Wednesday, September 8, 2010

September 3, 2010 I Will Touch Poisonous Frogs On My Mission !

Hola, so since all weeks are the same here and we do the same thing I figure I will write you some awesome random stuff that you might get some joy out of but who knows. Well fact be told I will touch poisonous frogs on my mission ha ha, I will kill iguanas and eat them for dinner cause that is what they do. And when I get home from Nicaragua I will be doing my shopping for food at the Petsmart.

Next I would like a supply of bouncy balls. They are the thing here. I already have some but I love to free style them. When I free style them I lose them in bushes. Free style bounce balling is like throwing them off stuff trying to hit a couple of crazy angles and have it come back to you. Just doing sweet stuff with them. Also me and Elder Maag play Bouncy Ball pig. Just in our residence halls off crazy stuff and angles like the basketball game pig but with a bouncy ball and the ball has to come back to where you originally were and you have to catch it. I won the game of bouncy ball pig today. And he lost his ball during the game it was so funny. He was upset he is having the worst week. He lost two bouncy balls ha ha. That is what we do for fun here :)

Off that subject something amazing happened this week. Something I have never done before in my whole life. It was truly so freaking awesome. I finished my first tube of chapstick from begginning to end. Yes when I started it I my self cracked the seal and yes I used every bit of it and now it is gone. Time to start a new tube.

So yesterday when I woke up I was like hmmmmmm what should I wear today? So I went to look in my closet and I saw a nice pair of dress slacks and I thought to my self...... ya I will wear those and then it was time to pick out a shirt so as I rummaged through my shirts I decided on a short sleeve button up shirt then I decided to put a tie on. Now it was time for shoes. So as I looked through all my diverse shoes I had in my closet I decided on a nice pair of dress shoes. I was satisfied with what I was wearing...Black Slacks a White shirt a Tie and dress shoes I was lookin good.

So funny thing I figured out how they do addresses in Nicaragua. I found it hilarious. I want to know what you think. This is an address: "Alright, my address is 200 meters past the mango tree next to the burned down house." Ha ha I thought it was funny but that is how it really goes down.

Lets get down to business to defeat the Hans or the list I have for you. I will be sending some ties home or trading them off and I am also going to send some long sleeve shirts home but can I have you send me 6 short sleeve church shirts please? Just sometime between now and the 27th when I leave.

Mom I want you to know I love you so much.

Love, Elder Moore
Love you with all my heart.
Bouncy balls please?

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