Wednesday, February 1, 2012

January 30, 2011

Well I guess I will let you know what's up here. As we say in the mission we are throwin fire here. We baptized another family this week. Pedro y Mayra. I will send you pictures. It was a Jarron Azul as we also say in the mission. We had to rush it; we almost didn't do it. We had it all planned for Saturday at 12 but then Pedros' boss called him into work and so we had to get everything done way fast. I hurried and called the branch pres so he could fill up the baptismal font, called the zls so they could bring us clothes, but all went good. We got it all done in time. We were going to go over to Pedro y Mayras house at 11:30 to take them to the baptism, but something told me that we had to go at 10 so we went at 10. And now I know why, cause he wouldn't have been there if we went at 11:30.

Anyways also I am pretty much branch president. Our Branch president doesn't do much so I got permission to give everyone calls and well I pretty much represent the branch. Right now my comp and I are helping two jovens prepare for the mission. Yesterday we had a district leadership meeting. I went with like 5 recent converts that I think have potential to be great leaders in San Ramon. Also yesterday I got the folder to help the 2 jovens prepare for the mission and get their papers started. I will be helping them fill out their papers this week. My comp knows a lot too, and I know he will serve a full time mission. He is 20.

Another thing, I completed 18 months this week so me and Elder Weber that came out with me had a little slumber party at his house and burned pants. I'll send you the pictures so you can get a taste of how it was for us.

I feel good. I feel like I am working hard. I love pretty much running the branch. I feel like I am doing a lot. We finished the month of January with 4 baptisms 2 familias and 2 priesthoods. With a retention of 18/21 which was the highest percent of the zone.

I am so happy for Daniel Farah. That is so awesome. That is dope that he will be learning Spanish. But pure Spanish he will learn, not Latin Spanish, but what ev it's all good. We will all be able to communicate with our selves after the mission. But I'll probably be married by the time he gets back. I was hoping that he was going to be in the MTC in Provo for 9 weeks so I could have seen him. But what ev it's cool.

Love you a ton. Thanks mommy. Take care and have a great week. Love you.

Love, Elder Moore

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