Thursday, January 6, 2011

January 3, 2011

Ok, we are going to start off with a spiritual story then jump into the stabbing story from last week that only you know about but I will share it with everyone.

So since everyone thinks they can speak english here and since I am white they try to talk to me in english. Well this past week a drunk guy came up to us and tried talking to me in english. It didn't go to well. His english is semi understandable, so I told him it would be better if we did it in spanish. So we took his name and his address and then were on our way. We then encountered him again 3 days later in front of his house .He kept saying ¨Welcome my home, welcome my home¨ but we were on our way to another appointment and told him we would return. We returned that night and ended up teaching him about the Palabra de Sabiduria and I just realized that it is in spanish or in other words The Word of Wisdom. We taught him and his wife all about this commandment and about Joseph Smith cause the wife asked why it was not in the bible and why Joseph Smith is not mentioned in the bible. Her Husband just told her don't worry Flor he is a prophet. So we have been visiting them a lot lately to help them out. We gave the wife a HazloJusto ring the she is now reppin everywhere she goes. And we tell the Husband she is your HazloJusto. He always leaves at 5 in the morning to go drink. So we have been waking up early to go to his house to meet up with him before he leaves to go drink to talk and read the scriptures with him.

This is a really hard spiritual experience to share but they came to church with us and then invited us to dinner so we went to dinner and talked. And at that moment at dinner he promised me my comp his wife and Dios that he would not drink. He told us that before but this time it was sincere and he really meant it so we are going to check on him today. But after dinner we wanted to watch Together Forever a movie from the church which I knew was important for them. But their Dvd player was not working at all was not reading the disc just nothing was working. So I said I am going to show you something awesome cause I am awesome so I quickly said a quick prayer in my head and boom the dvd player worked. But they didn't have a remote so we couldnt change it to spanish. Well I found a remote but it didn't have batterias so I quickly said a nother quick prayer that we would would find batterias but they are so hard to come across here and well we found 2 3aaa batterias which is what we needed. Then we switched the language then played it then it got way super sketchy not working, freezing every second. So we took the disc out, cleaned it, and tried again. Same thing so I said another quick prayer about how important this movie was for them to see and with the faith I have in you I know it will work and right after I said amen in my head the dvd worked perfectly with out freeze until the credits. It was so awesome. My comp knew and he was astonished after he talked to me about how awesome it was. I love having experiences with faith. Anyways ya so this guy thinks he knows english but he can only say welcome my home and check it out. Well this is the actual phrase he tells us "my wife she beautiful check it out ya man check it out."

So next last week I told you I went on splits with a child cause we were working and looking for this less active family. and we ended up finding them. But only the son was there and he has 17 years. I shared a message with him and then after he confessed to me that he stabbed someone 3 times the night before and felt completely normal about it. Well 2 days after I told you that story. He got machetted just torn up. Right now he is in the city at the hospital and they are trying to repair him. His mom told us that his arm is pretty much just cut off. They know who did it but really there are no police here so nothing is going to happen. Like every person from the age of 13 to 30 carries a knife with them. Its freakin crazy. So ya he got attacked pretty good.

Next everyone here loves Bob Marley and well so do I. Nicaraguenses have a way sweet tradicion but I am going to cut it short cause this is a long email but they all make a mannequin and stuff it with bombs explosives and fireworks and at midnight news years they set it on fire and it's awesome. It's called Ano viejo burn the past year going into the new but like everyone has a homemade mannequin that they stuff with fireworks. It was sweet stuff. Mother don't worry. I won't do anything to shorten my life, but we got to enjoy life. Live it to the maximum ha ha make it fun. we had the best neighbors in the world, I loved doing fireworks with Mike and Scott. Go ahead and tell them that for me. I will tell you my new years story when O get home. It's legendary and I won't forget it, but I will save it. I need to have some stories when I get back.

My comp and I contacted a pastor. It was awesome. My comp knows like everything I feel like and we asked him when we could come teach his congregation.

I am cutting all these stories short but last one. I went on splits this week with someone that came the same time as me and I just dominated the lessons and contacts. I had a huge confidence builder. He kept telling me how good my spanish is cause he still can't speak that good. I have had people ask me if I can speak english after like a 10 minute conversacion in spanish so that is another awesome confidence builder.

Mother psh I am a gangster ha ha just kidding. I can tell you I have seen my self change a lot but I am still awesome and still JMo but still there has been some changes.

Thank you so much for all the updates they were great and the pictures are all awesome. That is so great that the family all got to be together except for me ha ha. But it's all good. I am enjoying it out here and I know this is where I am supposed to be. The pictures are good enough. And i can't wait to see and hear all from the funeral when I get back. Sounds like he had a perfect funeral. Thank the secod ward for me for the support it actually means a lot. The second ward was like family to me. They are all so awesome. This is going to be hard for grandma. She needs to know she will see him again. I know she knows it but she needs to really know it and then she will find the peace she needs.

That is sad to hear about Brother Harper. He as well is an awesome man. That made me sad when I read that in this email. I will always remember him and the fence to protect the indians ha ha ha ha ha that guy is a clown. And his way perfect santa laugh that I always thought was so real. Man to be honest I miss being a child, I want to go back to the good ole days of being 5, 6, 7 years old when I didn't have a care in the world. But at one point we all need to grow up. Which in some ways is awesome but others not so much.

But ya know that I love you and miss you all psh I am only falting 19 months psh aint no thing.
Love you ,
Elder AwesoMoore

ps: breakin news I forgot to tell you but ya I can officially say that I come home next year ha ha.

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