Wednesday, August 24, 2011

August 22, 2011

So just wanna throw out props to Brooklyn for her driving!

That one family that me and my comp received revelacion for like 3 weeks ago got married and baptized this week. It was so awesome. We threw fire this week. I'll send you pics. Just on our part of town 4 families were baptized, 9 people. It was an awesome experience. First 5 families got married then after 4 families got baptized. It was a party and I loved it.

So we told our family that after their baptism we were going to go out to eat and we told them that they could choose what ever restaurant that they wanted. They told us they want to go to a restaurant called Antiguo Tezoatega. So we were down with that thinkin it was a normal chill restaurant. Well not normal cause the restaurants here are a lot more ghettoer then those in the states. So on our way to the restaurant we saw some club lookin place with a sign above it that said Antiguo Tezoatega. Well that is where we ended up eating dinner ha ha. It was like a club. There wasn't anyone there but there was loud music and and flashing lights I guess it was more like a bar club ha ha. So I can say the first time I went into a bar I was on my mission ha ha. But it was way fun and the food was so good. It was like American cooked food. I told my comp that you were freakin awesome and would be awesome about it and just laugh. It was quite the experience.

Anyways to continue I guess I can kinda say that I went to the temple on Sunday. Here we didn't have normal meetings. The El Salvador temple got dedicated and we went and watched the dedication. Only those that were interviewed and had tickets could enter. It was so awesome and so spiritual. I literally felt like I was in the temple. I loved it. It was also way funny. Henry B Eyring dedicated it and that guy is a clown. When they were sealing the corner stone he was making a ton of jokes. He is so funny. But anyways it was amazing. They were all in white. Elder Christoferson spoke ya, I totally met him. And Eyring wow that guy is a stud. I wish you were there to experience it but we couldn't take anything in and don't remember a ton but I remember the feelings I felt and how amazing it was. I had not felt the spirit so strong in a while. Not saying I don't feel the spirit but during the dedication it was amazing and the dedicatory prayer wow. Everything about it was amazing. There was 3 sessions and they were are all about 2 hours long. I was there in the church from 8 in the morning till 5. It was so awesome cause all my recent converts went and I was so happy that they could experience that. I love this work, I love this church, I know it's true.

One of my recent converts is like a missionary now. Nestor, he was part of the 5 I baptized in June. He is 13 and always goes out with the missionaries to help teach. He has gone with us twice and it is so awesome to hear him share his testimony and teach. I love the change I have seen in all of them. I know this is the Kingdom of God. I have no doubt about that. I know that Jesus Christ leads and Guides this church through a living prophet. I know that. I know all the things the church teaches are true. I know it.

I love this work.

Love you mommy,
Love, Elder Moore

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