Monday, January 23, 2012

January 23, 2012

So well this week was tight. We met an apostle called of God, Russel M. Nelson. Also we plan on baptizing another family this week. This week the branch president didn't even show up to church. It was so lame, but my comp directed and did an amazing job. I gave a talk and also my recent convert that we baptized on the 25th of Decembre gave a talk too and it was amazing.

Today we went to some waterfalls that are in my area. It was way tight. I'll try to send you the pics when the pics get sent to me then I'll send them to you.

My debit card is going to expire in March. I don't know what we can do about that but I am going to want to buy a lot of souvenirs when I leave. And yes on the Mcdonalds menu here they have a lot of typical Nica food...fried cheese, fried bananos, gallo pinto. Mcdonalds is up date on all the biz.

Ya I ain't too worried that you all moved on me. Much changes in life, we just got to go with the flow.

Love you mommy and try to get me that informacion asap. I don't feel like writing much now.

I love you so much mommy. Thanks for everything.

Love, Elder Moore

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