Sunday, August 7, 2011

August 1, 2011

Que onda mama. So sounds like ya all enjoyed the greatness that happened this week. Glad to hear I have crazy unicycle clowns as relatives ha ha. And it's not just one, it's a herd of them ha ha. That is awesome. I am jealous of their talent that they have. The good ole unicycle clan.

I am going to be honest, I hate writing, I love reading just hate writing. But in order to receive letters I need to write letters. I think I kinda hate it cause I suck at writing. So I'll just get to the awesomeness that happened this week.

First off we have been lending some mad service. In just one day we dug a huge hole and threw a ton of rocks in it to make a filter. But the digging was like a week long thing. I only went for like 3 days to dig. The hole was like 10 feet deep, like 15 feet long and like 6 feet wide. It was awesome but kind of hard and boring work.

Also we cut down a huge tree with an axe. I came to find out that I am pretty pro at using an axe. Cut it down and well the tree fell on a house kinda. I'll send pics next week of that adventure of cutting down a tree with an axe and machette. Just the camara with the fotos is not here with me so next week hopefully I will have them.

Next one of our investigators her daughter was way sick and throwing up and looked super dead to be honest. so we decided to give her a blessing. So we gave her the blessing and she was almost a hundred percent better the next day. It was truly a miracle. The mother was so grateful for the blessing. She didn't say anything about it the next day until she prayed with us and she told God how thankful she was for the blessing that we gave to her daughter Lizbit.

So had an awesome spiritual experience this week. We were leaving the church on Thursday and we had just had an activity that kinda went horrible. But we wanted to find a family to teach. So we decided to pray to ask God to help us find a family to teach and to lead us to that family. My comp thought I was crazy that I wanted to pray at that moment. He thought I was joking but I told him we needed to do it. So we said a prayer in front of the church and went out to find the family. We started contacting a lot of people but didn't really find anything. People ya but the family no. While we were contacting I had the impression to go up another way to get to our dinner appointment cause at this time it was like 8 o'clock. Time to eat dinner right? So ya I had the impression to go up another road that would take us farther away from our dinner appointment but taking that road we would eventually get there. Well I kinda denied that impression and we went up the road we usually go up. We passed the first street and I felt like I needed to turn there and didn't. So then like a vision came to my head and in the vision I saw us turning down one of the streets and contacting a family. So I told my comp what I had saw in my head and he told me jokingly, "We can't turn down there, they will kill us" cause it was a way ghetto street. So I responded with ya your right, we can't go down there. But he told me know you had the vision and we are going to follow it. So we turned and like 3 minutes of walking down that street I saw the family I had previously seen in my head. And so we went to contact them but I did what Kirby Heyborne does on the Best 2 Years, I got all tongue locked and just stuck my hand out and didn't know what to say. Ya my comp made fun of me after that ha ha. But anyways it was a fmaily that had previously talked to the missionaries and had a Book of Mormon and they didn't know why the missionaries stopped going to their house and so now we are teaching them. It was an amazing experience. Me and my comp make a good team ha ha. I have the revelacions and he makes me follow them ha ha.

So next ya totally completed a year this week and celebrated legendarily. We had a little get together roasted smores ate brownies and cookies and burned a white church shirt it was so awesome. I'll send pictures so you can the legendariness of it all. So good news, I will be seeing you in less than a year ha ha. That is so dope i cant wait.

Also, this week we visited a Catholic church in our area. The two bowl looking things are where they baptize.

What the heck, Katie is getting married, that is so awesome. I didn't think that day would come for a while but that's awesome. And Matt Lym, how is he doing? So ya Dano gets back in October, he gets home like a month sooner than he left but that is so awesome psh time is flying it's crazy. 1 year done 1 to go.

Mommy I need you to do me a favor and send me the recipe for the way sweet awesome good tasting apple pie that we eat. I think we are going to attempt to make it here in this country in which I rule. I would like to get it as soon as possible so I can enjoy the deliciousness taste of the o so wonderful apple pie. Thank you darling. I love you and miss you tons. Take care. Adios.

I love ya so much. You are amazing. Love ya.

Love, Elder Moore

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