Tuesday, December 21, 2010

December 20, 2010

Well today is officially the first day I have cried literally. Right now I can't control it. I am really struggling mom. The tears just keep flowin but if anything happens will you call the mission office. I am going to call him today. For Christmas I am going to skype. I will be using Presidente Herrera's computer at his house and he just wants to make sure everything will be workin before the day but yes i did sign up for skype this past week so we can web cam chat and it will be freakin awesome to the max.

Some crazy story for ya. We had to walk way far to this area in the middle of no where and I took some pictures so you will be able to see. On our journey there we saw this huge bees nest in the tree like the ones on cartoons that are always big. I had my slingshot so I decided I would try to hit it and knock it down cause it was way up in the tree. So on my third shot I hit it and put a huge hole in it and the bees went crazy but I did not knock it down. So we went back for more and we were shooting it and I was throwin rocks at it and the bees started to attack so we took off. Then we decided to return and well the bees were all hiding and attacked when we got close so we left for a couple minutes before returning cause I didn't want to fail the mission of not knocking down the bees nest. So we went back one more time and I kid you not we got close but before we got into good range like 100 plus bees attacked and it was literally like a cartoon where the people are running and the bees are chasing ya. It was crazy. I was legitamitly attacked and there were black bees in my pants that tried to sting me but I was protected and the sting didn't reach me but the bees were stuck to my pants. I will tell you more in depth about this story on Christmas when I call. I dunno what day I am going to call anymore. It seems like the 24th might be better for papa but maybe I will call both days we will see.

So this week we had our Christmas activity in Managua. So Monday we went to Matagalpa, woke up at 4 and drove to Managua, then had our way sweet activity. I will tell you about on the phone call and then we ended up sleeping in Managua again cause my comp needed to go to the hospital again. So the zone left us and we stayed there and I spent the whole next day in the office which was way super boring. But I ate american food for free: Quiznos it was legit so good. Then Wednesday we missed the bus to Jinotega so we only made it to Matagalpa so I slept there and then I went on splits Thursday so once again I slept in Matagalpa. I got so trunky for Jinotega. I was gone from Monday to Friday away from my home. It was rough.

So I have decided I really like this thing called CAULIFLOWER. It's legit. I would like this to continue and all its greatness and funness into things but for real cauliflower is the freakin bomb, it's the dogs bone, the bees news the clowns wheels all the good stuff.

So here in Nicaragua and probably through other parts of Central America they started handing out pamphlets that the world is going to end May 21 of 2011 and the reason why and all this mathmatical stuff and everyone believes it. It's ridiculous and stupid and all the recent converts are asking about it and then we have to explain that only God knows when. So ya.

When we skype try and get everyone there it will be legit to see all of you. I will end this here and we will talk in a couple of days know that I love you all.

Let Papa know he means the world to me and I thank him for the amazing example he has been to me in my life. He has helped me with so much more than he knows . I learned my awesomeness from him. He truly trumps awesomeness but I will tell him that when I call on Christmas to see his smiling awesome face. I love you PAPA.

Love you all talk to you soon voice to voice,

Love, Elder AwesoMoore

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