Wednesday, February 8, 2012

February 6, 2012

That is like some sort of church and on top are a bunch of plants that grew on top of it.

Well I'll let you know that we are having a lot of success in San Ramon. We had the highest attendance this Sunday that has been had in months. 35 people. It was awesome. We also gave 5 callings and we are trying to start up seminary in San Ramon. Instead of just having the Branch President we now have a Relief Society president and Primary president and both have 1 counselor. We also now have a Elder's Quorum president and we found a seminary teacher. We are seeing many results.

We also had an amazing branch counsel this week. I was the one that gave the counsel and it was tight. They were all animated and ready to work. I know that the branch is going to grow. We are also trying to prepare 2 people to serve missions. So we are getting work done in San Ramon. I don't want to leave, I want to stay at least one change more to organize it better. I will have to get another comp my comp has to go back to school. There is a lot of work that needs to be done there. I have only been in San Ramon for como 6 o 7 weeks but I feel like I have done so much there and have ganas to have changes. We are struggling right now on finding positive families but we are working hard. We did baptize 2 families in January tho.

Other thing, I met a white guy this week that told me that he was an Elder from Israel and said that he could prove to me that our church was false. He started telling me a bunch of things try to get me to believe. I came to find out that not only can I not teach worth crap in English but also that my testimony is stronger than anybody's knowledge about the scriptures. I shared my testimony with him like 4 times and he just kept getting madder and madder. There was like 5 white people vs this guy but I think I came out on top. They guy started interrupting me every time I tried sharing my testimony and just got mad. I was calm the whole time and told him that I knew the truthfulness of what I was doing. Don't even worry mommy I know exactly what I am doing here and there is no one that can take my testimony from me.

So only 6 weeks in the mtc now. That is awesome. Why couldn't they have changed that when I was there. I was dyin in the mtc, I just wanted out ha ha.

Thank you for everything you taught me. I love you a ton mommy and respect you a ton.

I am so stoked to start a team with the crew when I get back. I promise we will dominate with my skill psh I have improved my game so much. That will be so awesome if we start a team. With Steve being coach just like the throw back days. In a short 5 months I will be there and we can start ballin ha ha. Love ya.

This is Elder Ortiz from Honduras.

Love, Elder Moore

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