love, Elder Moore

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

January 2, 2012

Happy new years to all. New years I passed out so fast. I was so beat. We worked so hard this week.

My comp had changes and the mission gave me a member to work with. So I have been working with a member lately. So let me tell you about what happened this week. We hiked over a mountain without a path like no joke. We hiked up and over it. It was horrible. There are recent converts that I know that lived so far away so another elder that knew where they lived from my zone went to my area to show me where they lived. Well he thought he knew a shortcut that would be faster. Well the shortcut took us into the middle of the mountains and we got lost and it was an awesome experience ha ha the middle of the jungle. We did find many orange trees though. Anyways so ya we eventually came to a coffee field hiked through the coffee field and in the middle of the field was a little mud hut and there lived the people. We talked to them for a while and they said they would go to church if we went and got them in the morning on Sunday. So Sunday we woke up way early hiked up the mountain for like an hour and a half just to have them tell us no maybe next week. It was horrible but it was a good work out. I almost died though ha ha.

So working with the member was awesome. We found a ton of new families to start working with. We are going to start teaching them this week. We have a lot of appointments tomorrow. Wednesday I will have my new comp. The member I was working with bounced last night. I am now in Matagalpa working with the Maag Dawg. The Aps called me and told me to look for member to help cause we are running low on elders. So I called up a convert of mine to see if he wanted to work as a missionary for a while and he was totally down. So I had the Aps call him and he is going to work a full change this change. A full 6 weeks. I called the APS and told him that I wanted him to be my comp so we will see what happens. It will be awesome to have my convert as a companion. My converts name is Ismael from Tezoatega. I didn't baptize him but I taught him all the way up till he got baptized so I feel like he is my convert.

So sounds pretty crazy with all the weddings that are going. I am happy for all of them. One day I will get married and it will be awesomely legendary.

So I can officially say I will be home this year ha ha. Craziness. I went through one full year here in Nicaragua. Just a short 7 months more and I'll be there with ya chillin.

So to answer some of your questions. Yes the attendance went up a lot this week at church. We had an attendance of 22 which is a lot better than last weeks attendance. We'll see if we can keep getting that number up.

I'll try to send you pictures of the awesome stuff I have been doing lately. I got to bounce love you a ton and miss ya. Love ya all the way to the moon and back.

Love, Elder Moore

Some of the missionaries in the pictures are named Hermana Cortez, Hermana Quieju, Elder Lutnick, Elder Herrera and Elder Thorum.