Wednesday, February 15, 2012

February 13, 2012

Buen dia. So yesterday I had the opportnity to go back and visit some friends in Jinotega. It was an amazing experience. It was awesome cause everyone remembered me by name and they were so stoked to see me. I spent the night there and then woke up at 4 o clock this morning and went to Managua to sack out my cedula. And then came back in a ride from President Guzman from Jinotega it was awesome.

So we are working hard in San Ramon. I put a bet with the district president that if we don't have 50 people in church next week I will take him out to eat but if we do he has to take us out to eat. This is a number they haven't reached in forever so it will be hard but I know that we can reach it. So my comp takes off this week. We have changes on Wednesday and to answer your question, yes all the missionaries go to changes. And yes I will make sure to talk to Elder Ashby's mom.

Umm ya I got something else for you. The youth president of the district went up to San Ramon this week and told us that we were going to have an awesome activity for the youth this week. So we made a bunch of invitaciones that pretty much said that there was going to be a party in Matagalpa for the youth. He told us to invite members and non members so that is what we did and everyone is way stoked to go. Well we found out that it really isn't an activity like we thought it was going to be. A member from the 70 is coming and it is a fireside so I think we are kinda screwed pardon my french. Cause we have invited so many people to a party that we are not going to have ha ha. The thing is the kids aren't like kids from the states. I am thinking that they aren't going to keep the reverence and they are going to show up being thugs. They are not going to want to sit down and listen to a member of the 70 not knowing who he is. They think it is going to be a party when it is going to be the exact opposite. It definitely is not going to go down how you think it will go down. I promise you that. I dunno what we are going to do. But what ev.

But back to other stuff, if the ward in La Verkin wants me to give a talk I will be happy to do it but only if they ask me to ha ha. If not that's cool, you don't have to go around telling them I want to give a talk if you know what I mean ha ha. I do give a talk almost every week in San Ramon.

It's crazy how fast the mission is flying by, only 5 months left. Well a little more but 5 months aint nothing. To be honest 2 years aint no thang either.

Well mommy love you and miss you a ton keep it real and keep being awesome.

Love ,Elder Moore

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