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August 27, 2010

Hey there fam or mom or whoever will take part in reading this message,

First off, ya I was using the word ladron for thug, I dunno but me and Elder Maag are always like "Ladron vida es me vida" or "Ladron vida es su vida." So I decided to put that in my last letter. Good thing you had Brandon there to tell you about it huh ha ha. Anyways, Tuesdays are devotional days. And we are always messing around saying the prophets coming, but everyone knows its a joke. So this week me and my companion decided to tell everyone Uchtdorf was coming to talk to us and usually people start lining up around 6 or 6:30. This week there were people starting to line up at 4:45 and the devotional doesn't start til 7. So it was crazy. I took some pictures of the people lined up. Dinner was pretty empty so we didn't have to wait in line and everyone believed Uchtdorf was coming ha ha. So we get to the devotional line and we were like what if he or another apostle really is coming? and now we have started this big line and might not get a seat. What did we do? So as we are in there singing before the devotional actually starts the big bald man that I mentioned last week goes on to the stage, grabs the microphone, and was like "remember we don't stand when we sing we only stand when an apostle or someone from the first presidency come" and we were like wow ha ha we told everyone Uchtdorf was coming and it looks like we might actually get an apostle. So our rumor kinda turned in to the truth. Obviously someone big was coming right? They wouldn't just say that ha ha. And as we were singing the song Armies of Helaman the part of the song were it says " And we are now the Lords missionaries!" The doors open and its none other than my favorite speaker Jeffry R Holland. I have always liked him, but started to like him a lot more since I have been here. I watch a lot of his talks on during my MDT time and the spirit was so strong. He truly gave an amazing talk. I will share some of the notes I took from his talk.

Don't miss the opportunity to give it all you got. Give it everything you have. This is only gonna come once. Grab it, embrace it, sieze it.
This war is the battle between good and evil and we are the truth. You're not the ones taking lives, I can't spend any time doing what I am not supposed to - I need to focus on the work because I am saving lives out there literally bringing them unto Christ. I wish everyone knew how important this message truly is.
Q: Why is life so hard? Why so hard? Why is everything so hard? A: Because salvation is not a cheap experience.
You will redeem and you will save.
The Road to Salvation always goes through Gethsemene.
If you want to be like Christ you go where he went.
Just a couple notes I took from his talk. He truly is an amazing speaker. He repeatedly said his mission meant everything to him. over and over again "My mission meant everything to me" and to here an apostle of the Lord say that is really strong. Everything he said I felt was directed to me.

We also had another good talk last Sunday and a couple key things I got out of that talk was...
He wants your sins. He can't take them from you, you have to give them to him.... Just let it go. Give them to the Savior.
We all make mistakes and have sinned and regret things we have done in our life and it is hard. But through the atonement of Jesus Chirst we can be forgiven. He wants to take our sins. He literally full on wants them but he can't take them, we have to give them to him.
Another thing that stuck out to me was " Don't you have faith in the Atonement?"
When we repent we have to have that faith that we truly are forgiven, that the process of the atonement truly does work.
So just a couple things that I liked.

Anyways. today we broke the 700 days awesome? I think yes only 699 days left ha ha ha awesome huh.

And I would really appreciate it if you would continue to send all the missionary emails through dearelder because I will have time to read them while on the email I have no time so I can't. So I would love if you would continue to send them. Know I love you and you are a strong woman and I promise everything will get better.
I am so greatful I had the opportunity to hear an apostle of the Lord speak. It was amazing.

I request an email 5 and whoever else wants to give me a high 5 it will take place Sunday at 3 and we will just give a long distant air five and it will be legit and Matt Farr hypothetical highfive............. awesome.

Love, Elder Moore

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