Tuesday, November 9, 2010

November 8, 2010

Hey mother of which I love so much and family as well,

So this past week I had the great oppurtunity to eat cooked cow utters. It was not so good and really chewy. Uh ya and the next day me levante a las 5 en la manana y yo necesitaba ir al bano yo fui en al bano probablemente una hora. no voy a mentir yo probablamente sali 10 lbs en el inodoro fue horrible. (Translation since he speaks Spanglish now...He got really sick and was on the toilet for an hour and thinks he lost 10 lbs.) That day we needed to take the bus to Matagalpa which is an hour and a half bus ride and I was sick. I couldn't hold anything in so I prayed that I wouldn't be sick and right as I said amen I felt 100 percent better. It was amazing. Just a little miracle to me. You can look at it how u want but I was super ill but when I prayed I was no longer ill.

So during this past week teaching a lesson, this girl told me and my companion she was willing to wait 20 months to marry me ha ha. I am going to keep that story brief. There is more to that but I ain't gonna put it.

Everyone here thinks I am somewhere between 22-26 yrs old. In the states everyone thought I looked young, but here every one thinks I look older ha ha. Loco.

Anyways before iI forget will you send me an asthma inhaler in the next packag? For some reason I have been having problems.

This is a shout out to Brandon and the tie he sent me. Everytime I wear it I get props on it so that is awesome. Everyone loves it and thinks it is the most coolest tie. So ya B you got good tast in tie style.

So everyone knows how my companion doesn't like to do work. I try and do what I can to try to get us to do work but everytime I wanted to we would get in an argument. So I kinda just go with the flow to keep the unity better. Anyways we went on splits this week with members from the ward. I went with Antonio. He is 60 and speaks pretty good english. His from Bolivia and just started attending the Jinotega ward. He was baptized in 87 and told me he lost his testimony so i have been trying to help him. He is just looking for a big sign to tell him the church is true. So anyways, I went on splits with him and we went to San Dino and I told him to choose the way. He said "Ha ha no I cant I dont have thoughts or feeling about anything." I told him to relax and just tell me what way feels best. So he eventually chose a way. We ended up finding a family of 7 and a family of 15 (well 2 families lived in the same house that is why there is 15). It was really successful. Our goal was to find 3 new families. Anyways the 3rd family we found were all testigo de jehovah ha ha so we kinda got shot down on that ha ha but it was good. Also on our splits we taught a lesson to a less active. I taught the whole lesson (which felt awesome all in spanish)and told Antonio to share his testimony so that was a good experience for him. He told me at church he was greatful for that oppurtunity that he had to express himself and go on splits with me it was great.

This is a picture of our golden investigador. He is so awesome. He is 22 and wants to serve a mission. He is way tight. We get a long so good. His name is David.

Tell Brandon to look up Alex Campo and now that I think of it I think he told me his name last week. But he is awesome. I like the song DIME.

So today we went on a hike up the mountain in Apanas and it was beautiful. We hiked for like 2 hours and there was a house up there in the mountain so far away from everything with a little 2 littles kids 8 and probably 3 just chillin there. It was sad. We asked where there parents were and they said at work. I took pictures so u can make the picture in ur mind; it was sad.

I also took a machette with us. Machettes are so awesome. I cut down like 5 trees. I love how I can just stand in the road with a machette and the police dont care or the people ha ha. I am going to buy one and bring it back to the states with me.

This man is my nicaraguan dad and his wife my mother. He is so awesome. He made the sling shot for me. He is a pro at artistic stuff. He is missing a leg. He has a prostetic leg. About a year ago he was electrocuted and lost his leg. I love his family to the max.

So know I love you to the max, all of you and I am going to send pics right now from this past week.

Love You, Elder Moore
mom you're the best you trump ever other mother in the whole world love you.

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  1. I love love love Justin, I seriously couldn't love him more if I tried! His letters are awesome and I miss him terribly!