Wednesday, January 18, 2012

January 16, 2011

Well mother that I love so much, this week was awesome. We baptized a family and it was awesome to see my convert baptize someone else. He was going to baptize both the husband and the wife but the hermana was way scared. They are a little bit older and it was the first baptism she had ever received so she was way scared and after the third attempt still had to do it again so I decided to help and within 30 seconds I was in white and in the water and baptized her just fine cause ya I got experience in that. And then my comp baptized the hermano. Then after their baptism we went back to San Ramon and had a get together as a branch. We ate cake and had soda and watched Together Forever a church movie. Cause not only did they get baptized but they got married too. So we had a good weekend.

Then Sunday for the first time in maybe years the missionaries didn't pass and bless the sacrament. The men from last week that we gave the priesthood to went and did it all with a little help from us cause they were learning but it was awesome. Also we had a convert give a talk and so things are changing in our branch. The missionaries have always done everything but ya not no more. We are trying to organize.

On to another topic the financer of the mission has still not put money in my account for me and my comp from the beginning of the mission and we have not had money for like 2 weeks. So this week I had to take money out. I could of handled it but you know my comp is a girl ha ha he couldn't stand it. I have helped him a lot he is becoming more of a man ha ha.

Last night we were hitchhiking from San Ramon to Matagalpa and a mini cooper picked us up. It was a guy who won the mini cooper out of nowhere. He bought a phone and they entered him into a raffle type thing with out him knowing and out of no where they called him up and told him he won the car. So we had a pretty tight ride yesterday.

But that is a little about me and what has happèned this week. O and today played like 12 games of basketball and my team won 12 of 12. We had like a 3 on 3 tournament. We played against some Nicas but also other missionaries. It was a fun time.

Love you a ton and miss ya and this Wednesday I am going to meet Elder Nelson so I am pretty stoked.

Love you and miss ya,
Love Elder Moore

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