Wednesday, November 24, 2010

November 22, 2010

Thanks mom for everything you are awesome. That's not good about his wound reopening hopefully that all gets better and doesn't effect him. Glad I don't have to deal with snow here but it has been getting cold to be honest. Especially during the night. Today it was raining and cold in the morning but it is sunny and warm now. But sometimes it will be cold for the whole day. What is kinda cold to me is freezing to the Jinoteganos. It's funny, they will be all bundled up in a coat and a scarf and beanies and it is like 55 degrees which is kinda cold I guess, but it aint nothing I can't handle in a short sleeve shirt.

They don't celebrate Thanksgiving here unfortunately. That kinda sucks. But they do ask me when dia de gracias is. I will miss thanksgiving and spending it with the fam. But its' just a little sacrifice - aint no thang. In 2 years I will be celebrating with you all again and it will be freakin awesome.

So just to throw this in here before I forget - if you didn't send the last package off yet could you throw in cake mix the funfetti and brownie mix and dr scholls shoe insole. Ha ha this missionary business consists of a whole lot of walking but I love it ha ha.

So I decided to make a mission Bucket List of things to complete on the mission. nNthing that will take away from the work. just stuff ha ha. Like one thing is get bit by a dog for example and actually to be straight up I checked that off the list. I got bit by a dog. I am a man so it didn't hurt but my leg was fancy to the eyes of the dog so it wanted to taste. But I won the battle after I shot it several times with my sling shot ha ha and nothing more happened.

That is Jesus arm wrestling with the devil. I just saw that today ha ha. Why does Brandon need to know frog in spanish? I mean I know it but that is not an important word ha ha. And for ice cream it is just called eskimo here and i know that is different than the normal way. Well I will be home before you all know it and me and B can talk in spanish all the time. Just so you know, August of 2012 my return day is August 2nd for your informacion.

Well know I love you all and pray for you everyday. The mision is hard but I love it. I miss you all but it aint nothing I cant wait 20 more months for. I am nearing my 4 month mark here in the next couple of days.

The language is coming alright. I can say what I want for the most part and my sentences might not be 100 percent correct but they can understand. I am far from fluent but I can still understand a lot.

I spent a night in Matagalpa on divisions this week and there was a couple totally makin out in front of the house. I stayed in! This is a picture of me and Elder Childs peepin on the couplin chupanlapina.

Sometimes life throws storms at us that are unexpected and we are forced to face the deepest pain but I believe everything happens for a reason, We are not just tossed by the wind and left in the hands of fate. In our life we need to go through the bad times through the hard time to get to the good or else we wouldn't know the difference. We need to be thankful for every experience we have in our life even if it is hard to do. Always keep a smile on your face and enjoy the little things in life.

Mom know I love you and miss you. Thank you for everything. You are extremely freakin awesome to the max ha ha. Always strive to learn more about the gospel and keep a close relationship with the Lord. Never let satan in. It's hard but life is so much better when we are focused on the Lord at all times. Always turn to the our Father in Heaven in time of need and have a conversacion. It works like a telephone two people on the line. Same with our father in heaven. And after your offer your prayer listen and recognize the feelings you have in your heart and the thoughts in your mind. I know that this church is true with all my heart and I am so thankful for it. It is the light to the path I want to live for the rest of my life. Thank you for everything. It's hard knowing that there are so many people out there that wont even give the gospel a chance but if they only took the first step they would realize the truthfulness of it and the happiness it can bring to their life. It is hard watching people deny the truth. But it is awesome watching it change lives for the better.

THE CHURCH IS TRUE BOO YA! The church and I have one huge thing in common - we are both AWESOME hahahahaha.
Love you.
Love, Elder Awesomoore

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